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2022 Arctic Cats Launched – A High Level Overview

Below is a high level overview of the Arctic Cat Snowmobiles 2022 Line-up. Between now and April 30th, I’ll be sharing a more in-depth look at these models, including a few ride reviews, interviews from engineering, specs, accessory kit options and plenty of photos. Visit your local dealer to inquire about their 2022 showroom/demo models and look to this outlet and Arctic Cat’s for more info on any corporate demo rides.

All 2022 Arctic Cat snowmobiles will be available for pre-order at the season’s best deals through the Snowmageddon sales event, which ends April 30. A limited number of models will also be available in-season through eligible dealers without Snowmageddon program benefits. (Blast/ZR200/ZR120)

For more information on all Snowmageddon deals and accessory kit offerings, visit a local Arctic Cat dealer, or Use the new sled builder to visualize different track lengths, colors and accessory choices.



ZR Thundercat 9000 137

2022 ZR9000 Thundercat with EPS Dynamic Gray 

The ZR 9000 Thundercat is the World’s Fastest Production Snowmobile. For 2022, the King of turbocharged 4-strokes leads the high-performance speed and handling category with addition of the all-new ADAPT CVT System and Electronic Power Steering. 

 The 2022 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat is one potent snowmobile, and it’s available in three handling levels — choose between FOX QS3 shocks with a dial mounted on the remote shock reservoir for easy hand adjustment, or two shock packages complimenting the new Electronic Power Steering (EPS) – FOX QS3 with EPS or ATAC with EPS. The result is three of the most technologically advanced snowmobiles in the world.



ZR 8000 137

ZR 8000 RR 137

ZR 6000 137

ZR 6000 RR 137

2022 ZR 6000 or 8000 in Green

2022 ZR 8000 in Orange

2022 ZR6000 or 8000 RR in Green

A mere mention of the ZR name and snowmobilers know of its legendary winning ways. Riders needing 165-class horsepower can look to two performance-built ZRs with a variety of options for 2022 – the ZR 8000 and ZR 8000 RR both have the all-new ADAPT CVT System. 

Riders aiming for the peak of 125-class horsepower can look to two performance-built ZRs with a variety of options and the all-new ADAPT CVT System for 2022 – the ZR 6000 and ZR 6000 RR.

Powered by either the C-TEC2 794cc or 599cc twin-cylinder engines, delivery is clean responsive performance with leading fuel economy thanks to DSI, Electronic APV Exhaust Valves, Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor, electric oil injection, ceramic exhaust and convenience of push-button engine reverse and electric start.



Blast ZR 4000 121


2022 Blast ZR in Green 

The mid-size category Blast ZR 4000 comes in a right-sized package centered around the newest C-TEC2 engine from Arctic Cat – a 397cc single-cylinder two-stroke with 65-class horsepower and Electronic Fuel Injection. The simplicity of the Blast ZR allows you to immerse yourself in all that is fun about snowmobiling. Starting with the proven Arctic Drive System, power delivery via CVTech clutches is quick and precise for a smile inducing ride every time. When you gas-up the 11.7 gallon fuel tank for the family, this is the snowmobile you’ll fight to throw a leg over – Might as well buy more than one.



Blast LT 4000 146

2022 Blast LT in Red 

The mid-size category Blast LT 4000 comes in a right-sized package that plays just as hard as it works. Ultimately designed as a reliable work partner, the Blast LT has quickly become a simplistic sport utility sought after by cabin owners, outdoorsmen and those looking to put the fun back in snowmobiling. When you gas-up the 11.7 gallon fuel tank for work or play, you’ll quickly realize the job at hand is much more fun with the Blast LT.



NEW! Blast XR 4000 146

New! 2022 Blast XR in Gold

New for 2022, Blast announces a new revolution in 50/50 trail crossover mid-size performance – Blast XR 4000 – a right-sized package built to turn trail and legal backcountry riding into your playground. The XR adds deep snow engineering DNA pulled straight from the Blast LT with its 146-in. skidframe. After take-off, you’ll quickly realize how far your legal backcountry or trail ride will take you.



