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Okay kids, no need to rehash what we already know – the execution side of things of earlier attempts at Cat’s Pride Kits fell down a few times. But hey, that leaves room for improvement. With the early order time-frame for the new 2025 Arctic Cat sleds winding down (April 8, 2024 is the final day) the introduction of the new Cat’s Pride Kits adds one more reason to find yourself ripping it up next winter on a new green machine. Of course, you don’t have to order a new snowmobile to get your hands on a Cat’s Pride Kit…anyone can show their pride. The new kits are available for $45 USD and include a special hat, pin, dice box with custom dice and leather coaster set. Again, if you pre-ordered a 2025 Arctic Cat snowmobile you are automatically enrolled and will receive a free kit. Those interested in ordering can visit this link for more information. Cat’s Pride Kits must be ordered by April 15, 2025 and will be delivered this coming Fall.



  1. Was a member for many years.
    The best part of membership years back was Pride magazine, sadly the magazine days are pretty much dead.

  2. I stayed hooked up until the end of Arctic Enterprises. Great articles. Contributed to a vintage article in the 90 s. I miss the books.

  3. I was a Cat Pride member for many years and agreed Jeff , the Pride Magazine was the main reason I was a member. After so many years there only so many hats you can have?

  4. Is Cat going to release any new gear? I had thought they found a new vendor but the arcticcatstore site still looks like a going out of business sale and has been for months now. You’d think they’d want to be on top of that with a new chassis roll-out.


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