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12 Things to Know About the 2016 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Arctic Cat was BUSY this past year!

For 2016 the company introduced new models; heavily revised its mountain sleds; switched to TEAM clutches on most of its models; added a new 4-stroke engine; offers new quick-adjust FOX shocks; and more.

Here are the highlights, with more in-depth stories to follow in the coming days.


One: Highly evolved M series models

2016 Arctic Cat M Series snowmobile

Arctic Cat’s mountain team of engineers went to great lengths to ease side hilling and laying a sled over in deep snow.

2016 Arctic Cat M front suspension and spindles

-That effort begins with the new Arctic Mountain front Suspension featuring revised geometry, new spindles and A-arms. New spindle geometry includes an increase in spindle caster angle to 27 degrees (compared to 17 degrees on previous models), which results in increased ski camber for improved off-trail cornering and more predictable counter-steering, especially when side-hilling. The new lightweight, forged-aluminum spindles have less surface area than the previous design, reducing drag and improving performance in deep snow. New lightweight alloy-steel A-arms are lighter than previous designs and, matched by the new spindles, shed 2.4 lbs. for 2016.

Great news: Arctic Cat will offer a kit for the new front suspension and spindles that will retrofit on previous ProClimb chassis.

-Next is a new, narrower 34.5-38.5-in. adjustable ski stance (on all 2016 Arctic Cat M models except the HCR). It’s a wider range of adjustability than previous models, as well as providing the option for a narrower stance, that further enhances side hilling performance and carving.

-A new ski design called  ProClimb-7 works in concert with the new AMS spindles for improved deep snow performance and adjustability. The skis incorporate a tapered width, from 7 in. at the front to 6.5 in. in the middle, which works with a revised rubber dampener to keep the ski tips up and floating on top of the snow while preventing diving or knifing into the snow. A wider ski saddle accommodates a full 4 in. of lateral ski stance adjustability, while a deeper keel design provides improved cornering in off-trail conditions.


2016 Arctic Cat FLOAT-ACTION rear suspension

-Out back, the FLOAT-ACTION rear suspension is redesigned for more travel and a better ride quality. New geometry includes a longer rear-arm pull-rod and revised rail profile that delivers consistent track tension during the full range of travel. A longer front arm shock works with the new pull-rod for increased front arm travel, which improves the ride performance in all conditions, especially in big bumps. The new FLOAT-ACTION suspension is built in three lengths to accommodate 141-, 153- and 162-in. track lengths.


2016 Arctic Cat M 8000 153 with the 3-in. PowerClaw track

-For 2016, M models will feature the industry-leading the PowerClaw track in either 2.25-, or 2.6-in. lug heights in 141-, 153- and 162 lengths. A 3.0-in. lug height comes on Limited models in 153- and 162-in. lengths. Marketing hype aside, the lightweight, single-ply PowerClaw track with a 3.0-in. pitch is unmatched for deep snow performance, with stagger set, curved-forward paddle towers that won’t fold over or take a set.


Two: Evolved XF High Country Models

2016 Arctic Cat High Country snowmobile

Arctic Cat’s deep snow-focused, 141-in. track length XF High Country models have been popular with riders who explore the backcountry and yet still ride some trails, whether it’s in the mountains or flat land. For 2016 these models get even more focus on deep-snow performance, incorporating the same redesign  as the M models:

-New AMS front suspension features new one-piece forged spindles and new A-arms, delivering new geometry for easier steering effort, reduced surface area for improved deep snow performance and is 2.4 lbs. lighter than the previous design. Yes, these models retain a swaybar.

-New 38.5-42.5-in. adjustable ski stance allows greater stance adjustment (with a narrower option than previous models) and versatility.

– New ProClimb-7 tapered mountain ski is 7 in. wide at the front and 6.5 in. wide in the middle, which keeps the ski tips up while going through deep snow for improved performance and handling. A wider saddle and ski dampener allows 4 in. of ski stance adjustability.

– New FLOAT-ACTION rear suspension incorporates changes to the rails and geometry for increased travel, improved ride quality in all conditions and consistent track tension.

-A revised version of the quick-adjust Telescoping Steering post is introduced for 2016, with a 9-position 3-in. range. The lowest position is 1-in. lower than previous designs, and also features tighter tolerances and a half-pound weight reduction.


Three: XF CrossTrek models

2016 Arctic Cat XF CrossTrek 7000

Aimed at the rider who wants to ride trails, lakes ditches and untouched logging roads or goat trails, the new CrossTrek platform could be exactly what adventure riders are looking for. It’s essentially a ZR 137 Sno Pro model that’s been reworked with a 1.5-in. Cobra track for improved soft/loose snow performance and traction on hardpack; new collapsible saddlebags and a larger rear storage bag for hauling key gear; plus a taller 11-in. windshield with detachable mirrors. It comes with FOX FLOAT ski shocks and a revised front arm spring that gives it great comfort and cornering prowess. It comes in 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 series engines.

