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We’re STILL Snowmobiling on Minnesota’s North Shore!?!

Snowmobile ride on the North Shore in June 2014?!?

It’s truly been an amazing winter and spring here in the Midwest, with the longest riding season that I can remember.

And since yesterday was my birthday, Kale (left) and I posed for a moment outside of the Trestle Inn, during a b-day celebration ride on Minnesota’s North Shore.

I must admit, it was warm enough to ride in short sleeves (or shirtless), which felt weird and awkward.

Can this possibly be true??

Anyone else put some miles on your sled yesterday?

Snowmobile ride on the North Shore in June 2014?!?



  1. Would have loved to have seen you! Lynn and I pulled up less than 5 minutes after you guys left! We put on 115 miles yesterday!

  2. Happy birthday John! I’m relieved that you decided to just wear the top half of your birthday suit in this image.


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