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The 2023 ZR 6000R XC – is a potent Factory Team Arctic race snowmobile that has been winning cross-country championship titles under the ZR name for 30 years. This is the snowmobile top Team Arctic Cross-Country racers will compete with during the 2023 season and one that has secured Zach Herfindahl four total I-500 race wins with the last three back-to-back-to-back. 

Team Arctic Pro Cross Country racer, Zach Herfindahl, has won four I500 races. The last three were back-to-back-to-back.

Why To Buy

Because you are the person who has said they’d buy a ZR6000R XC if Arctic Cat offered it. There’s a race saying, Put up, or Shut-up – now’s your chance to own one! For 2023, the ZR6000R XC will be offered to all cross-country racers AND consumers during the spring pre-order period ONLY, starting April 19th! Owning one of these limited numbered thoroughbreds will get you into an elite group of owners.   

1. Factory Power– There are two opportunities to own a ZR with C-TEC2 600cc engine in the 2023 Arctic Cat line-up, and this is one of them. Get off the line early to secure one.

2. Race Spec – A ZR6000R XC crushes terrain with adjustable FOX ZERO QS3R shocks and premium gold Kashima coating.

3. R-XC Suspension – The 129-inch rear R-XC skidframe provides the added pop for the roughest ditch terrain, and adds the necessary strength to withstand the abuse. 

4. Show Stopper – Signature Team Arctic graphics with black bodywork and medium green graphics are Factory issue. 

If you’re a hard-charger, the R XC is for you.

Tech Talk

The lightweight, ultra-tough ProCross chassis delivers championship-winning rigidity and ergonomics, and it’s the foundation for the winning design. It’s matched by the combination of front Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) and the 129-in. SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension with Ripsaw track and 1.25-inch lugs effortlessly carves corners and swallows bumps.

Coil-over FOX® ZERO QS3R shocks on the skis and rear suspension provide premium performance in all-terrain conditions via their simplified adjustability and Kashima coating, while a four-wheel rear axle design increases track support in high-load race-like conditions. 

Championship-winning power, smoothness and reliability is backed by Arctic Cat’s ADAPT CVT System. The ADAPT Drive and Driven clutches are lightweight and employ a compact design with advanced idler system. ADAPT maintains constant belt tension throughout the RPM range resulting in minimized wear and maximum throttle response throughout your drive belt’s lifespan.

Competition-calibrated components like the front FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3R ski shocks provide quick adjustability, a premium Kashima coating and rebound dial. The rear suspension gets the same shock treatment – FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 front- and FOX 2.0 ZERO QS3R rear-track shocks both with Kashima coating.

Rounding out the premium R XC features are LED headlight, Team Arctic hand guards and a 5.5-in. race-height windshield. The performance-inspired black bodywork adds Medium Green Team Arctic graphics.

The ZR6000R XC at a Glance

  • 599cc, 2-stroke, C-TEC2 Twin-Cylinder Engine
  • Available With or Without Electric Start
  • Race-Proven ProCross chassis
  • 43.5-in. adjustable ski stance
  • 129-in. R-XC Rear Suspension
  • 15-in. x 129-in. Ripsaw II with 1.25-in. lugs
  • LED Headlight
  • 5.5-inch handlebar riser
  • Trail-6 Skis
Check out the COR Powersports website and social pages for more cross country race updates and follow Zach Herfindahl Racing on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Best sled in the Cat stable but some racers use the 7000 at the lake races. Any chance they’re going to bring it back? Would look bitchin in orange and black… or gray.

    • I have a Covid-19 Special 2020 R XC with ARS II and 137″ track. Same seat as the 2023. Not sure why all of the media are acting like this is some new crazy seat. Anyway, it is a bad ass sled and very fun to ride. Ordering a 2023 for my son on 04/19/2022. Hopefully it will actually show up….

  2. I remember years ago, in 2020 I think, this sled was offered, and people ordered it, but then it was canceled. I also remember in 2021, the sled shown in the brochure had ARS 2 spindles, a 137 track, and was green. The ACTUAL sled had ARS spindles, a 129 track, and was black. Kinda not what you ordered? TOO BAD.

    How limited is limited? Will everyone who wants one be able to get one, or will textron pull a fast one of some sorts?

    Only 2 600s? Jeez. Oh Crnr2Crnr? PLEASE tell us how many 600/650s our competition offers?