Don’t let the mirrors and saddlebags fool you: this isn’t some soft-minded touring sled. It’s a full-on adventure machine that has the Sno Pro suspension package and the crossover capability of a 1.5-in. Cobra track. For times when you don’t need storage, the saddlebags can be detached in a matter of seconds.

I logged more than 100 miles on one last week and I will attest that it’s fantastic on the trails and good in loose snow. I would be completely satisfied with it even if I never left a trail, yet it’s track length and lug height add a high level of backcountry versatility.


Four: TEAM Clutches on Most 2016 Models

2016 Arctic Cat TEAM Rapid Response and Rapid Reaction clutches

Yep, that’s right, Cat has gone to new TEAM clutches on most of its 2016 models. Together, the TEAM Rapid Response drive and Rapid Reaction BOSS driven clutch offer smoother shifting, optimal performance, maximum durability; increased serviceability; and reduced weight.

The new Rapid Response drive clutch offers these durability and performance advantages:

*0.25 lbs. weight reduction for 5 percent less rotational inertia, resulting in quicker acceleration

*Compared to the previous aluminum spider, an all-new steel spider provides a 70 percent improvement in fatigue strength and a 20 percent improvement in yield strength

*Flyweight durability has a 250 percent improvement in wear resistance

*The spider roller bearings are 30 percent longer than previous designs for greater durability

*A 70 percent increase in the contact surface area of the spider buttons offers increased durability and longevity

*Unlike previous designs, this is a serviceable clutch

*Yes, this clutch will retrofit on previous Arctic Cat models.


2016 TEAM BOSS Rapid Reaction driven clutch for Arctic Cat

The new Rapid Reaction BOSS driven clutch features the Built On Shaft Secondary design, in which the clutch is designed with machined sheaves that mount directly to the machined-matched driven shaft.

Unique to Arctic Cat for 2016, BOSS eliminates the need for the steel clutch post in traditional designs, saving weight, reducing rotating mass, improving clutch balance and achieving tighter clutch/shaft mounting tolerance.

In addition to the benefits of BOSS, the Rapid Reaction driven clutch offers these durability and performance advantages:

*0.25-lb. weight reduction for 4 percent less rotational inertia, resulting in quicker acceleration

*Optimized cooling fin geometry delivers improved cooling, with 20-degree lower clutch and belt temperatures for improved belt life and performance.

*A jackshaft with a 30 percent increase in torsional stiffness


Five: ZR in 129 or 137-in track options

2016 Arctic Cat ZR Limited models in 129 (top) and 137 in.

Reflecting the increasing number of trail riders who have migrated to 137-in. tracks, Arctic Cat has renamed these models ZR (instead of XF). Now riders can choose ZR 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 models in either 129 or 137, and in packages that include LXR, Sno Pro and Limited, with the only differences being the track length (and the length of the SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension).

There will also be an El Tigre and RR package, albeit in 129-in. only.

The ZR 4000 (LXR and RR) and ZR 5000 LXR will also be available only with a 129-in. track.

Like I said above, this either/or with 129 or 137 for TRAIL riders reflects the fact that more people are moving to longer-tracked sleds. Five years from now, will 137 be considered a short track?


Six: FOX QS3 Ski and R. Track shocks

2016 FOX QS3 quick adjust shock on Arctic Cat snowmobiles

Ultra quick, super simple shock adjustability is now a reality thanks to the new FOX QS3 ski and rear track shock. A 3-position adjustment knob located on the remote reservoir allows instant compression tuning for riding conditions and/or intensity.

2016 FOX QS3 quick adjust shock on Arctic Cat snowmobiles

With three positions corresponding to LXR (1), Sno Pro (2) and RR (3) calibration, QS3 simplifies shock adjustment with tool-free simplicity.

I spent several days last week riding with these shocks and I’m fully sold on their performance and usefulness. It takes about 10 seconds to switch the shocks (30 seconds if you have to knock snow off of the track shock), with a completely noticeable difference between each position. And the ski shocks are coil-over spring units that deliver an extra plushness in the stutter bumps.

FOX QS3 shocks will come standard on all ZR Limited and El Tigre models. Plus I expect them to be an accessory option for the rest of us.


Seven: New Bearcat 7000 models

2016 Arctic Cat Bearcat 7000

For the workers, trappers and heavy-haulers, Arctic Cat’s 2016 Bearcat 7000 XT and Groomer Special (above) models are all-new, including the stout ProUte chassis, new bodywork (that features a flip-up hood) and power from the 7000 Series Yamaha triple.

