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Cross-Country Racer: Arctic Cat Improves the 2018 ZR 6000R XC


2018 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R XC cross-country race sled.

Despite winning the 2017 I-500 cross-country, Iron Dog and USXC championship, the ZR 6000R XC getting more than just bold new graphics for 2018.


NEW FOR 2018

• New TEAM TS-273 driven clutch and Tubular Driven Shaft combination features a larger 29mm OD shaft (compared to the previous 25mm OD for the solid shaft) that trims 2.4 lbs. while increasing stiffness by more than 7 percent. A lengthened shaft spline improves clutch-to-shaft support for improved clutch and belt alignment. The new clutch is based on the previous TSS-04 model, but with a new post design to accommodate the new hollow driven shaft.  

• New FOX ZERO QS3R ski and rear suspension shocks feature coil-over springs and 3-position dial compression adjustability for quick and easy tuning for riding style and conditions. They are rebound adjustable and feature Kashima coating for the smoothest, most supple action, plus remote reservoir architecture for fade-free performance.  

• The Arctic Cat 6000-series 600 C-TEC2 DSI 2-stroke engine features revised calibration mapping for improved performance.  

• TEAM Rapid Response II drive clutch and TS-273 driven clutch feature an auto-adjusting belt tension design for optimal and consistent performance, plus a 12.5 percent lower effective starting ratio (while maintaining the top ratio) for smoother engagement and reduced belt wear at drive-away speed.  

• The 15 x 129 x 1.25-in. Ripsaw track comes with clips on each track window for maximum top speed in all snow conditions. This non-Quiet Track version of the Ripsaw does not include the molded-in bumps in order to ease stud pattern options.  

• Revised 21/38 gearing using a Borg Warner chain and gear combination delivers improved top speed and performance with reduced chain stretch, lower friction and increased strength.  

• A new seat design reduces weight, lowers the center of gravity and is shaped to enable more efficient body position while cornering.  

• New lightweight 4-wheel rear axle design delivers increased track support.  

• New LED headlight delivers best-in-class lighting performance.   

• New black fuel tank.


Here's what Cat has to say:

Arctic Cat is set to defend its cross-country championship titles with a new 2018 ZR 6000R XC snowmobile that features key improvements for the upcoming season.  

The newest consumer-available machine builds on wins in the 2017 USXC I-500 and Iron Dog events with FOX ZERO QS3R shocks, a new lightweight tubular driven shaft system, race-bred seat design, the auto-adjusting TEAM Rapid Response II drive and TS-273 driven clutch combination, as well as improvements in engine calibration mapping.  

It starts with the lightweight, ultra-tough Pro-Cross chassis that delivers championship-winning rigidity and ergonomics. It’s matched by the combination of the ARS front suspension and the 129- SLIDEACTION rear suspension (with 7-position rear coupling adjustability) effortlessly carves corners and swallows bumps. A new four-wheel rear axle design increases track support in high-load racing conditions.  

New coil-over FOX ZERO QS3R shocks on the skis and rear suspension provide premium performance in all terrain conditions via their simplified adjustability and Kashima coating.  

The high-tech, Arctic Cat produced 6000-series 600 C-TEC2 2-stroke engine delivers class-leading horsepower and fuel economy thanks to Dual-Stage Injection (DSI), batteryless EFI, APV electronic exhaust valves, exhaust pipe temperature sensor and electric oil injection. Revised engine mapping for 2018 increases performance. It also features the no-compromise convenience of push-button engine reverse.  

Racers will appreciate the reshaped seat, which features a cut-down shape up front to maximize cornering efficiency and rider ergonomics. Likewise, race-ready features like tether switch and hand guards come standard. It’s matched by Next Gen bodywork with improved air flow for better underhood heat management, plus easy-to-remove side panels and hood quick and simple access to key components.  

The 15 x 129 x 1.25-in. Ripsaw track features clips on each track window for maximum performance in all snow conditions, and comes ready for traction products with the removal of the Quiet Track bumps. Its RMC hydraulic brake system features a racebred master cylinder and lightweight disc for enhanced braking performance.   

See your Arctic Cat dealer for more information about the 2018 ZR 6000R XC.  

2018 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R XC cross-country race sled.

2018 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R XC cross-country race sled.

Comments (8):

i bleed green! says:
9/9/2017 10:33:00 PM

Does anyone have an inside scoop on the new secondary clutch? Anything special, or just more team garbage?
taperk600 says:
9/10/2017 10:15:00 AM

As always, thanks for the up-to the minute details John ! Looks like another winner for sure !
akrider says:
9/16/2017 1:55:00 AM

I don't know that I care for the seat. I'd have to try it but it looks like you'd get hung up on it when cornering hard.
snow pro says:
9/16/2017 12:35:00 PM

Soo.... No New front geometry for cross country? was hoping for more caster like the snow cross sled.
flintstone says:
10/26/2017 8:27:00 PM

I think it is fabulous that team ac won some races last season but they didn't do it running dealer prepped off the shelf sleds. They did it on sleds that were set up by experts and factory sponsorships.. lots and lots of money and time goes into those machines. I think it might be mis leading for joe blow to think he is going to go buy a machine with some stickers on it and he's got the diamond. That ain't how it works
yak651 says:
11/22/2017 8:11:00 PM

Ha, flintstone, you don't say that the race team spends a lot of time setting it up? I'm pretty sure Polaris and Ski Doo racers just run them as they come off the assembly line!
Andy says:
12/23/2017 7:41:00 AM

Hey John,

Do you ‘now if any of those changes trickled down to the regular 6000 RR?

Agnes Anasogak says:
3/3/2018 5:01:00 PM

hello i will be racing a 2017 600 rr arctic cat womens race nome-golovin 200 cross country...wanted some tech tips on ski shocks set-up and rear suspensions set-up. have won the the race 2 row in 08-09 could have won 3 in a row but my googles fogged up. thank you

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