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2017 Arctic Cat ATV & UTVs: The First Wave

2017 Arctic Cat ATV and UTV first wave

Arctic Cat just released the first wave of its 2017 ATV/UTV product line. A quick glance at the offerings shows an emphasis on MSRP price reductions on several key models; bold new graphics; and a re-emphasis on the so-called 2017 models that it had already released a few months ago.

Arctic Cat also pared down its model line-up for next year, dropping several models (including a few 1000 engine-equipped machines) as well as package variations.

Notable in the release of information is that there is no mention of the full-sized Wildcat X and 4X models, two popular machines that have clearly NOT been put out to pasture.

In Cat’s letter to the media, it also mentioned that what we’re seeing today is just the first wave of new models, and that subsequent models will be released later this year (with no mention of what those machines might be).

I’m reaching for my calculator to figure out what 2 + 2 equals. In the meantime, see what’s new (for now) below:


HDX & Prowler

2017 Arctic Cat Prowler 500

The midsize, 2-person Prowler 500 was one of the big-news releases from Arctic Cat earlier this spring. It’s a smaller, more nimble machine than the full-sized Prowler 700, with a 72-inch wheelbase compared to 75 in. on the 700. Likewise, the 500 is 56.4 inches wide compared with the 61-inch wide 700. Power comes from 443cc SOHC 4-Stroke EFI mill.


2017 Arctic Cat HDX Crew

The HDX Crew was another spring release this year, one that brought “hallelujahs” from would-be owners and dealers alike.


2017 Arctic Cat HDX Crew

Twin 3-person bench seating with the versatility of a Swiss Army knife, the Crew hits the sweet spot of usability and performance.


 Alterra & Alterra TRV

2017 Arctic Cat Alterra TRV

Also among the batch of previously-released 2017 models, the TRV family of Alterra ATVs is notable for its new styling, excellent composite rack design, newly shaped passenger seat and grab handles, LED taillights (and headlights on the 700 and 1000 versions) and new digital instrument gauge. Interestingly, Cat dropped the 550 model that it first announced just a few months ago.

The solo-rider Alterra model line now consists of a 90, 400, 500 and 700 (the latter also with XT EPS package option).

2017 Arctic Cat Alterra 400

The awesome news here is the pricing: To make owning a fully featured mid-size model an unprecedented value, Cat went aggressive with MSRP, with the Alterra 400 (above) coming in at $5,499 (U.S.)

2017 Arctic Cat Alterra 500

Similarly, the Alterra 500 (above) rings in at $5,999 (U.S.) and the feature-rich Alterra 700 at $8,999 (US).


2017 Arctic Cat MudPro

Also returning for ’17: TBX 700; MudPro models; XC450, the price-point 500 and 1000 XT ATVs in the old body style; the DVX 90; and the 150.



Wildcat Trail and Sport

2017 Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport

2017 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail

Here are some pix of the Wildcat Trail and Sport models, both of which remain unchanged for ’17 save for graphics.

CLICK HERE to launch the Arctic Cat website for complete specs on the new ’17 models. More info here to follow when additional information is announced.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Really liked the Prowler 500 until I learned it was a rebadged KYMCO with a different gauge and an extra $1000 dollars on the MSRP…..come on AC, you can do better!

  2. Being an Arctic Cat die hard I had a sick feeling a few days after I purchased my Ranger Crew, only to see the Prowler Crew released days after. I hope to see a Crew at Hay Days to finalize my decision to part with my Polaris!

  3. In my opinion they need to come out with a 100+hp SxS in both 60″ and 65″ versions plus a turbo offering just to keep up with the rest. I am diehard cat and looked at the Wildcat Sport 700, but just bought a Maverick 1000 XC and am loving it so far. Tons of power and great suspension. I just can’t see the 700 with 60ish + hp even competing with this machine.

  4. Chris: I have driven the Wildcat Trail many, MANY miles and can tell you that at 65 plus horsepower it has more than what most people will ever use. One fun SXS. Way better than the RZR in my humble opinion. Not a fan of BRP but to each there own. Way to expensive and way to hard to work on from my perspective.

  5. AC has some great offerings and IMO taking a smart approach to the market. Nice to see them look at value-priced ATVs in the 400-500 class, as well as the UTV class. I bought a Prowler 500 this year. Love it for my farm! Ive got 3,500+ miles on it and it hasn’t missed a beat. Our family uses that thing non-stop. Keep up the great work Cat!

  6. So far the 2017s would be a let down, but I’m hopefull about waves 2 and 3. The new Wildcat is scheduled to be released at wave 3 so we have that to look forward to. But to be honest I’m waiting for Arctic Cat to release an Alterra 1000 with a revamped powerplant. I have an XR 700 and it’s a nice ride but it’ as low on power and it’s not overly fun to ride. Needs 2 cylinders and a big horsepower gain. Thought about a 1000 xt but if I do upgrade, why buy a 1000xt with 70hp when I could buy a can am 850 with 79hp. I’m a diehard Cat fan but I’m getting awfully sick of waiting for a real big bore ATV.


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