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TGIF: The Nov. 21, 2014 Edition


A big snowmobile for a big snowfall

I'm thankful for the monster lake-effect snowfall that's blanketed the Great Lakes region of North America.

I'm thankful that I have a big sled to handle the big snow.

And I'm thankful it's Friday, Nov. 21, 2014.

Comments (6):

arcturusmine says:
11/21/2014 4:25:00 PM

I remember seeing the prototype for that. One of Bergman's side projects. I forget the name, Beastcat?
Kevin Hooper says:
11/21/2014 5:40:00 PM

Hey... Lakenenland.... I live near that.
oldcats says:
12/4/2014 4:30:00 PM

Hey, trail 8 wasn't open until 12/1/2014. How'd you get there?

Vishnu says:
1/14/2015 3:06:00 AM

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Destry says:
1/18/2015 11:46:00 PM

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