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The 2023 ZR 200 is a stepping stone for youth riders who have grown beyond the ZR 120 in both riding skill and physical size. Differentiating itself from the ZR 120 with turn-key electric start, longer tunnel and track, and a larger 2.2-gallon fuel tank, the ZR 200 also has a higher seat and handlebar to accommodate taller riders. 

Why To Buy

If you are looking for a right-sized transitional youth snowmobile for the growing rider in your family who is ready to tackle next level adventures in snow depths covering everything from your backyard to local trail systems.

  1. Transition Rider Progression – Parents provide some of the best tools in the sporting industry to help assist their youth’s skill and progression – The ZR 200 is the proper transition tool to form better riders and shape long-lasting family snowmobile memories
  2. Longevity – The ZR 200 is built with quality and durability in mind. Arctic Cat knows this unit will make its rounds through your family and friends, and needs to continue providing a positive owner experience
  3. Resale – Just like the ZR 120 you may have transitioned from, buying a ZR 200 is like setting money aside that you’ll get back. The resale value on these desirable units continues to be highest in the industry

Tech Talk

The ZR 200’s fun factor is dialed up with a 192cc fan-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke engine and matched to a traditional CVT drivebelt system – the combo delivers a spirited 9-horsepower and places smiles on youth and adult faces as quick as the electric key-starter can be turned.

This feature-rich snowmobile has a lightweight Hayes hydraulic disc brake with sculpted handlebar mounted lever placed in the optimum reach for smaller fingers, and both the hand and thumb warmers keep the rider comfortable and happy. 

An A-arm front suspension with 4.5 inches of travel, and rear suspension, with 8.5-inches, works in combination of the hydraulic shocks to soak up the tough terrain. With an adjustable 29.5-in. to 31.5-in. ski stance and deep-keel plastic skis, the ZR 200 offers firmly planted cornering and control to provide the most positive riding experience, while a 10-in. x 93-in. Cobra track with 1-inch lugs delivers great traction and flotation in a full range of snow conditions. The ZR 200 is available in Black bodywork with Medium Green accent graphics.

The Cobra track on a ZR 200 is extremely capable for all who ride it…including adults.
As a parent, one of my favorite features of the ZR 200 is the turn-key electric start. (Shown on 2022 ZR200)

The ZR 200 at a Glance

  • ZR Body Styling 
  • 192cc, 4-stroke Single-Cylinder Engine
  • Turn-Key Electric Start
  • Heated Handgrips and Thumb Warmer
  • 29.5-in. to 31.5-in. adjustable ski stance
  • 93-in. rear suspension
  • 10-in. x 93-in. Cobra track with 1-in. lugs
  • Always On Headlight and Taillight
  • Tether Switch


  1. I couldn’t believe that Cat is building sleds for BRP!!! Pretty bad their market share is getting so small that they have to build for the other companies! They’re like a prostitute they’ll do anybody!

  2. Peirre: It’s called subcontracting. It makes money. Arctic has done this for decades. Not sure when you got on here. In the 1970’s Arctic assembled Suzuki Fury, Rupps, Allouette, Kawasaki/Sno-Jet sleds for several years. Arctic has the best minisleds in the market place and everyone wants them apparently. They make Yamaha’s too. It costs a TON OF MONEY to build mini-sleds from scratch for a niche market. They have the same safety standards and emissions to meet as a big sled. That work is expensive. Ski-Doo wisely decided to contract out the job. That way if they don’t sell they aren’t left holding the bag. But they will sell. Go to a vintage show and see how many 1970’s Kitty Kats are done over as Mercs and Ski-Doos and Rupps etc. A lot of other brand fans bought the Kitty and bought an aftermarket hood or did the work themselves. Go look at cars and research how much parts sharing is done among the companies that are competing in the market place. When VW invested in Lamborghini, part of the deal was Lambo was going to develop a new cylinder head for the 5 cylinder inline engine in the Jetta. Saved VW having to build a new assembly line, made Lambo money to stay afloat. That’s business.


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