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November Randomness

Hi! Im new to snowmobiling. What Can should I run on my sled?

Sorry for the lack of posts here the last week or so. Ive been working on one of the most important pre-winter snowmobile season prep projects…one that gets overshadowed by the popularity of those asking, “What is the best can to run on my snowmobile?”, or my all-time fav, “What oil is the best to run?”

While I love Rumblepacks and Wesson as much as the next guy, nobody is talking about Jerky. You don’t get to be samsquanch-size by not eating a trailside snack or sixteen. And with The COVID threatening closures of burger joints across the midwest this winter, Im thinking trailside shelters may get an over abundance of firepit cooking usage.

Got the deer. Time to trim down this beard. Its thick!

So, that’s where Ive been – deer hunting. Wisconsin bow season was good to me. My freezer is full of cheddarwurst, peppie sticks and all my favorite meat snacks from Louies Finer Meats in Cumberland, WI. Im set. What’s your fav go-to trail snack?

If you're going to roast a venison brat over the fire at your favorite shelter, NOTHING holds a candle to Louies Meat's Cheddarwurst in Cumberland, WI.

In other news, those of you following ArcticInsider Facebook and Instagram, may have seen a post with the “Bosscat”-esque snowmobile dragster Thomas Sno Sports and I pulled from a local barn. 

Are you a fan of Vice Grip Garage on the YouTube? You should be.

In that post, I mentioned joining forces with Derek from Vice Grip Garage which stirred excitement. If you aren’t familiar with Derek, thats fine. He’s a Minnesota guy with a popular YouTube channel documenting the saving of cars/trucks and other assorted motor related what-not from the crusher.

Do the right thing and get on The YouTube. Check out Vice Grip Garage. This family friendly show will def keep you entertained and educated.

Most times these vehicles havent run in many years, he gets them started, and drives them several hundred miles home documenting the adventure. Do the right thing, and check out his channel. I guarantee youll be entertained and educated binge-watching these over the upcoming Holidays.

Derek from Vice Grip Garage is an admitted Arctic Cat fan, even though he brings this EvenRude back to life.

In particular, check out Derek’s recent Evinrude (EvenRude) snowmobile videos HERE. In those episodes, Derek mentions he’s an admitted Arctic Cat fan, and his grandpa sold Arctic Cat’s at one point. (Ill dig into the back history on that one)

So, what does all this have to do with that Bosscat-esque dragster? As soon as we get some snow, Derek tells me he would like to attempt to get that old Ford-powered V8 fired up and running. I look forward to that day, and you should too.

Time to get cracking on bringing this #68 back around.

Beyond that, Ive gathered some parts for the 2015 ZR6000 Tucker Hibbert Replica resto so expect more info there, and I have to figure out a time to visit the TRF Factory soon to pick up my 2021 ZR Blast from the Race Shop. Im happier than a Cat in a box with the thought of picking that sled up. I look forward to spending some quality time with the new midsize ripper…



  1. VGG is one of my favorites! Hoping you guys get to team up and you can share more of Dereks Arctic Cat upbringing. When Dereks testing on that dragster, he’s gotta yell, “BRING THE THUNDER(Cat)!!”

  2. While Derek is working on that dragster, he should reskin the sheetmetal. Thing has more dents than the Titanic’s hull. Maybe Blown Concepts could work some magic with an Arcticinsider/TSS/VGG “Merica” graphics wrap.

  3. Derek at Vice Grip Garage sounds just like Finnegan and Freiburger at Road They find the old trucks and cars and get them running, at least for a while until it gets trashed.

  4. I am originally from Cumberland and when I go back a stop at Louie’s Finer Meats is a must. Louie’s Hunter Sausage and his Pork Jerky are my go to snacks.


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