    This comes with Kashima coated shocks. I’ve heard that’s what’s holding up customers from getting their ORDERED A YEAR AGO AND IS NOW OBSOLETE 2022 RRs. Speaking of RRs, why aren’t they revealed? Do they exist? Why is textron jerking us around like this? Better be a reason, or people are gonna be REAL mad, not just now levels of mad.

    Ripsaw? Yuck.

    4 wheel rear? Nice. Do they use real 6205 size bearings like the BADASS LARSON axle? Anyone who is serious about riding or racing, CHECK THEM OUT! Not cheap, but worth EVERY PENNY.

    What’s the difference between ADAPT secondary and BOSS secondary? Why are they going on about it maintaining belt tension with a bearing center primary like it’s new? The 2017 turbos and 2018 other full sizes had this.

    Oh LATER it says Ripsaw 2. OK. That’s better.

    But the SPECS say RIPSAW? WTH…

    Also, NO. GRAY. Crnr2Crnr. NO. NO.

    • Sorry Dave, I broke my abacus yesterday calculating how many different trail models BRP & Polaris are offering for 2023.

      There’s a great story about the 2018-2023 RXC here

      No gray, but there was rumors swirling of a 7000 though

      Amazing how many people have no clue what this sled is, how long it’s been around or why the seat is cut the way it is. Even Luke Lester seemed shocked that this sled has existed for over a decade, but plans to use the cutout as a baby seat. LOL! Real shame Cross Country racing gets zero attention because it’s the most relevant racing there is to actual trail riding/ditch banging and the sleds are closer to snowmobiles that consumers actually ride/buy than the SX or Enduro sleds. Selby’s running the new Doo and the Polaris Cross Country 600 has had a pretty good debut and Zach could probably kick ass on an old Bolens.

      • Oh hell. How bad is it? Can it be repaired? Does JimR need to send it a “get well soon” card?😁

        Yeah, I saw the orange 7000. Too bad. Looked good. Oh well, Yamaha still makes em.

        The XC 600 came out in VERY limited numbers in 2009, and they made 100 per year from 2010 to 2014, before becoming fuel injected and mass produced(ish) in 2015.

        I never found a need for that seat, but I never rode one.

        Yes, SX has no real bearing on trail sleds any more. And the whole “SX innovations lead to tomorrow’s trail sleds” argument WAS ONCE true, but is now dead. No mod sleds, no innovation. Just minor tweaks and BNG for SX sleds these days.

        • Uncertain at this point, there’s little wooden pucks all over the place, quiet a mess. Who knew the competition offered SO MANY trail sleds?

          I know quite a bit about the 08-23 Race Sleds, because I’m a nerd. LOL

          • That bad huh. Damn.

            I know a varying amount, depending on year, about the 98-14 race sleds, mostly the 02. I’ve had access to 98, 99, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 09, 11, 12, and 13 Pros, and have an 02 (mine), 04 Mod 800, 12, and 13 in the current fleet.

  3. Us trail guys wanted a 129″, here it is. Some wanted legendary cat colors back, they did that, even purple. They are listening to us. Enjoy cat for what they are. These sleds will be the most reliable sleds on snow.

    • It’s a start. They still NEED:
      1. A higher quality driveline. Better than “made in china” bearings and shafts, and fix the brake caliper bearing to driveshaft problem! Also, the chaincase needs the sight window back, and a DRAIN BOLT for God’s sake.
      2. At least 1 new engine. A 600 or less is needed for lower insurance prices, at least here in Michigan, so we need a BIG boy. 900 or 950 would be nice, but ya can’t have 2 9000s, so a 10000, aka 1000 2 stroke twin would kick ass again! But with the a$$holes at the EPA, it AIN’T gonna happen. Anyway, they could just scrap the “000” idea, and have a 600, 750, 900, and 1000 turbo. Simple.
      3. More sleds. A 137 with a bigger paddle is missing from the lineup. I’m sure others have tracks they’d like to see.

      Anything else you guys wanna see?

    • Why not offer a ZR 8000 RXC ?

      Same everything as the ZR 6000 RXC just an 8000 mill, no estart… a real mans sled? 129’s top end faster, the RXC skid is superior to the ‘RR’s’ and the overall lighter weight would lead to a better performing snowmobile.

      It would be a smart move imo, but this is Textron we’re talking about so… enjoy your new ‘other brand’ if you want a big bore big bump sled.

      • A good friend has something like that. It’s a 2013 F800 RR, the green on the left half, white on the right half, that had ALL you desire. Had no e-start, but we put it on, 129 track, but the previous owner had a 1.7 track installed, and all 13 RRs all came with a 2012 600 SnoPro XC skid.

