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TGIF: The May 29, 2015 Edition

TGIF: The snowmobile-is-a-horse (and I am an ass).

I’m thankful that the days of riding bareback are long behind me.

I’m thankful for a little extra horsepower when I’m out riding fences.

I’m thankful for that special bond between a cowboy and his Ski-Daddler.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, May 29, 2015.



  1. The saddle and the position of bending over to reach the bars looks special, the question is will it be your nuts getting busted on the horn first or your teeth on the handlebars….

  2. Well it isn’t quite rider forward but Ski Daddler’s motto became ‘The Sportscar Approach to Snowmobiling’. You gotta love that. I’ll never forget the brand because our neighbor bought a brand new Ski Daddler; took it for a ride and dumped it on it’s side. He brought it home and parked it for good after that one ride. A few years later he offered it to my dad for $60 and my dad said no. So I had to wait a few more years to get my first sled.

  3. The last two years of Ski-Daddlers (1971-1972) XX models, that used the Cat slide rail suspension were actually decent sleds. It’s just too bad they took so long getting there. Their race team came up with many good ideas, but they got lost in meetings with the suit and tie crowd. This is why it’s important to learn from the race track and the real world. This was and still is Cat’s strength.


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