NEW! Blast XR Touring 4000 146

New! 2022 Blast XR Touring 

New for 2022, Blast announces – Blast XR Touring 4000 – a right-sized package making an outstanding adventure touring snowmobile for two. Centered around the newest C-TEC2 engine from Arctic Cat – a 397cc single-cylinder two-stroke with 65-class horsepower and Electronic Fuel Injection. The XR Touring is an engineering Blast of DNA pulled straight from the LT utility and XR crossover. Starting with the proven Arctic Drive System, power delivery via CVTech clutches is quick and precise for smile-inducing fun factor. When you gas-up the 11.7 gallon fuel tank for your buddy ride, you’ll quickly realize it’s going to be harder to choose who to bring with, versus which trail to take.



Blast M 4000 146

2022 Blast M in Orange 

The mid-size category Blast M 4000 comes in a right-sized deep snow package built to tame the playgrounds of legal backcountry riding. The unmatched maneuverability to fun ratio is centered around the newest C-TEC2 engine from Arctic Cat – a 397cc single-cylinder two-stroke with 65-class horsepower and Electronic Fuel Injection. 



Riot 8000 146

2022 Riot 8000 in Red 

Built for the ultimate adventure rider playgrounds, the Riot 8000 crests the peak of the Trail Crossover category adding the all-new ADAPT CVT System and ATAC adjust on-the-fly suspension for 2022. The C-TEC2 794cc twin-cylinder engine, delivers clean responsive performance with leading fuel economy thanks to DSI, Electronic APV Exhaust Valves, Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor, electric oil injection, ceramic exhaust and convenience of push-button engine reverse and electric start.



Riot 6000 146

2022 Riot 6000 Green 

Built to tame the lakes, trails, trees and fields that are the playgrounds for adventure riders, the Riot 6000 crests the peak of the Trail Crossover category adding the all-new ADAPT CVT System for 2022. Powered by the C-TEC2 599cc twin-cylinder engine with 125-class horsepower, the Riot 6000 delivers instant throttle response thanks to DSI, Electronic APV Exhaust Valves, Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor, electric oil injection, ceramic exhaust and convenience of push-button engine reverse and electric start. 



Riot X 8000 146

2022 Riot X in orange 

Those who want to venture into legal steeper and deeper backcountry riding should take particular interest in the Riot X – All-New ADAPT CVT System and ATAC adjust on-the-fly added for 2022. Setting itself apart from the Riot, the X employs the lightweight front Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) featuring mountain spindles and geometry for easy carving in snow and on hardpack. Its adjustable 39.5-in. to 41.5-in. ski stance and vertical steering post deliver excellent side hilling capability and confident handling in a wide range of crossover conditions, especially when gripping snow with the 2.6-in. lug height Powerclaw track.



Norseman X 8000 153

2022 Norseman in Red 

The 2022 Norseman X blurs the performance lines between mountain, utility and trail – This do-everything snowmobile grows more intense with ADAPT CVT System. Powered by the C-TEC2 794cc twin-cylinder engine, delivers clean responsive performance with leading fuel economy thanks to DSI, Electronic APV Exhaust Valves, Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor, electric oil injection, ceramic exhaust and convenience of push-button engine reverse and electric start.



M8000 Hardcore 146/154/165

2022 M8000 Hardcore Green

 2022 M8000 Hardcore Orange

Riders of competitive nature looking to best everyone won’t have to make a single compromise by choosing the M 8000 Hardcore – 2022 adds 146-in. ALPHA-ONE an All-New ADAPT CVT System and ATAC adjust on-the-fly. Hardcore models are built for maximum adjustability and are centered around the revolutionary ALPHA- ONE single-beam rear suspension system with choices of a 2.6- or 3-in. lug Powerclaw track. Opt for one of three skidframe lengths – the all-new 146- or 154- and 165-in. With maximum track side flex, riders can maneuver the Alpha One to a degree not possible with conventional snowmobiles. 



