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2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat with 95-hp & 16-in. Travel

2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat

Snowmobile dealers were given one-on-one private showings of the new (presumably 2012 model year) Wildcat at the dealer show. Only a few details were shared, and no photos were allowed.

Here are some of the details, some of which were mentioned at the show, some visible in the video, and some talked about as pure rumor on those crazy internet forums:

-Full tube-chassis

-16 in. of suspension travel with 30-in. reservoir shocks

2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat

-Trailing-arm rear suspension

-951cc V-Twin EFI engine (the same engine used in the Thundercat/1000), but sporting dual exhaust and apparently massaged to produce something around 95 hp.

-64 in. wide wheel stance

-Retail pricing aimed at $15,900

I see a RZR-beater, future Baja-winner and Glamis-hero, not to mention the fastest trip to the deer stand ever offered.


Below is the official release:

Arctic Cat Unleashes a Wild Cat at Recent Dealer Show

ROV Wows Dealers

Thief River Falls, Minn. (March 24, 2011) – Arctic Cat showcased an unexpected ROV dubbed “Wildcat” during the close of their 2012 snowmobile dealer show in Nashville, TN.

Arctic Cat has strived to bring innovative designs and technology to their customers since 1962. With 2012 marking the brand’s 50th Anniversary, the bold off-road styling cues of the Wildcat’s bodywork coupled with its aggressive sport stance and interior suggest Arctic Cat will move to the forefront as the industry-leader in the pure sport ROV segment.

“This is the Year of the Cat! It’s also the Year of Excitement,” Claude Jordan, CEO told dealers in attendance. “Inspired by race bred and race proven designs, we are committed to giving our customers the highest-performance models they deserve in the snow and off-road categories, as well as future endeavors.”

Very few details were released regarding the Wildcat, but Jordan noted, “An extremely capable suspension is what all pure sport ROV owners are begging for, and we promise this will be an industry leader.”

When asked about production dates, Jordan hinted, “You may see this in dealer showrooms during our 2012 fiscal year which would end next March.”



  1. Your talking in circles and comparing apples to oranges…. The current H2 makes around 65 hp at the crank minus 30% loss puts you at 46 hp to the ground (kinda amazing how that works) 95 hp at the crank would then give you about 67 hp to the ground (assuming there aren’t improvements made to the drive train)

  2. Pierre good point, but I believe they just got rid of the Thundercat name didnt they? I know Prowler still exists.

    I do agree though, I miss the great names of the past for the sleds. El Tigre, Thundercat, Pantera, were all great namesakes. At least they kept sno pro around.

  3. From the crank the a.c 1000 was dyno’d with stock dual exhaust with 82 horsepower the first year it came out then was detuned to 66 stock frm crank. Commander has 56 horsepower at rear wheels on dyno. New rzr 900 has 64 hp at rear wheels. Numbers released from the manufacturer arent at the wheel its from the crank and arent reliable because they all want to be the best but the dyno doesnt lie. I love the v twin but polaris is the hp winner for now.

  4. From the looks the arctic cat has way more ground clearance, wheel travel and offers similar rear trailing arm suspension as the rzr xp. I have ridden them all, and they are all nice but I do believe arctic cat will out do all the other side x sides on the market, as soon as they go on the market my rzr and commandor will both be for sale

  5. Does “951cc V-Twin EFI engine (the same engine used in the Thundercat/1000)” somehow elude to this being a 2-stroke? The T-Cat snowmobile was a 2-stroke wasn’t it? Surely this is a 4-stroke like all the others, or did Cat build a 1000cc ATV called the Thundercat that I don’t know about?

  6. The Weight of the wildcat is 1350 lbs. That’s 150 more than the xp 900. And as far as clearance they both are at 13 in. The wildcat does have more travel. As far as the cat having 95 hp. That’s only 10 more then the xp900 and the cat weighs 150 more lbs so I’m sure there gonna be really close

  7. The Wildcat weighs more than the Xp but the Wildcat has doors. It also has standard power steering. (I heard PS is well worth the money) A bigger fuel tank. What is the weight added? Plus everyone I know around here trades the stock tires in ASAP for Bighorns. Even if they don’t get them ASAP, the stock tires only last about six months if you are riding every chance you get. Bighorns weigh 6 pounds heavier than a normal stock two ply tire. Six pounds each, doing the rotating mass formula is like adding an extra 96 pounds to the XP.

    Extra HP but more weight. I doubt either will leave the other one in the dust on the trail. It really won’t matter. All the XP owners I know ride with S’s, regular 50″ RZR’s and 4 seaters. The XP doesn’t normally leave any of them in the dust just riding on the trail unless he is really trying to. Then he is pushing it pretty hard.Of course I am from eastern KY. Of course, we ride in eastern KY and WV around Mann, Gilbert, East Lynn, etc.. Mountains, hills, and woods. Not many straight stretches. It’s all what you want, but I don’t think any would be a bad choice. You could always add on.

  8. How is this for a bummer, California Air Resources Board (CARB)
    shows that Arctic Cat submitted the Horsepower to CARB at 77.5 Horse


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