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What’s Goin on at ArcticInsider?

I thought Id give everyone an ArcticInsider update since news here has been a bit slow in the last two weeks. Summer has been busy, and lately my time and attention have been focused on making the future of this site a better one. Hooray!


I’m happy to report, ArcticInsider will be getting a fresh new look and layout that should be beneficial to you the readers, current and potential advertisers, and those who stumble upon the site looking for Attic Insulation (, only to find disappointment that this one revolves around snowmobiles, off-road products and 20-inch bar risers.

ArcticInsider launched in August of 2009. The first story featured Greg Spaulding explaining why an 800 wouldn't fit in the new "snocross" chassis.

ArcticInsider was launched in August of 2009 and has racked up 1,900+ articles revolving around the brand we all love. Oddly, I expect the new site refresh to be up and running August of this year, just in time for the big Haydays event.

All of the 1,900 articles and corresponding photos will transfer to the new site, you’ll still be able to share comments and opinions like you always have, and Ill mix in other surprises to freshen the site.

You can guarantee this ZR gem will be in the ArcticInsider booth at Haydays! What to do with it though?


Speaking of the kick-off to winter, Ive mentioned it here, and on social, that I will be having a booth presence at Haydays in September. I hope you all stop to say hello, check out our 20-inch bar riser display and maybe even enjoy a barley-pop while doing so. ArcticInsider will be located by the Arctic Cat Factory display with Arctic Cat dealer, Thomas Sno Sports.


I got a call from my old pal Logan Christian a few weeks ago relaying the news an announcement was going to come out regarding him signing with a new snocross team for the 2021/22 Snocross season. He didn’t want me to be blindsided with the info, and Im appreciative of him thinking of me. Ive been fortunate enough to craft the Christian Bros Racing press releases the past couple seasons. Its been fun following their success and sharing those releases and photos with you here. Despite Logan going to a new team, Im happy for him and wish him future success. CBR won’t completely disappear as their track will remain open this winter to support the awesome youth grassroots 286-Snocross Series and you may even see their CBR trailers and haulers on the road in varying capacities.

Personally, I thought this past snocross season was one of the best in recent years from an entertainment standpoint. Each week there were new Pro and Pro Lite faces visiting the podium which kept things interesting to follow. During this off-season, there have been quite a few team rider shake-ups which should prove fun to follow.

Haydays typically is the time Arctic Cat announces all new Racing and Product efforts


For those of you saying Team Arctic snocross is done with Logan’s departure, all I will say is “Simmer Down”. In past years, Team Arctic hasnt announced their teams until Haydays timeframe, and I expect this year to be the same. If there is communication to be shared before Haydays, you can guarantee youll find it on these pages.

Factory Friday will return to ArcticInsider and corresponding social pages


Like last season, Ill try to share a photo of what is being built on the factory line and post here and ArcticInsider social channels. This past week no Arctic Cat models were being built.

The ArcticInsider Blast XR is ready to pick up. Expect to see this rad ride on full display at Haydays!


Got word this week my Blast XR is ready to pick up in Thief River Falls. Im so excited for that unit, and Im excited to visit the Factory soon. Ill share the road trip here after I go. 

Have a great weekend! – Kale 



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