Key to these new machines is a new Wide Range 3-Speed transmission featuring Super Low, Low and High Gear options via a selectable shift lever, and providing the widest range and lowest gear ratio in the industry.

Also key: a new XTRA-ACTION articulating rear suspension that can be locked or unlocked, and that is a huge step in utility performance compared to the previous design.

Other utility-focused engineering includes a 37.5-43.5-in. adjustable ski stance; 20 x 154-in. track; new 10/8-in. tapered skis that deliver outstanding flotation; 14.7 gallon fuel capacity; new front mounted radiator that works with a heat exchanger; a handy, bright reverse light; and a host of other goodies.


Eight: New 3000 Series 700 4-Stroke Engine

Arctic Cat - Kymco 3000 Series 700 4-stroke engine

The newest clean-technology C-TEC4 4-stroke engine delivers 65-hp-class power in a new Pantera and Bearcat platform for 2016. It’s a liquid-cooled 700cc parallel twin engine that was designed by Arctic Cat and is manufactured by Kymco – the same engine powering the Wildcat Trail and Sport UTV models. It features a closed-loop EFI system and four valves per cylinder, with an engine management system that eliminates engine braking and that delivers optimal performance at all temperatures and altitudes.

Quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient and with a low rpm engagement, this engine is going to please users who don’t need big power or high top-end speed. With pre-production clutching and riding at 6,400 feet last week, I saw top speeds in the low 50s on the Pantera.



Nine: XF 7000 CrossTour, an Adventure Sport Sled

2016 Arctic Cat XF 7000 CrossTour

Arctic Cat redesigns and consolidates its CrossTour line into a single model for 2016, the XF 7000 CrossTour. It gets the new ProTour chassis, which features flatter running boards, a 15 x 146-in. track and SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension.

Essentially a solo version of the Pantera (in a colorful package), the new CrossTour features the big rear storage case; a 4.3-gallon auxiliary rear fuel tank (for 15 gallons total); and electric heated seat.

This is another machine that gave me great satisfaction while riding this past week. For any rider who says that Twin Spar chassis was the most comfortable touring chassis in Cat history, I ask that you try this baby and then decide.



Ten: Pantera 3000 & Bearcat 3000

2016 Arctic Cat Pantera 3000

As mentioned above, there are new Pantera (above) and Bearcat models for ’16 that are powered by the new 3000 series engine. Both get a 15 x 146 in. track and SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension.

The Pantera has a 2-up detachable passenger seat (that’s heated, along with the driver seat), the big rear storage compartment, fiberglass overload springs, mirrors and other touring goodies.

2016 Arctic Cat Bearcat 3000

The Bearcat (above) gets a mountain seat, 35.5-41.5-in. adjustable stance, low range gearing, a front mounted radiator and a rear rack.


Eleven: Pantera 7000 XT Limited

2016 Arctic Cat Pantera 7000 XT Limited

This big boy shares the same platform and 7000 engine as the new Bearcat 7000 models, but gets the Pantera touring treatment via 3-up capable seating and lockable side cases and large rear tunnel compartment.


Twelve: No New 800 Engine?

2016 Arctic Cat ZR 8000

When Arctic Cat hosted editors for a 2016 info download in TRF in late January, it was stated that the company was very aware of the rampant rumors and expectations that had been pontificated by editors of a new 800 engine for 2016.

Then in the next breath, the spokesman said that the company was continuing its focus on overall quality and reliability, and that it wouldn’t release a new product until it was thoroughly tested and ready for market.

No, the person didn’t specifically say that the company HAD a new 800 and that it was holding off on introducing it until it was fully, completely tested and proven. But taken together, his two statements essentially implied that very point.

Thats all for now, but look here for more in-depth stories on the 2016 models this week.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Already eying those shocks as an upgrade… with ditch and river often in the same ride, would be nice to be able to switch things on the fly.

  2. Strangely enough, the new BearCat caught my interest. Thanks for posting info about it as the Cat website is super slow.

  3. After last year with Cat’s sales being down you would think they would release an 800 Ctec 2? So what do the bring, new secondary clutch and 2013 limited graphics. While other company’s are redesigning their sleds 93 % from the ground up every other year. We wait 4 years to finally get an upgraded secondary. When Cat sales are down again next year will they continue to keep offering the same crap year after year? Another disappointing year!

  4. John, Any idea if the splines on the “driven shaft” are the same as previous models ? Retro-fit secondary possible like the new driven will be ? Any idea how close to the TSS-04 or Tied the tuning parts for this “BOSS” will be ??

  5. “Great news: Arctic Cat will offer a kit for the new front suspension and spindles that will retrofit on previous ProClimb chassis.”

