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34 Wins and 83 Podiums for Team Arctic SX, XC and Hillclimb

Team Arctic Cat racer Zach Herfindahl wins Warroad cross-country. Photo by


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Team Green Scores 34 Class Wins and 83 Podium Finishes

Ride More. Race More. And win more. That’s the message that Team Arctic snocross, cross-country and hillclimb racers delivered with a 33-win, 83-podium position weekend aboard Arctic Cat ProCross and ProClimb snowmobiles.

The winning started at the ISOC National snocross series even in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., where Team Arctic grabbed 9 wins (out of 16 classes) and 18 podium positions. Tucker Hibbert led the all-star performance by once again winning both Pro Open finals in convincing fashion. Montana Jess nailed a two podium finishes in Pro Lite to retain the points lead, while teammate Dan Benham slotted onto the podium yet again. Chase Rosemeyer returned to claim the ProAm 30-Plus final with a solid performance; Ryley Bester delivered his second three-win weekend of the season, staying perfect in the Junior classes and winning Sport #1; and Joachim Olsen, Eric Downs and Taven Woodie took class wins for Team Green. 

It was a similar scene at the RMSHA hillclimb in Afton, Wyo., where Team Green claimed 7 class victories, two King titles and 23 podiums. The Tapio family made a successful return to competition; with Kyle claiming wins in 800 Improved and 1000 Improved before capping it off with the King title for the class. Kameron Lindsey took home double wins in the highly competitive Semi Pro classes and topped the King competition in the category.  And the Tupper family continued their winning tradition, with dad Todd keeping his season-long win streak alive with two wins in the Masters classes while son Trace raced atop the 800 Mod class. 

And the weekend ended with Team Arctic crushing the penultimate event of the USXC cross-country race season in Warroad, Minn., garnering 18 wins out of 21 classes and 43 of the 63 podium positions.

Team Arctic Cat's Ryan Trout wins Semi Pro at Warroad. Photo

Zach Herfindahl (top) led the charge with wins in both Pro classes, while Christian Brothers Racing teammate Ryan Trout (above) took both Semi Pro classes in what was a highlight weekend for the team.

Team Arctic Cat's Ean Voight. Photo

Other Team Green class winners at Warroad included Brandon Wolter, Ean Voight (above), Todd Frishmon, Savannah Landrus, Thomas Junglen, Matt Feil, Andy Junglen, Jordan Bute, Garet Grzadzielewski, Lydia Sobek, Paul Brown, Mike Mattison, Gerry Mattison and Brian Brown. 

“First of all, I want to congratulate all of our racers and teams who show up and do there best week-in and week-out” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager! “That effort led to a remarkable 33 wins and 83 podiums in a single weekend, which is a testament to the team’s talent and hard work, as well as the competitive edge of Arctic Cat snowmobiles. We have a number of racers who suffered injuries, so our best wishes to them as well as this race season begins to wind down.”

The next RMSHA hillclimb is March 24-27 in Jackson Hole, Wyo. ISOC National snocross resumes March 4-5 in Chicago. And the final USXC cross-country race is March 5-6 in Naytahwaush, Minn.

Team Arctic Race Results from the ISOC Snocross Nationals in Mt. Pleasant, Mich.

Pro Open #1

1. Tucker Hibbert


Pro Open #2

1. Tucker Hibbert


ProAm Plus 30

1. Chase Rosemeyer


Pro Lite #1

3. Montana Jess


Pro Lite #2

2. Montana Jess

3. Dan Benham


Sport Lite #1

1. Ryley Bester

3. Patrick Hamilton


Sport Lite #2

1. Joachim Olsen


Jr. 16-17

1. Ryley Bester

2. Carson Alread


Jr. 14-15

1. Ryley Bester


Jr. 10-13

1. Eric Downs

2. Evan Christian


Jr. Girls 9-13

1. Taven Woodie

3. McKaylee Meyerhofer


Transition 8-12

2. Kyle Thome


120 Champ

2. Tucker Haala



Team Arctic Race Results from the USXC Cross-Country in Warroad, Minn.

Pro 600 Stock

1. Zach Herfindahl

3. Ryan Trout


Pro Open

1. Zach Herfindahl

3. Adam Mach


Semi Pro 600

1. Ryan Trout


Semi Pro Improved

1. Ryan Trout

3. Brian Brodehl


Expert 85

1. Brandon Wolter

2. Ean Voight

3. Ross Ilstrup


Expert 85 Improved

1. Ean Voight

2. Hunter Houle

3. Brandon Wolter



2. Lance Efteland


Masters 40

1. Todd Frishmon

2. Brian Brodehl


Masters 50

2. John Jones


Pro Women

1. Savannah Landrus

3. Kaylee O’Brien



1. Thomas Junglen

2. Ryan Weidemann

3. Scott Gorder


Sport 600

1. Matt Feil

3. Girard Reinking


Sport Open

1. Andy Junglen

2. Matt Feil


Sport 85

1. Jordan Bute

2. David Brown

3. Bryce Saiger


Jr. 14-17 Boys

1. Garet Grzadzielewski

2. Thomas Junglen

3. David Brown


Jr. 14-17 Girls

1. Lydia Sobek

2. Marissa Kallock

3. Camelyn Pringle


Jr. 10-13 Boys

1. Paul Brown

2. Andy Pake

3. Blaise Potucek



1. Michael Mattison


Vintage 50 Plus

1. Gerry Mattison

2. Alan Mattison


Classic IFS

2. Eli Nelson


Classic IFS 50-Plus

1. Brian Brown


Team Arctic Race Results from the RMSHA Hillclimb in Afton, Wyo.

600 Improved

2. Jeremy Archibald


600 Mod

2. Russ Tapio


700 Stock

2. Sid Archibald


700 Mod

3. Russ Tapio


800 Improved

1. Kyle Tapio


800 Mod

1. Trace Tupper

3. Gavin Balls


1000 Improved

1. Kyle Tapio


Masters Stock

1. Todd Tupper

2. Andy Beavis


Masters Improved

1. Todd Tupper


Masters Mod

2. Todd Tupper


Semi Pro Stock

1. Kameron Lindsey

2. Trevor Keller

3. Tanner Meyers


Semi Pro Improved

1. Kameron Lindsey

2. Trevor Keller


Women’s Stock

2. Jessie Ottobre

3. Whitney Archibald


Women’s Improved

2. Whitney Archibald


Women’s Mod

2. Jessie Ottobre

3. Whitney Archibald


Pro Sr. Improved

2. Sheldon Archibald


Improved King: Kyle Tapio

Semi Pro King: Kameron Lindsey



  1. Is BRP and Polaris close to having the same success as Team Arctic? Or is it all Team Arctic in all forms? I believe Team Arctic will clinch a lot of High Point Championship titles this year again.


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