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I’m not sure how this one slipped through my radar until today, but I think a lot of you will share my enthusiasm to see two greats return to the track at this weekend’s Snocross National opener at Canterbury park in Shakopee, MN.

Blair Morgan will square off against Raycer Frank in a one-on-one 5 lap race to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries.

Blair Morgan will be squaring off against Raycer Frank in a one-on-one 5 lap race Saturday night at Canterbury at 8:10pm CST to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries.

LiveStream the 2022 National Snocross Season from all devices via the FloSports App.

If you can’t attend the Canterbury race, there is a new (and only) way to watch the National Snocross races this season via LiveStream, and that’s through a subscription based app from FloSports.

Watch Live:

Amsoil Championship Snocross is proud to have all 16 rounds streamed live on the FloRacing network. To subscribe, click here. What do you get with your FloRacing subscription? 

  • Full, comprehensive coverage of all 16 rounds of Amsoil Champinoship Snocross, including the Amsoil Dominator
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Have questions about the subscription or need technical assistance? Contact the FloRacing customer support team here.

How to subscribe: 

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Enter your email address and create a password. Or, sign up using your Facebook account.
  • Step 3: Confirm your email address.
  • Step 4: Enter your billing info to purchase your subscription. To continue, click “START WATCHING” 
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Raycer Frank has been the center of many interviews lately building on the excitement to see his return to the snocross track.



Round 1

Live In-Person: Racing beings at 9:25am at Canterbury Park. 1100 Canterbury Rd, Shakopee, MN 55379

Live Stream Start Time: 1:45pm

Schedule: For the full schedule, click here.

  • 6:00pm Opening Ceremonies
  • 6:20pm Sport Final
  • 6:35pm Pro Round 1
  • 6:55pm Pro Lite Round 2
  • 7:15pm Pro Women Final
  • 7:35pm Pro Round 2
  • 7:55pm Pro Lite LCQ
  • 8:05pm Snow Bike Moto 2
  • 8:35pm Pro Lite Final
  • 9:00pm Pro Final

*All times CST.


Round 2

Live In-Person: Racing beings at 9:00am at Canterbury Park. 1100 Canterbury Rd, Shakopee, MN 55379

Live Stream Start Time: 11:00am

Schedule: For the full schedule, click here.

  • 6:00pm Opening Ceremonies
  • 6:20pm Sport Final
  • 6:35pm Pro Round 1
  • 6:50pm Pro Lite Round 2
  • 7:10pm Pro Am Plus 30 Final
  • 7:15pm Pro Women Final
  • 7:25pm 120 Champ Final
  • 7:40pm Pro Women Final
  • 7:55pm Pro Round 2
  • 8:10pm Blair Morgan and Raycer Frank
  • 8:20pm Pro Lite LCQ
  • 8:30pm Snow Bike Moto 2
  • 8:40pm Pro LCQ
  • 8:50pm Pro Lite Final
  • 9:10pm Pro Final

*All times CST.



    • Well Randy, what would you like to see? John’s write-ups were great, and Im happy they still exist here for all to read. I try to provide some in the same vein, but also add things that John didn’t. Not sure if that’s right, wrong or indifferent? Regardless, I try to share as much content about the Arctic Cat brand I can, given the time I have to dedicate to this site. One thing is a constant, I appreciate you, and others for continuing to follow the site.

      • Don’t get me wrong Kale you are doing fine and appreciate you taking over and keeping the site alive, just loved the interviews by John (example Brad pake, kirk hibbert, The builds and stories about Brian Nelson,etc.) In depth one on one with people in the industry us common folk cannot accomplish. Thanks

  1. I remember drawing that Blair Morgan edition Skidoo over an over in class when I was a kid! Looking at it now its still one cool looking machine.

  2. My dealer contacted arctic cat trying to get a better idea on status of ordered tcat with jan 26 date. Arctic cats exact words “that date is our best guess of when we might build that sled”. Myself and 6 friends ordered 2022 sleds. I am the only one that doesn’t have their sled. I am also the only one that ordered an arctic cat. Supply issues I understand. Arctic cats terrible customer relations continue to be the worst in the business. And I dont understand that.

    • I feel for you Jason, but the truth of, “That date is our best guess” is completely accurate. I wouldn’t call that bad customer service. It’s frustrating because you want your sled, but its not bad customer service. That truly is AC’s best guess…AC may have 98.9% of the parts to build your sled, but isn’t building it because they are at the mercy of one or two vendors who are also waiting for materials on a “best guess timeframe” to complete those remaining parts. Id rather have my sled built completely at the factory, than ship it to a dealer with missing parts and still not be able to pick it up. Despite getting your sled late, at least you’ll be guaranteed to have new iron the rest of this season, and next season. I doubt this supply chain issue is going away any time soon.

  3. There are bad reviews on the FloSports app that it is real expensive and they keep you locked, it difficult to get out of the contract and they bill you for a whole year right away. Be careful

    • FloSports App is $150 for the year. That number feels expensive, and will probably turn some away…lets face it, the cost is more than FREE. If you’re into the 16 snocross rounds, that’s a hair over $9 per race to watch. If you like other snowmobile racing, or other forms of racing in general, there are plenty of options to pass your time sitting on the couch, which makes the price pill easier to swallow. Signing up, and paying for the app aren’t really any different than buying a cable, dish, smart tv package or even cell phone plan…ya gotta read the fine print.

  4. Jason, go on HCS and read all the complaints about Polaris ! There not any better on customer relations. Right now ! It’s kinda hard to tell a customer when something going to be done . When you have no clue when the parts are coming in !

  5. Trying to bring a positive note to counteract some of my recent negativity…

    This for me was the highlight of the weekend and on multiple social media platforms and forums did not get the attention or acknowledgment it should have. Racyer’s recovery to the point he is at is a miracle in itself due to his and his families perseverance. Blair is one of the most recognized snowmobile racers in history and almost single handily changed the sport from ass draggers to modern rider forward sleds we all ride today, then suffered a debilitating career ending spinal injury. Blair racing Raycer wasn’t about just a race, it was about overcoming uncertain odds and had either of them just rolled over and given up their lives as they’ve enjoyed them might be greatly altered.

    IDK if there’s a foundation or fund for spinal injury they both or individually direct their support or attention to and a very limited google search on my part showed as the leading hit.

    To remain slightly in context with this article and as a fan of the sport I did get the Floracing subscription, and as a fan of what Racyer and Blair hoped to accomplish I’ll give another $150 per rider to their chosen cause if you follow up on this article Kale.




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