    I wonder how much that will cost and when will it be available… I have a 2012 with 40 inch…

  6. taperk600: No, the splines are different on the new BOSS shaft. Technically you could switch to the new driven system, but you’re talking lots more parts and work.

    I expect we’ll see some people switching to the new TEAM drive clutch. Simple bolt-on.

  7. No new 800 ctech? AC is loosing market share year after year and this is what they come up with? On top of it all the graphics are ugly.
    I’ve been die hard AC my whole life but this really has me re-considering what I ride. Huge disappointment!!!

  8. Hats off to Arctic Cat this year! Looks like theyve been busy! Im happy to see the ZRs offered in a 137. Ill have a 6000 Limited in my stable next year. Love those new QS3 Shocks. Hoping the snow is as good next year, as it has been for us this year out east! Ive put 4600 miles on my 2015 XF 6000 SP this year. Its been flawless! Im disappointed that Cat didnt come with a new 800, but Im happy that they are waiting to make it right…if its anything like my 600 for performance and reliability, we’ll all be happy!

  9. I too was a little disappointed that there was no 800C Tec in the lineup after hearing all the wonderful reviews about the 600. However I credit Cat for holding back on an engine that they don’t fell is ready for the market. I don’t think many consumers that ride cats want to go behind the tow rope like the guys who ride the yellow or blue/red machines. The Suzuki engines have never yet let me down and believe me I have towed many Polaris and Doo sleds out of the back country!

  10. Jeff: Actually Cat was the only manufacturer last year to gain market share. So much for losing ground. You are jumping to conclusions while your feet are glued to the ground. Settle.

  11. I’m also most intrigued by the bear cat. I dont need a utility sled – but AC finally made the utility sled look like a bad ass work monster. Id love to know if I could convert my 11′ TZ1 to that look. (since i broke all the plastic on my tz1 anyhow)

  12. John, I told myself last night prior to the announcement that I was going to get the new 800 if they came out with one, or just get a carryover if there was no new engine. Now after looking at it I’m really on the fence with the new clutches and the new shock packages really peaking my interest. John, is there anymore to say on the performance aspect of the clutches, or is it just about reliability. Any chance they are getting more power to the track with these clutches, or are they just trying to get them to run cooler with less belt issues?

  13. Great release imo , focus on repairing dealer relations and fixing quality issues on the current line up as well as offer some of the things guys were asking for – 137 with better shocks, better clutches on most models, and not releasing a 800 prematurely insuring a successful release when it does come out.

    I’ll be curious as to what haydays brings with race sleds and if they release more signature models – TH, RMR, DMC , Dave and Rob’s sleds look awesome this year and if I could get them in a 141 skid I’d be all in! (a guy can dream cant he haha)

  14. Really bummed about no new 800 C-Tech. Been waiting 2 years for this motor and if they would have released it I would be pulling the trigger on a spring order El’tigre right now. I like the new clutches and shocks but don’t want to buy a 2016 only to have the sled outdated as soon as the 2017’s come out with a C-Tech 800 or 850.

  15. Disappointing about no new 800 mill, but kudos to them if they are indeed still working on one and wont release it until its a thorough product, that only makes sense. Perhaps Polaris should have figured out some issues before their 800 came out in ’08? When aftermarket companies come out with something known as a “Polaris 800 durability…kit” that kinda throws a red flag to me. I would rather have a slightly heavier sled that is dependable rather than a glued together, light-as-possible sled with a throw-away motor.

  16. Dont get upset guys, There will be more probly around spring order time.??
    Ive been running these cats 35 40 years, Im sure when there 800 suzuk engine stock is gone the new 800 will be out.
    If you look at the 600ctec bottom end it was built for being a 800ctec, just my 2cents, But just wait its coming??

  17. I’m liking the new stuff. TEAM clutches..that’s just plain awesome. No new 800 like everyone wanted but at least the 800 we have is reliable as hell. In fact, at least every motor we have is reliable…unlike some other brands. I could see an 800ctec release mid-winter. I think this was a good solid new release for 2016. Spring orders might be the judge, but all-around I think it’s solid.

  18. I completely agree with all of you who are expressing the sentiment that it’s better to wait and get it right with a new engine than it is to come out too early and suffer problems.

    Josh: I don’t believe they’re getting more power to the track with the TEAM clutches, but they are more durable and run cooler. That same performance will stay far more consistent though, so in that respect the performance will be “better” than the previous clutches once the miles rack up.

    John M: No, the plastic won’t retrofit. Two completely different chassis.

  19. I think the 3 position adjustable shock deal is the best part of this year’s lineup…. I believe I would like to have some adjustability to changing conditions, but don’t want to deal with 35 different settings in 3 different spots on a shock, I would just be messing with it all the time and not riding. I know many wanted the new 800, but with the best 800 out there still available, might as well wait another year for it…. I agree with Arctic on this one.