        Not new, but what you’re looking for. 2013 F800 RR standard issue is what you want, if you don’t mind it being 10 years old.

        • no offense meant, but that sled is a piece of shit mostly due to the skid

          I have Sno Pro’s, one is heavily tinkered with and if I really wanted a Procross I’d just buy an RXC 6000 which could work fine on the trails I ride, but I really don’t want a Procross

          Cat could make an RXC 8000 in a 129 or 137 very easily… in normal times. The ‘RR’ (racer replica) moniker is well and way overplayed. Give consumers the actual race chassis, race skid, race shocks and pull start… and let the sissy boys buy the limiteds with heat teste warmers and switch on the fly shocks. It’s those types of dork who buy a racer replica (RR, XCR, XRS) that whine about a stiff ride or lack of creature comforts that ruin those nameplates. This of course is just my opinion… 🙂

          • Why do you think the skid is shit? That one was the best! It’s almost identical to the skid in the 2012 XC 600 racer. The rear shock front pivot, rear axle, front arm, front arm straps, front arm shock, front arm shock spring, rear arm, rear idler arm, rear springs, TSLs, shock links, rear shock, rail braces, and coupling block are the same parts! The only real difference is the rails.

            What year Pro and what kinda tinkering?

            What don’t you like about the ProCross?

            They could. An 8000R XC 137 would be good. So would a 9000.

            I agree. RR isn’t really a “REPLICA”, nor a “REPRODUCTION”. It’s more advanced than normal, but as far as I’m concerned, the only REAL RRs were the 13s. They need to make 2 Rs. 8000/9000R XC and 8000/9000R SX. The SX would use the REAL SX chassis, with an appropriate gas tank, 137 1.7 track, stiffer than XC valving, and C&A XT skis. That’s what the RRs shoulda been the whole time. I dunno who wants to ditch bang with wimpy skis and a 1.25 track…

            I resent that. You ever rode with an ass warmer? It’s NICE.

      • What makes the RXC skid better? The longer front arm? The Lester’s keep saying that AC needs to update their rear skid to a longer front arm like the Rmotion and Polaris skid. Why isn’t AC using the RXC skid on all their procross sleds if it’s better?

      • As you look at the line-up right now with the absence of RRs, having a ZR8000R XC in the line-up makes sense. If you rewind though, the plan was to have RR models in the line-up until they were pulled due to vendor supply issues. At that point, its too late in the cycle to offer an 800R XC.

  4. My Snow Tech magazine just arrived and there is a 7000 in the line up. It says 1049- 4 stroke -3cylinder that’s also in a Pantera model, rated at 135hp.

  5. There is still no R.R. Listed. I’m thinking they are waiting until they get all of the 6000 RRs delivered, and then on 4/19 show a RR as an available unit. Or, for everyone that wants a RR, they will just move them right into a R-XC if the RR is not an option anymore.

  6. For Crnr2Crnr’s delight, I guess Ill have to state this on every post…there are no 7000 models this year, or RRs. Snowtech went to print before those models were pulled. Why isn’t AC making them? Cuz vendors cant supply enough parts to fulfill the build. (Supply Chain) #TIN7000 #NoGrayIn2023

      • I can’t speak to Yamaha’s 2023 line-up, we’ll find out what they offer in a few days. They may be able to supply enough engines for themselves, just not enough to fill Arctic Cat’s needs.

    • delight?


      c’mon green leafy vegetable man, I take absolutely no delight in this.

      I do greatly appreciate your sense of humor regarding the matter though, and chuckle at how quickly Cat loyal people caught it before you had to remove it, and your response. 🙂

      To some many of the comments on this sight may be construed as bashing or not being ‘brand loyal’ but from my stance and perspective many of the comments are because they and I want to see the brand not only survive but thrive. Being realistic, it’s my opinion and of others that Textron is not the best steward of this iconic brand, so there’s some tough medicine to swallow until they prove otherwise.

      Appreciate the site, appreciate your work… and enjoy the sarcasm. LOL TIN7K

  7. ’13 RR was my first of three new PC sleds (’13 8RR, ’16 SP turbo 137, ’22 8RR) loved that sled put 8k on it. If anyone is looking for one make sure you have all the updates.

