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Team Arctic Sweeps Up in the I-500, Snocross & Hillclimb

Team Arctic Cat's Ryan Simons, photo:


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Ryan Simons Captures I-500 Victory; Tucker Hibbert Sweeps Michigan ISOC Snocross;Six Wins in RMSHA Hillclimb

Team Arctic racers and crews continued the magnificent history and tradition of the I-500 cross-country snowmobile race, capturing 13 wins in 16 classes including victory by Ryan Simons in the prestigious Pro 600 event. The three-day, 500-mile cross-country event in Thief River Falls proved both challenging and reflective of history, with rugged ditch and winding rivers testing the fortitude and speed of racers and machines.

Racing for the Christian Brothers Racing team, Ryan Simons delivered a blistering pace, setting the fastest time each of the three days en route to his first win in the I-500. Team Arctic’s Cody Kallock notched his first I-500 podium finish in the Pro 600 class, taking third, with Wes Selby, Cole Nymann, Nathan Moritz and Jordan Torgerson rounding out the top-10.

Numerous stand-out performances highlighted this year’s I-500, including Cole Nymann winning the Semi Pro 600 class with seven Team Arctic teammates in the top-10; and Mason Kallock leading a Team Arctic top-10 sweep of the first-ever Junior 12-17 class to conquer the famous event.

Race Manager Mike Kloety reflected on the success of the team while acknowledging the disappointment that always affects racers who weren’t able to finish:

“Winning 13 of 16 classes in the I-500 highlights Arctic Cat’s commitment to build the best snowmobiles in the world as well as the dedication of our great team of riders and crews. Yet it’s also true that there’s room for improvement. What we learn with the ProCross Sno Pro race sleds is used to improve both our race and consumer snowmobiles.”

While Team Green racers cleaned up at the I-500, Team Arctic/Monster Energy sensation Tucker Hibbert swept the Pro Open finals at the ISOC National Snocross race in Traverse City, Mich., claiming his sixth and seventh wins (out of 10 finals) already this season. Hibbert went undefeated in his heats and finals to continue his class domination aboard the ProCross Sno Pro 600. Josh Zelinski, Carson Alread and Cora Hauger also notched class wins for Team Arctic in Traverse City.

And at the first Rocky Mountain Hillclimb event of the season in Montpelier, Idaho, Team Arctic’s Mountain Team scored six wins. Congratulations to all Team Arctic racers on another successful weekend of racing.

Team Arctic Race Results from the USXC Seven Clans Casino I-500 in Thief River Falls

Pro 600

1. Ryan Simons

3. Cody Kallock

5. Wes Selby

6. Cole Nymann

7. Nathan Moritz

10. Jordan Torgerson

14. Andrew Hawkins


Pro Open

1. Ryan Simons

4. Cody Kallock

6. Wes Selby

7. Jordan Torgerson


Semi Pro 600

1. Cole Nymann

2. Nathan Moritz

4. Jon Arneson

5. Casey Pries

6. Tyler Johnsrud

8. Jon Koch

9. Nick Fischer

10. Andrew Hawkins

14. Dave Dirkman

15. Adam Brandt


Semi Pro Open

1. Nathan Moritz

2. Casey Pries

3. Tyler Johnsrud

9. Adam Brandt


Expert 85

1. Benjamin Langaas

2. Bryce Buchanan

3. Brent Kempton



1. Jolene Bute


Masters 40

1. Jon Arneson

2. Mike Dirkman

3. Jon Koch

5. Kevin Tinjum


Masters 50 Plus

3. Alan Krause

4. Dale Fett


Trophy 85

1. Kevin Tinjum

2. Wyatt Alby

3. Ryan Weidemann

4. Dalton Fredrickson

6. Timothy Kudla

7. Matt Feil


Trophy 600

2. Mayson Croaker

5. Matt Theisen



1. Benjamin Langaas

3. Dale Fett

4. Ryan Bowers

5. Matt Feil


Junior 12-17

1. Mason Kallock

2. Ean Voigt

3. John Langaas

4. Ross Ilstrup

5. Dalton Fredrickson

6. Garet Grzadzielewski

7. Brandon Green

8. Daron Pringle

9. Logan Kilichowski

10. Matt Feil


Jr. Girls 12-17

1. Kelsey Pladson

2. Cecily Nordstrom


Vintage 50 Plus

1. Gerry Mattison

2. Dale Mattison

3. Gary Tintes

5. Terry Wagoner

6. John Dusek III



1. Peter Behm

3. Gerry Mattison

5. Mike Mattison

8. Dale Mattison

9. Paul Sillerud

10. Gary Tintes

13. Joseph Wood

15. Karl Mattison

19. Corey Arnold

20. Terry Wagoner

21. Jesse Watland

22. Michael Wood

23. John Dusek III

24. Randy Arnold

26. Mark Young


Classic IFS

2. Ryan Bowers


Team Arctic Race Results from ISOC Snocross National in Traverse City, Mich.

Pro Open

1. Tucker Hibbert


Pro Open

1. Tucker Hibbert


Pro Am Plus 30

1. Josh Zelinski

2. Jon Zelinski



3. Spencer Hubatka


Junior 16-17

3. Grant Glashagel


Junior 8-10

Cora Hauger


Junior Novice 10-13

1. Carson Alread


Transition 8-12

2. Taylor Cole


120 Champ

3. Brock Conger

Team Arctic Race Results from the RMSHA Bear Lake Hillclimb

600 Improved

1. Rob Kincaid

2. Jeremy Archibald

3. Chance Buckalew


600 Mod

2. Russ Tapio


700 Stock

2. Jeremy Archibald


700 Improved

1. David McClure

2. Jonathan Hancey


800 Improved

3. Kyle Tapio


800 Mod

3. Kyle Tapio


Pro Masters Stock

3. Todd Tupper


Pro Masters Improved

3. Todd Tupper


Women Stock

3. Kaycee Balls


Women Improved

2. Jan Ottobre


Women Mod

1. Kaycee Balls

2. Jan Ottobre


Semi Pro Stock

1. Trace Tupper


Semi Pro Mod

2. Trace Tupper


New Member Improved

1. Casey Walton

Semi Pro Imp. King: Trace Tupper




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