  20. I like what AC is doing for MY 2016. Refine and upgrade the existing models, develop new technology and improve their sleds.

    The 800cc C-Tec2 will come soon enough. The new QS3 shocks might a good upgrade for me as with maybe the new clutches.

  21. John,

    Can you provide us with your thoughts/perspective in regards to the new FOX PB adjustable shocks. I am leaning towards the purchase of a 137″ trail machine, and I was looking for more plush suspension than previous 137″ with HPG coilovers or FOX Float shocks?

  22. I have been riding Cat for 35 years and race Snox for them for 7. I feel like they let us down this year. For starters we are in the Northeast and all the other brands are going to Snodeo and other shows, but not Cat. Other brands are coming out with great new sleds and colors etc and Cat says snow check a sled and you can have a black or green limited. I hate to say it, but I will be snow checking another brand.

  23. True, no new 800, but look at the durability of the current AC 800 versus the Polaris and Skidoo 800’s. I’m happy with a crankshaft that lasts more than 3000 miles even if it uses more gas and oil.

  24. Jeff S: I put a lot of miles on QS3 shocks last week. In the #1 setting they are wonderfully plush. They are more plush on the choppy/stutter bumps than FLOAT shocks. They feel really good.

    Mike C: Not trying to talk you out of another brand, but are you really switching from Cat because they’re not at Snodeo and because they truly have limited (spring only) models?

  25. I like that cat kept the procross. I hope they keep it for a few more seasons and continue to refine the design !!

    I don’t understand the obsession with the 800 motor. The Suzuki is so awsome I’d think more would be upset if they did awAy with it.

    I’ve never agreed with the EPA thingy that has been going on. All it did was raise the complexity and cost of our toys. I don’t ride in Yellowstone national park!! I like fast 2 stroke that are bullet proof, simple and have aftermarket support!!

    The new clutches are brilliant! I have been wondering for years why we did not have team clutches and now we do!

    So now we have the best engines, best clutches, best chassis, best suspensions(for racing anyways) and the best looking sleds on snow.

    So for trail sleds do we now have an axys and xp killer for 2016? I hope so
    Now it is time to go play the lottery so I can get one!!!

  26. John,

    That is why I am. I have a ZR800 that I bought last year (and I am keeping for my trail sled) and I almost bought a new M this year. I wanted to wait though because I figured they would make some big changes to compete with the new RMK pro. So today the new M came out and they did away with the orange limited and just have basic green or black. They only made a few changes to the machine like the spindles and rails.. Then they pull out of the shows out here so we can’t even see them and expect us to pre order a 14k sled without being able to even see it?? It just feels like they are going backwards and a lot of dealers around here are dropping them.
    If i were just buying another trail sled then I would stick with them, but they are getting left behind in the MTN department.

  27. Mike C. Cat Dealers will have the sleds you are wanting to touch and smell right at the dealers. The A-arm and spindle is going to make a huge improvement on side hilling btw. Probably better than the RMK. Color is a legitimate gripe but should not be a deal breaker.

  28. Jim,

    The limited Mtn cat won’t be at the dealer until next fall. To snow check one you have to sign on the dotted line by the end of april which means you won’t be able to to see how different they are before you commit to buying one. The others however I will be able to see and even ride next weekend as they are all going to Snodeo.

  29. Mike C, not sure what they are doing this year, but last year they sent out several sleds to most of the dealers, call them early builds, instead of doing all the snow shows. I was disappointed last year when they pulled out of the show in my area, but instead I was able to go see touch, and even had the opportunity to ride one since they did several early builds. Again, not sure they are doing that again, but don’t assume you won’t be able to see them prior to spring ordering one. The dealers are still at the meeting so they may still be learning more about the spring program.

  30. I have been a loyal arctic cat fan since the fall of 1976. My first sled was 1977 Pantera great sled. I put on lots of miles. after that a bought a lot of cat sleds. I was looking for 2016 to be a break out year. I going to purchase some arctic cat stock. I am hoping for a new engine in a new sled. I realize that could with a new mid season sled. However Quality is what i expect and that takes time. I expect nothing less than perfection.

  31. Another disappointing year… When is arctic cat going to come out with an actual utility sled that works in the cold? I wish they would put the 600 c tech in a wide track machine – even the 20″ would be a good start. The bearcats are to flimsy and do not have the power with the 2000’s.

    4 strokes are terrible in the cold and do not hold up. Again disappointed….. This is where ski doo has no competition.

  32. For anyone who thinks that they just made a few little changes to the M and High Country sleds, take another look.

    New A-arms, new spindles, new skis…all designed as a system to provide super-easy side hilling and laying over in deep snow. Plus with a huge range of stance adjustability.

