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TGIF: The Dec. 6, 2013 Edition

TGIF: snowmobile barbed-wire beater

I’m thankful that aftermarket companies are finally addressing the needs of snowmobilers who are constantly confronting barbed-wire fences while out chasing fox, coyotes and other critters.

I’m thankful I could easily mount this wire-cutter on the hood of my sled, with only a couple lag bolts.

I’m thankful I haven’t come to a sudden stop and flopped onto the hood.

I’m no dummy… I’m thankful it’s Friday, Dec. 6, 1971 2013.

Snowmobiling and barbed wire... bad combo



  1. I wish my Dad would have had one of these on the Evinrude . My brother and I were riding double across the neighbors field in the dark when we found the barb wire. Of course the old “Evie ” was not a speed demon and lucky for us it hung up on the very tall windshield and we had reverse ! Never did tell the old man where the scratch came from !


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