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ERX Learn-2-Ride Snocross Clinic (Nov. 12)

ERX Learn-2-Ride Snocross Clinic

Ever fancy yourself the next Tucker Hibbert, Kyle Palin or Dan Ebert? Or maybe you wanted to try snocross but were unsure how exactly to go about it?

ERX Motor Park has just the event for you: A Learn-2-Ride Snocross Clinic.

WHEN: Saturday, November 12th from 11am – 3pm

WHO: This will be focused on first time riders of all ages who have an interest in Snocross Racing. Beginners, women riders, transitional riders, vintage riders, family and kids.

WHAT: We’ll be covering riding technique, racing tips, diet, race prep, sled setups and sponsor relationships.

CLICK HERE to go directly to their website.

ERX Learn-2-Ride Snocross Clinic



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