    Revised rear suspension geometry and 3-in. lug tracks on the Limiteds.

    And TEAM clutches.

    I’m not sure what exactly constitutes a “new” model? Really, I’ve wrestled with this question for years. Does new plastic equate to a “new” model? A new engine? New chassis?

    Regardless, the M and High Country models are HEAVILY reworked and sporting a lot of new stuff.

  33. Funny how there is such a wide range of reactions to new Cats. I like the new lineup and come on guys, we all knew that there would be no new 800 this year. Cat basically told us as such weeks ago.
    JimS. How can you say that the Bearcats are flimsy and unreliable?I have a 2013 4-stroke XT that I park in my shed and has been nothing but reliable! If I can remember, I plug it in a few hrs before I need it and it has pulled my grooming railway tie and has pulled countless cords of wood out of the bush for me. I even took it on a 200 mile Cat ride last year and pulled 82 mph on a groomed trail. I don’t know what your definition of reliable is but mine has been nothing but great. I am sorry to see the suzuki 4 stroke dropped from the lineup, its a real workhorse.

  34. @yamahabandit – what if there are no places to plug in your machine? Have you ever tried a 4 stroke in -40 or colder? I have and they do not operate well. This is a way of life for me. I need a snowmobiles for my operations up here. And for my way of life. This is something that is difficult to understand when you have never been in the north.

    I had some hopes that there was going to be a 2 stroke version of the bearcat with some more power as I have always liked cats. However, year after year they fail to launch something. The 7000 sounds like a nice machine for where you live however, it does not cut it up here.

  35. John,

    The site is down. Can you tell me if the ’16 RR sleds are built to the same specs as this years limited release “R XC” sleds? I like the concept of having the most solidly built chassis I can buy and this year’s R XC 600 was very tempting for me this year. For the record, I currently ride a MXZ 600 etec and I have been really happy with it. I am just kind of getting tired of Ski Doo. It is great to see Cat and Polaris building strong products and committed to making continuous and tangible improvements from one year to the next. One more question, as an “all rounder” do you feel the 137 is really superior? I have never really loved long tracks and prefer the quickest turn in I can get, but there is so much emphasis on the 137s. I know that your snow conditions haven’t been great this season, but can you share your 137 experience thus far? Would you go back to a 129? Thanks for any feedback you can offer. Also, I would love to hear more of your thoughts about the relationship with Yamaha. How do the cat folks really feel about it? How is it working? It seems on paper anyway that if people can really work “across party lines” that it could really benefit both companies. What can you share? Great site by the way. Thanks. Justin

  36. I like the upgrades , should have come with those clutches right from the start . On the downside , someone shoot whoever is in charge of picking those colors and graphics , along with the guy who came up with the new price tags .

  37. Oh yeah , and the crosstour is really neat . With a ctec 800 ( wherever that is ) it would be my next sled . Very cool long haul trail and cross country sled .

  38. I agree with the liquid two stroke liquid cooled bearecat, they need one for sure… Long story short, my dad had a 2004 bearcat 660, while it was a truly awesome machine, it was unreliable at anything below 0 degrees f for starting. A bigger battery might have helped, bit where to put it? He now has a 570 xt, and while it it great, a 600 ctec would be an awesome alternative!

  39. I beat the **** out of my zr6000 r xc. I treat it like a dirt bike. Waiting to see what they upgrade on there race sleds. Watch out, other brands ARE coping and Improving on “there” xc ideas. R & D Should ask for more feed back from rr xc owners!

  40. Well black and puke green, not to bad really. Im Sure it won’t be a huge issue to throw a 3″pitch on a snopro , and that they will have cat’s regular vibrant colours. Black is an excellent base for adding diversity by accents , like red, white, blue, orange, or green. Anyhow the 800 two stroke suzuki still available, (hands down the most powerful most reliable best two stroke engine ever built),
    refined front end, refined rear suspension, and even better clutching. It’s great, looks like the 13m8 limited is getting traded in. If anyone here wants to compare to polaris, don’t bother, just go get one, good luck. Oh yeh and good luck with their warranty likewise. If you want a sled that looks and rides the same as one year less than a decade ago , jump on a doo, save a couple pennies on fuel. Speaking of saving pennies, there is a —- load of 2014 polaris pros and doo summit’s for 7to8G’s brand new engines…

  41. I think some new guages and/or led headlights would have been well recieved
    to tie us over for another year.
    Some better options or colors for the limiteds would have been great also.
    how many years now have they offered a black limited.
    bring back the themed ltd editions and i bet the snochecks orders would have gone way up in numbers

  42. Justin: No, the RR sleds are not built as replicas of the ’15 6000R XC race sleds.

    As for 137 vs. 129, I can’t simply declare a winner. For trail riding the 129 corners slightly better, whereas the 137 is slightly better in the bumps. Off trail the 137 puts a little more track on the ground for improved traction. I haven’t had my ’15 XF in deep snow off-trail situations this year to show a difference, however in year’s past I’ve tested the 137 and it is slightly (that word again) better than a 129. It’s also slightly heavier.

