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Factory Team Arctic’s New(ly Decaled) Race Trailer

Factory Team Arctic Snocross Race Trailer for 2015.

Check out Team Arctic’s newly decaled snocross race trailer.

It’s from inside this trailer that Factory snocrosser Cody Thomsen and his crew will campaign the Pro Open Arctic Cat ZR6000R SX race sled.

Trent Wittwer will also compete out of the Factory rig.

You can see it for yourself at any of the ISOC National snocross races, beginning with the season opener this coming weekend in Duluth, Minn.



  1. Now this is what it could say…..


    DRIVERS…PJ Wanderscheid / Aaron Scheele

    ENGINEERS…Russ Ebert. Roger Gage. Greg Spaulding. Rick Strobel. Mark Wanderscheid. Steve Thorsen. Hector Olsen.

    CREW CHIEF… Jim Dimmerman

  2. Ive seen this great australian band from when they stretad with Bon Scott twice and every tour since then with both Razors Edge & both Black Ic…

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