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Mike Miller’s 2004 Arctic Cat F6 Firecat Restoration

Mike Miller's 2004 Arctic Cat F6 Firecat Restoration

I love seeing a great sled restoration, especially one that adds a twist of customization to the final outcome.

Mike Miller’s Patriot edition 2004 Arctic Cat F6 Firecat is a perfect example of a ground-up resurrection, as the resto magician from Michigan illustrates in the above video.

This isn’t the first Arctic Cat that Miller has brought back to life. A few years ago I featured this stunning Crossfire restoration. Clearly, Miller’s handiwork is as thorough as it is stunning.

Check out the video, then see where your imagination (and Craigslist scouring) might lead.



  1. Excellent job, the red painted tunnel really is homerun. I wished we could have painted the tunnels back in 2004 right from the factory. This was the fastest 600 we ever built. I seen 113 mph many times. Keep up the great restorations and video work.

  2. Thanks guys, that means a lot to me coming
    from you Joel.
    You keep up the good work to Joel.
    It’s the guys like you that make Arctic Cat
    what it is today.

  3. Hey John,

    How about a road trip to the Wolverine state and do an interview with Mike? He has the passion, skills, the attention to details and knowledge about Cat’s would be a good read for all of us here. A heck of a guy I am told as well.

  4. Wow, great Patriot build. This clip means even more now that the 600/800 are true American machines. Great passion and workmanship that this guy has. He should be very proud of it. Very nice lyrics to back it up. Keep up the good work Sir.

  5. Thanks guys, I have done 6 of these sleds so far, I normally do one every other summer.
    I enjoy doing them, to me they are like oversized jigsaw puzzles.
    Scott, I have about 300 hours in the Patriot, and almost 400 in the Crossfire, that one was in real bad shape.


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