    If I were buying a 4-stroke, then for sure I’d go 137 as it helps balance out the added weight on the front. That’s a no brainer for me.

    I was really, really happy with my ’14 ZR6 129. I had that thing dialed in for trail riding and ditch riding. I haven’t been able to do that yet with my 137 because snow conditions haven’t allowed it.

    The last couple of years I’ve done less back country riding than previously, so it’s almost all trail/ditch. Force me to choose and I’d go with the 129.

    The great news is that I’d be completely satisfied with either length.

    Hope that helps.

  43. Are the going to offer the AMS kit A-Arms in a different color than just white? Figured it would look weird on an all black and orange sled.

  44. Has anyone looked at the pricing.
    On the ZR LXR 129’s for example.
    Its $3300 more to go from the suzuki 4
    Stroke to the yamaha.
    Ive put quite few miles on both motors there is no way
    that yamaha mtr is worth that much more.
    They must be trying to get rid of stock.

  45. Overall I am happy with the new lineup, the refining they have done to an already great chassis is more important to me than an all new one raising the price even more out of reach for some of us (me).
    I feel these upgrades were greatly needed, especially clutches and shocks with some adjust-ability without needing 2 people and a pump. Makes trail adjustments a breeze.
    I just wish they would load a semi and travel the snow belts and do some 40-50 mile demo rides so we all could ride before we buy. They would also get real feedback from people afterwards. I know its a cost, but it bet their is a lot more benefit for the customer and Cat in the long run!

    Oh, and I love the green ltd….

    Thank you John, this is great site to visit!

  46. Band-Aids , I do not see innovation or leadership in the 2016 offering — I see stop gap measures to slow the bleeding — Its still the best looking machine with yesterday’s technology !

  47. Tom: You do know that in 2014, cat was the only manufacturer to gain market share? Fact! No band aid here. Bad winter for most so quite impressive for what Cat is doing.

  48. @yamaha bandit – thank you for acknowledging that there are in fact places colder and more north than central Manitoba!

  49. Band-Aid , I am just comparing products . I own a C7-ZR800-800RR and a AXYS 800S . That’s what my comment is based on . 2014 is history 2015/16 will not be a mystery in my opinion …

  50. Does anyone know how hard or how expensive it will be to switch the new clutching from 6000-8000 ft down to 0-3000 ft? Looking at the HC for the mountains, but ride a lot on the flatlands of Iowa.

  51. Tom
    ski doo for 2016
    NEW T-Motion adjustable limiter strap to control transfer and ski lift.-BAND AID
    Tunnel length heat exchangers extending under the seat to the end of the tunnel.-BAND AID

    polaris for 2016
    2016 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 3? 155 and 163 will have a chaincase instead of the QuickDrive belt drive.-BAND AID
    more powerful motor, electronically controlled valves and oil pump.-BAND AID

    Arctic Cat for 2016 is not fixing problems, They are taking what is working and making it better.

  52. Looks like Arctic Cat is using a pair of clutches that resemble the Polaris clutches. Good move for Cat, Polaris always led the way with the clutching. If you looked around the pits on race day you would see a lot of Polaris clutch parts laying around on Green tool boxes. I even think that when they first came out with the 900 Thunder Cat it was a Polaris drive clutch that the boys had to run to keep them together.

  53. BandAid– I am getting towed out by the groomer on my brand new 800RR , blown clutch . And a guy from D&D rides buy and yells out ” clutch right” >>> ! Tried to call AC and no response , my dealer who is great told me he would take care of it . Now the new band aid is TEAM Artic clutching . AC never came clean on the clutch problem’s until it hemorrhaged ,, WEAK

  54. Tom Mahon: I’m sorry for the problems you’re having. Hoping none of these posts are trolling (they seem on the verge of it). Would you mind sending me an email (click on the link at the bottom of any page) and we can discuss further, in private. Thanks.

  55. Despite all the whiz band technology and hipe, I am waiting for the day when Cat brings back a stump-pulling 900 2 stroke my ’03 all-D&D ZR900. I keep riding it thinking some day Cat will make something faster from zero to 100 but not so far. For those of you who know the real story, I run 82.5 gms of clutch weight at 7500 RPM. Today’s ZR8000s are ok up to about 80 or so and then the ZR9 is gone. The turbos take too long to get to speed because they’re too heavy. Yes, after 3/4 mile, they may start to gain a little. My ZR9 has radared many times @ 110 mph in 1000 ft on ice. It’s just a trail sled; no fancy suspensions or wild, peaky race-ported motor. Just a stump-pulling, gorilla torque monster. Come on Cat, bring back a good 900cc 2 stroke twin.

