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Arctic Cat Reports Fiscal 2015 Full-Year Results



  1. Operating loss in the 2015 fourth quarter was $29.0 million versus an operating loss of $2.6 million in the same quarter last year. Contributing to the decline was increased general and administrative expenses, including executive management transition and legal costs. HMMMMMMMMM $26.4 million difference from last year? Looks like executive management is doing well filling their pockets

  2. Chris:

    Have you not seen the deals at the dealership on carry over sleds and ATV’s? There is your 26.4 Million. I bought a 015 ZR 6000 LXR for over $2500 off of MSRP. That is HUGE! Good deal for me and dealers. Cat is as strong as ever.

  3. This report comes as no surprise and shows both the current struggles and concern moving forward. Most people can understand the meaning of ‘continue to take bold actions to return to growth’. Trying to spin it by saying Cat is as strong as ever might make you feel good, but a $15 million dollar loss doesn’t look very good next to Poo’s $88.5 million dollar profit for the first quarter. It’s a very competitive business right now and IMO AC is in a bit of an identity crisis.

  4. Cat has never made a profit but maybe once since they restarted in there 4th quarter (this is there fourth quarter Kevin.

  5. Right – 4th qtr. I’m doing my part for 2016 — ordered a ZR 6000 137. Hope AC gets some things figured out and turns a good year.


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