    New longer Rails and extrovert drivers
    Larger solid rear wheels
    ’15 Jack shaft/ Borg Warner gears & chain
    Steering post bracket
    Slide action cross shaft from race sled
    Running board braces from race sled

    • It did break a jackshaft. My earlier comment, point number 1, could have prevented this.

      You had problems with the chain and sprockets?

      What happens without that steering support?

      My fiche says the slide action axle is the same. You had a problem with yours?

      I don’t like those rail braces myself. When I ride our 2013 600 SX, they don’t let my feet hang out, like I need to do sometimes, but I guess that’s a personal choice.

      The reasons they axed the Float Evols, and why you have to add them yourself these days? Price and complexity. Average joe dummy doesn’t know what those clickers do, or be able to tell the difference. Not gonna lie though, QS3s are good.

  8. The ’15 Jack shaft is stiffer and simplifies the chain case, it doesn’t have the locking collar on the end, yes snapped chain and cross bar. The cross shaft is full thickness and machined on the ends and bolt are at least 1″ longer so they go in past the ends of the bushings. Steering brace goes on bottom of shaft and contacts to bulk head. I like to keep my feet inside and attached to my legs

    • I put the evils and zero pro’ on my SPT when new, one thing about the 22 RR is the front springs are too soft and short. When you turn hard and the sled rolls it doesn’t want to spring back over level like the evols did. I kept the shocks when I sold the SPT but didn’t get a chance to rebuild the floats and get them on the 22

      • I forgot about that stupid collar.

        You broke a chain AND the slide action axle? Jeez!

        Interesting about the axle. Maybe they had a silent change?

        I like my feet attached too, but I ride pretty wide trails, and my knees start hurting after a while when my feet are aimed in, so I have to move back on the seat to let them hang out for a while.

        Yeah, those evols are nice.

  9. I just saw a good review from SnowTrax on YouTube about the R-XC. Can you believe that, a good review from SnowTrax on a Cat. They must have realized Cat riders read magazines too.

    • Dale- There was a time when the industry rags held Arctic Cat in the highest regards, the standard by which all others were judged.
      Not so these days (and it’s not because “the other guys paid off the magazines to hawk their sleds).

  10. Kale, good job keeping up with the insanity. Back to the 7000. I know there is no 7000, but I’m glad at least there WAS going to be one. This should mean they haven’t given up on it completely, maybe just another year. I can live with that.

  11. All we need is sleds to sell, customers that buy, spareparts when shit happends and accesoris to fullfill the dream.

    The new CEO certanly got her hands full to get this company back on track.

      • Then move on already. You thinking they are dead does not make it that way but prove it by going to a lesser brand already. Christ Karen! No one on here wants to listen to your constant cry’s for them to change for your sake. Cat is alive and well!

  12. All these comments about an RR… when the RXC is superior to what the RR once was as it is built to true race spec unlike the RR was. The RR was a great representation, but it was never a full race sled like the 2023 ZR6000RXC Cat is offering to the consumer. So, you can order a sled that will withstand the harshest of beatings and still perform to the best of anyone’s standards. Just something that confused me reading through comments about people wanting RR’s when the sled in this post is all of the above plus some.

    Arctic Cats line up is as capable as ever against the current competition, always is crazy reading the comments about how people think they have fallen behind. I could list off all the first-time items they have developed even as recent as the first single rail snowmobile, but all educated sledders know. And if a 25″ tv screen with GPS and phone communicating capabilities is why you think they are behind I guess we ride snowmobiles for different reasons…
    Excited for Team Greens Future!

  13. Sled looks similar to previous ones. Thing that botters me is 1.5 front arm shock without rebound control. Does Herfindahl and other racers use these stock shocks in US?
    Here in finland cat racers use öhlins or totaltek shocks. Also they use sx models instead of xc model in enduro races. Drivers has commented that xc model is not suitable for our rough racing conditions. I hope that cat makes a comeback to the enduro races sometime. Nowdays only 1-3 drivers race for cat in pro class where are about 30 drivers. Most popular brand is Lynx by big margin. Between 2013-2016 cat was second most popular sled and maybe the most succesful one.

    • ACZR440,.they used to run SX sleds . But about 10yrs ago. Rule change, was that you have to run a production 600 motor. That’s when Cat started making the XC models. Also the Cross County races . Start out as a groom trail. And running some high speeds. Some drivers have YouTube videos if you want .COR racing is sanction body. They also run Ice Lemans on lakes . Also,SX sleds have small gas tanks. Do they change them by you ? Or are your courses a lot shorter than here ?


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