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2007 Rath Racing Arctic Cat Prowler Surfaces

Ive always loved scouring the classifieds, which is probably why I find Marketplace about the most enjoyable aspect of Facebook. Besides the Haydays Swap, where else can you find prime examples of ditch banging, tail-standing, monster-stickered-up snowmobiles with the proverbial 20-inch bar risers? That’s right, Marketplace is pure heaven for that type of visual eye-candy.

Entertainment value aside, every now and then a piece of Arctic Cat history pops-up for sale like this 2007 Arctic Cat Prowler built by Rath Racing. Upon seeing this, my mind jogged back to a very fun period working at Arctic Cat in 2006/07.

The 2007 Rath Racing Prowler as appeared on Facebook Marketplace 

With the introduction of the WPSA Quad Terrain Circuit in 2006, Arctic Cat was one of the first OEMs to jump into the venue. The race terrain resembled a Trials motorcycle course where competing 4×4 ATVs and riders had to navigate large boulders, log crossings, mud pits and for good measure, a bunch of motocross jumps.

Engineering paired up with Daryl Rath and took an essentially stock 650H1 4×4 ATV to the first race…and won! Daryl finished the season bringing home the championship. Arctic Cat proved how tough their chassis were compared to the competition and consumers took notice of the success. Like I said, it was a fun and proud time to work at AC and be a part of this race effort.

Daryl Rath (seated) with Chris Evans (R) who was race technician and part of Arctic Cat engineering team. Chris is still an instrumental part of off-road development today for AC.

The following year, Daryl built two Prowlers to compete with the quickly growing UTV race scene. When I think about how large the UTV racing scene is now, this infancy period for the class seems like Ions ago…the Yamaha Rhino was the machine to beat! 

Enjoy the photos. Maybe someone here would like to own this piece of history…Im just happy to see this race Prowler has survived all these years and it serves as a reminder how once again, racing helped accelerate thoughts and development for future product like the Wildcat.


DirtWheels Magazine write-up on the Prowler


This is one of only TWO in the world, Factory Arctic Cat UTV race machines built by Rath Racing. Based off a 2007 model and only raced 6 times, this car is as beautiful as it is impressive! Well over $30K invested in theis machine ($4K in shocks alone) this is a steal at this price. Everything made from scratch by Rath Racing. Custom fab work, suspension, the list goes on and on. Absolutely NO corners were cut in the build.

We only used two original frame rails of the original chassis and cut everything else off starting from scratch. We cut the front drive which reduced weight by 54lbs and relocated the radiator, fuel cell and battery to the rear. The seat height was lowered 18-inches and moved back 4-inches shifting as much weight as possible to the rear of the Prowler with a lower center of gravity.


Displacement: 700H1

Bore&Stroke: Stock

Porting: B&B Racing

Pistons: Wiseco

Rod: Stock

Head: Stock w/porting

Valves: B&B Racing/stainless/larger than stock

Camshaft: B&B Racing

Crank: Stock

Radiator: Stock

Ignition/Timing: CDI from 650H1

Carburetor: B&B Racing/Mikuni

Airbox/Filter: K&N

Pipe/Silencer: Custom Rath Racing

Drive System: clutch basket/plates/springs Rath Racing Adjustable weights (Prototypes machined in-house)

A-arms: Rath Racing +6-inch long travel. 12-inches of suspension travel and all chromoly

Front Spindles: Stock 650H1 modified by Rath Racing to allow use of 12-inch wheels

Hubs: Stock

Steering System: 2:1 Speed Enhancer added for faster lock-to-lock

Shocks: Custom PEP’s with triple-rate ZPS springs with 8-click remote reservoirs 



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