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You’ve Waited Long Enough (to Trade the Ski-Doo for a Cat) Commercial

It’s Labor Day weekend. You’ve waited long enough to trade in your Ski-Doo for an Arctic Cat snowmobile.

Hurry, offer ends soon…



  1. Really? I guess this is an old ad cause Arctic Cat will be broke and will not be able to afford 150.00 after after Ski-Doo takes em to the cleaners with the lawsuite!

  2. The yellow machine looks like a 371 Nordic—the first sled my dad ever had and I rode as a kid. The machine would not turn, road like a bogey wheeled tank and went through snow like a submarine. My uncle’s 440 JLO Panther would turn, road well and floated on snow. Guess what, my dad had to swallow his pride but eventually was on a Pantera.

  3. Todd: I welcome you and any non-Cat riders to this site. Seriously.

    But since this is my site and it’s dedicated to Arctic Cat stuff, I’m going to ask you to refrain from posting inflammatory statements like you did here and in the Tucker Hibbert Announcement story.


  4. John.
    Thanks for the welcome. Nothing inflammantory just cold hard facts facts the lawsuite is going to cost Cat big $$$$$$$. Have you not heard? Second off this is a public website so until such point you make it private I am procted by free speach as I will chose to say what I want.
    Ski-Doo Rules its a fact that was proven at Haydays with the top 2 fastest sleds there. Best part they were both 2 stroke’s go team yellow.

  5. Todd if you love Ski-doo so much why would you want to even be on a cat site? There is obviously nothing of interest to you here other than to stir s@#t and leave posts that are neither interesting, informative or constructive.

  6. Hey Todd, any update on the patent infringement lawsuit filed against BRP by Polaris on June 14th of this year?

    What goes around comes around.

    Yes, I know John, I should know better than add gas to the fire but couldn’t resist!

  7. The Polaris lawsuite was found not to be valid by the court on August 20th well before your post RACEKID guess that shows how smart you are! Maybe you should check on the facts before you make stupid posts as it would keep you from looking like a idiot!

    The Ski-Doo vs Cat is still on!

  8. Happy Bday party for Doo Dah tomz, I have Little Biits Bday too tomz but we are having 1 frnied sleepover and dinner out….just gotta make the cake…first time šŸ™‚


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