  56. Trying to decide what sled to get. Last sled was 2014 ZR8000 RR – put 5200miles on. Looking for a little softer ride and electric start (getting old!) I really like the all black ZR 8000 but it is only available in the 137″ (which I don’t really understand). Anyway, is there any difference in gearing and would I expect a noticeable difference in gas mileage? Ripsaw vs Ripsaw II – notable difference?

    Looking forward to your input!

  57. Hi John, how have you been?
    We met at the 50th(remember the “cathead tattoo” guy from Ontario…lol)
    any chance you could drop a good word…you know people… that know people!!
    …..the new 36″ front end kit comes with colored spindles(of your choice)however the CATolog is indicating white A arms… A arms would go with everything….i’m just saying !!!!
    Keep up the good word!!!!

  58. Ok one thing I have never quite understood is the use of extrusions only with no radiator for water cooled sleds? (Yeah I’m a hard core vintage guy but I’m really thinking of joining the modern era.) How well does that work? I’m thinking long and hard about the ZR 4000. My riding is eastern woods, tight trails and short open fields, occasional fire road closed to cars, open to sleds, etc.

  59. Jim s
    What the hell do you do about your cars or trucks when it gets cold? Last I checked I think most of them are 4strokes. I have a 13 1100 and 14 7000 both start every time. One thing for sure is I like the sound of the starters on my 4stroke a heck of a lot better when its -30 then any starter on a 2 stroke.
    And further more if a 2 stroke is what you want then that’s what you should get.

  60. John Sandberg, I bought my first AC – a new 2012 F1100 Turbo based on all the great reviews it got from Sno Tech. They must have rode a different sled than the one I got!! I battled steering issues for two years before Brian sent me some short wear bars. It helped a lot but it still steers way harder than any of my previous 2 stroke Polaris sleds. Along the way i dealt with blown belts, cooling issues, handwarmers not working, multiple recalls and clutching issues. I am probably crazy but I am now debating about a new AC sled. I am an aggressive rider. I live in northern MN but trailer to the UP frequently. I am primarily a trail rider but I do ride old forest roads and cross swamps and do some ditch banging. I am considering going back to an 800 2 stroke to shed weight and get back my easy steering and throwing the sleds around curves in the trail. I am considering a 137 track. Any suggestions? If you could email me directly I would appreciate it.

  61. John Sandberg, I bought my first AC – a new 2012 F1100 Turbo based on all the great reviews it got from Sno Tech. They must have rode a different sled than the one I got!! I battled steering issues for two years before Brian sent me some short wear bars. It helped a lot but it still steers way harder than any of my previous 2 stroke Polaris sleds. Along the way i dealt with blown belts, cooling issues, handwarmers not working, multiple recalls and clutching issues. I am probably crazy but I am now debating about a new AC sled. I am an aggressive rider. I live in northern MN but trailer to the UP frequently. I am primarily a trail rider but I do ride old forest roads and cross swamps and do some ditch banging. I am considering going back to an 800 2 stroke to shed weight and get back my easy steering and throwing the sleds around curves in the trail. I am considering a 137 track. Any suggestions? If you could email me directly I would appreciate it.

  62. Can you put a 2-up seat on a 2016 XF1100 Cross Trek? If so, is their a weight limit on the 2-up? We have a 2-up on our 2015 XF1100 Crosstour, just wondering if it would be the same.

  63. I just purchased a 2016 Sno pro 153″ 3″ , this is a real sled ! To those wishing for a new ? Motor ? Your call , new has its disadvantages, R and D Suzuki 800s are tested for years . Polaris 800s ?. The Fix ? $640. Plus labor ,the bottom of case breaking ! Piston Slap ? This 2016 Cat Rips , the team Clutches complement the sled , the 3″ track was great in waste deep powder , it side hills great! I traded a 2013 Polaris pro Rmk turbo, fun yes . Great sled but in my opinion the new cat is more fun to ride . The throttle response , the clutching , the handling is Spot on !

  64. bought a 2016 m6000 se 141 the sled is a beast i dont care what anyone says new front end spindles are perfect for hugging that mountain i have noooo regrets what so ever buying this years model !

  65. Looking at buying a NEW 2016 Arctic Cat ZR6000 R-XC for general riding. Some trails, some ice-fishing, etc. Is it too much machine for those types of applications – thoughts/comments?

  66. From your article above: “Unlike previous designs, this is a serviceable clutch”. Unfortunately, it turns out that’s not true. There are no kits (to replace rollers, etc) for the Rapid Response drive clutch. The only solution is to buy a whole new clutch.

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