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“Four Days of Riding, 55 Gallons of Fuel.”

Tucker Hibbert: 4 days of riding, 55 gallons of fuel.

“Four days of riding, 55 gallons of fuel.”

Those were the words that accompanied this photo that Tucker Hibbert sent to me this morning, describing only his most recent preseason test session.

Knowing how much more the Monster Energy/Team Arctic racer has already practiced this season compared with previous years, I have a hunch that the season opening ISOC snocross in Duluth, Minn., will be pretty awesome for Arctic Cat fans. 

CLICK HERE to watch Tucker (on Facebook) rip a lap at the practice track he’s been tearing up for the past month.



  1. Saw that vid on Cats FB page the other day! Musta played it 20 times! Love that sound…especially when it echoes off the trees! Go #68!!!

  2. T-Train looks in mid-season race form in the video and with all the mountain biking this summer I am sure in top physical condition! This being the 3rd season on this chassis, he is gonna CRUSH the competition! Me and my boys can’t wait until the ISOC series comes to Buffalo River Race Park in March, what an absolute blast to watch in person!!! Have a safe season and good luck Tucker! GO CAT!!!


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