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Limited Edition Autographed Tucker World T-Shirt


Tucker Hibbert limited edition 2012 World Snowcross t-shrit

Show your support of Tucker Hibbert as he represents the USA at the 2012 FIM Snowcross World Championship and win his raceworn gear from the event! Only 68 of these special limited edtion t-shirts will be available and are all individually autographed by Tucker.

Each Tucker Hibbert Limited Edition Team USA T-Shirt purchase enters your name in a drawing for a chance to win:

*FIRST PRIZE: Tucker Hibbert #3 Monster Energy/Arctic Cat race pullover by Castle X Racewear : Race-worn during the 2012 FIM Snowcross World Championship

*SECOND PRIZE: SPY+Tucker Hibbert Whip Goggle : Race-worn during the 2012 FIM Snowcross World Championship

*THIRD PRIZE: Tucker Hibbert #3 Monster Energy/Arctic Cat barpad : Race-used at the 2012 FIM Snowcross World Championship

Tucker finished 3rd at the 2011 FIM Snowcross World Championship, which is why he will wear #3 at the 2012 event (held in Russia on Feb. 25). 

This "USA Red" adult sized t-shirt features a selection of Tucker's logos in USA colors. The back of this t-shirt features the same Hibbert #3 graphics that will be on the back of his race pullover and sled at the 2012 event. Grab your piece of Hibbert Racing history as Tucker wears #3 for the first time is his racing career!

GO HERE for more info.

Tucker Hibbert limited edition 2012 World Snowcross t-shrit

Tucker Hibbert limited edition 2012 World Snowcross t-shrit

Comments (5):

Jerry says:
1/22/2012 11:43:00 AM

Hey John, dont mean to get off the subject but i was wondering if
you have heard any news on the BRPee lawsuit.
John Sandberg says:
1/25/2012 9:51:00 AM

It seems a natural transition from Tucker t-shirts to BRP lawsuit...LOL!

There was the first flurry of news/announcement, then all has been quiet. Probably the lawyers are talking loud and often, but such conversations are undoubtedly behind closed doors.
jerry says:
1/26/2012 9:26:00 PM

Does the rider forward position differ that much from the twin spar sleds?
because if BRP had a legitamit gripe they could have made this big stink back in 07 when they first came out. I think this lawsuit may be just to cause a distraction to affect sales because they are seriously afraid they are going to lose market share this year. Just my 2 cents, thanks John.
Katie says:
3/23/2014 11:08:00 AM

HI thereApologies for not having relpeid earlier we are not in season at the moment, so unfortunately don't check messages very often.Because we are out of season, there are currently no club events or training taking place the reality is we have very few members around in the summer and it is too hot to do any constructive sessions.Hopefully you and/or your son will have future trips to Valencia during our season and will be able to join in with us any time. The competitive season runs from February to June, and we typically return to training in about October.Thanks for your interest and all the best for the summer
Mhamad says:
3/24/2014 7:41:00 AM

you're right about last night's game being an anomaly. After I wrote that coemmnt, I read another article which said that the lineup that gave up the 35-0 run was mostly the following:Darius Morris (4th string PG)Jodie Meeks (backup SG, spot-up shooter)Earl Clark (3rd string PF, salary filler for D12 trade)Reeves Nelson (4th string PF, no chance of making the team)Robert Sacre (3rd string C, last guy picked in the draft)Yeah, I wouldn't expect that squad to score that much. That's a lot like the Summer League team, which looked atrocious.I think Meeks will be decent, and with Blake, Duhon, Hill, and Ebanks, the Lakers will at least be vaguely respectable. I wish they'd kept Barnes. [url=]rcouow[/url] [link=]vjpmdunaz[/link]

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