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Team Arctic’s Dale Lindbeck Wins 2013 Grantsburg Watercross

Team Arctic watercross Dale Lindbeck wins 2013 Grantsburg watercross. Photo:

A huge cyber high-five to Team Arctic’s Dale Lindbeck for once again cashing in his chips to win the Pro Open oval finat at the IWA World Championships of Watercross in Grantsburg, Wis.

This year marked the 37th running of the Grantsburg World Championships and Dale’s fourth win in the prestigious event. I love that Dale is still on top of this awesome sport. It’s true that he wasn’t one of the original “inventors” like Mark Maki, but Lindbeck has certainly perfected the art of racing sleds on water.

Here’s what he said to me regarding his long history of watercross and Granstburg:

“That places me in a small group of 4-time winners. I beleave only one guy has more, and I won’t live long enough to catch him (Mark Maki). I went to my first Grantsburg in the summer of 1987 and thought to myself that it didn’t look too difficult. I started racing the next year there and haven’t quit since.

“By the way… I was wrong! It can be really hard to race on water. The good guys just make it look easy!”

Anyway, congrats to Dale and all the watercross racers who continue to push the pace at Grantsburg and everywhere else they race on water.



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