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Want to Buy a 1975 Arctic Cat Factory Sno Pro?

1975 Arctic Cat Factory Oval Sled on eBay

After explaining to your wife why you spent $7k on a Triumph Sno-Cycle Conversion, you’ll need an encore of the puppy eyes and smooth talking to convince her that spending another $11K (minimum) for a snowmobile is EXACTLY what you (and she) needs this week.

This might be a good time to buy some flowers and a gift-certificate for a day-spa. And switching to online-only bank statements (with a password that only you know).

I’m told that this uber-rare Arctic Cat Factory Sno Pro on eBay was purchased from the Andy Avelis Collection. I’m also told that it elicits uncontrolled weeping and knees-on-the-floor respect from anyone who sees it in person.

1975 Arctic Cat Factory Oval Sled on eBay

One of only a handful of factory Arctic Cat race sleds from the golden era of Sno Pro…CHECK!

Dual-plug Kawasaki liquid-cooled 440 engine…CHECK!

Genuine survivor in almost entirely-original condition…CHECK!

Likely piloted by the legend, Larry Coltom…CHECK!

You have four days to implement a domestic marketing program that wins the heart and mind of your wife/partner. Good luck.



  1. Hey, Mother’s Day is just around the corner….. What say’s Happy Mother’s Day better than a set of open chambered pipes!

  2. Really now, is there enough chocolate and flowers in the world to sweet talk her into this one ? Maybe we can collectively come up with a domestic marketing plan Step 1: Day Spa, Step 2; Flowers, Step 3, pleading puppy dog eyes, Step 4, being brave, give up the checkbook for the rest of your life Step 5. .. . . Please add on guys, John, next time you are close to this sled, could you please drool on it for me LOL !!

  3. I Did see that sno pro on ebay yesterday. That is the most original 75 sno pro left. Nice to see that there are a couple left with the L/C engines.

  4. Sure glad I don’t have the wife problem! Been there done that. Life is so much more simple when you are single.

  5. a 75 sno-pro? since when? i knew they made some 74’s and then there was an off year for some reason. the only race sled that i knew of for 75 was the Z. Is this not a 75 Z with a motor from a 74 sno pro?
    We definitely need more info on this.

  6. Jeff,

    Sno Pro racing began in the 1974 season. For the 75 season they changed the name from Sno Pro to PDC (professional drivers circuit). So this sled is technically not a Sno Pro but a 1975 Arctic Cat 440 PDC. This machine is most certainly not a 75 Z with a 440 L/C. PDC was short lived, the name Sno Pro was brought back for the 1976 season.

    Hope this info helps.

  7. Did you see where someone told the seller he didn’t pay any where close to 12,000 for the sled, his reserve is way to high for a 1975 snowmobile, and he is never going to sell it at that price. The seller’s response is even better. I wish I had the spare change to pick that thing up.

  8. Ultra rare with the dual-plug heads. And Mr.Knox is correct it is a PDC. It is an awesome sled and worth every dollar that someone is willing to part with to be the proud owner of this collectors item. I know if I had Johns money it would be in my garage.

  9. yes this looks very rare to me as well, i had a 400 and a 440 free air cat engine with 4 plugs, and also a kawasaki 440 LTD 4/6 with a motor very simular to this motor in this sled, 440 LTD 4/6 had brutal power, i wounder if this engine is also a transfer engine like some kawasaki engines were.

  10. Hi, thereI applied for this via Gumtree but i never got a coftarmonion email back from them to say that they sent you the message.So i was wondering if you got my email or should i re-apply here on your website?Email provided works with skype if you want to chat.Regards ~ Stewart


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