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2019 Arctic Cat iACT Suspension: See the Future

The future of instant suspension adjustment is now. See what Arctic Cat’s iACT system is all about.



  1. The qs3 shock package was a game changer for Arctic Cat and the iACT system takes it to the next level. I would think for most this will be a great feature to have on AC sleds moving forward. Once the rear skid becomes full of snow and ice making suspension changes can be challenging at best. The only thing that would make this system better is being able to adjust the rear skid and the front shocks independently. I know on my 17 RR I run the ski and rear shocks on different settings. What are the odds of being able to adjust the fronts manually and rear skid with the new iACT system?

  2. U guys remember that the ZR 440 Sno Pro’s had the front track shock “Dial Adjust”? It lowered and lengthened the front track shock travel depending on terrain requirements (good for ice racing). Now if AC can do that again with the IACT on select performance models, that be awesome.

  3. I love how many references there are to the old zr’s and firecats and sno pro’s. How about bringing us back a high strung sled like the snopro 500 with a ctec 600 and reverse. I HAD a procross (never again) and still have my snopro 500 because it makes me smile every time I ride it. Still waiting for a chassis that’s better than the snopro.

  4. So does the screen go back to normal after making the suspension change? I like to see the tach and more importantly the temp gauge as these new sleds do like to get warm. Great idea though. Might have to upgrade my 015 next year and give my better half my 18.


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