M8000 Mountain Cat 154/165

2022 M8000 Mountain Cat Blue 

Riders looking for the lightest Arctic Cat mountain snowmobile will find their sweet spot with the Mountain Cat – 2022 adds All-New ADAPT CVT System and ATAC adjust on-the-fly. Mountain Cat models are centered around the revolutionary ALPHA-ONE single-beam rear suspension system and a 3-in. lug Powerclaw track in either a 154- or 165-in. length that bends and conforms to the snow. With maximum side flex, riders can maneuver the ALPHA-ONE to a degree not possible with conventional snowmobiles. 



ZR200 and ZR120

2022 ZR200 Green

The wildly popular ZR 200 is built to give youth riders the next level of snowmobile experience in the backyard, on trails, in deep snow and everywhere there’s winter, the ZR 200 is sized and equipped for transitional riders who have grown beyond the ZR 120. It’s SSCC-certified as an adult snowmobile that’s legal to ride on public trails, adding years of versatility for the entire snowmobiling family to enjoy.



NEW! Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

Arctic Cat’s new variable assist Electronic Power Steering provides assist based on the input load and the Thundercat’s speed. The varying levels of assist translate into a light steering effort in all snow conditions for fatigue-free riding corner after corner. 

I’ll be sharing a great interview with more in-depth info on EPS from Team Arctic racer, and engineer, Ben Langaas this week. He answers my questions including, “Why would I need EPS? My Thundercat handles just fine.”



Championship-winning power, smoothness and reliability is backed by the new Arctic Cat ADAPT CVT System on ALL full-size category Arctic Cat snowmobiles. New Drive and Driven clutches are lighter-weight and employ a compact design with advanced idler system. ADAPT maintains constant belt tension throughout the RPM range resulting in minimized wear and maximum throttle response throughout your drive belts longer life without fade. 

Want an Inside Look at ADAPT? Check back as I share an interview with Drivetrain Design Engineer, Kyle Olason.



  1. Just watched the launch.
    Congrats to Arctic Cat for 60 years – remarkable achievement.
    It was great to see Roger again – long live the king, and his queen.
    Like many of you I bleed green. For 40 years now. Through thick and thin.
    Wasn’t expecting much this year.
    Nothing here to make me buy new this year – that’s ok.
    Nothing big at doo or poo either.
    The six new style ac sleds my family currently rides will last another year.
    Procross is a great chassis.
    Thanks Kale for keeping this site going.
    Everybody ride safe.

  2. super disappointing. Way too much spent on the Blast models. I put on 2000 miles this year and saw exactly zero Blast machines on the trail. nothing new with motors, nothing new with instrument clusters, gps, nothing new with the suspensions. Power steering on the most expensive sled there is. Must have had some leftover power steering controls from the Apex 10 years ago. I have been a Cat customer for 40 years. Making it tough these days. Unless I was 12 years old. Cat seems to be selling the **** out of the Blast. if I was 12 I could look forward to a cute little Blast under the tree.

  3. Pretty disappointing considering the competition has 850cc engines with more power, 4 strokes to choose from, turbo models. It was brutal and embarrassing to watch. And no 900cc engine either, what a pity. It’s like watching someone with ALS slowly die saying their gonna be just fine

  4. No new chassis which is perfectly fine. The pro cross is perfected!!
    Nice line up only wishing the 7000 motor returned and for the 60th there should be at least one retro graphics model.

  5. Couldn’t we get at least SOME SORT of retro throwback package? COVID or no COVID, can’t we at least get some cool STICKERS?!?! The ZR Limited looks like a fleet rental sled.

    I appreciate their expression of loyalty and commitment to the future and to the brand, however. We’ll see I guess.

  6. Not much to get excited about. I expected that after the Covid year. I love my Crosstour 8000 and will ride it another year. I thought it would be fun to update during the anniversary year but I can wait another year.

  7. Just wondering why, Yamaha sells the xtx le which is a riot with the 998 turbo. And arctic cat still doesn’t have the riot available with the 998? I also saw 0 blasts or venoms on the trail this year here in ny. Really needed something from cat this year, plan was to get a riot 998 turbo with power steering. But not an option. Maybe Yamaha will build the cat I’m looking for. Also that 60th unveiling was hard to watch. The Polaris unveil was much better and I hate Polaris. Textron said they have a 5 year plan in motion but I think its gonna be to late. Every year they loose loyal cat fans and they did nothing for 22. SO DISAPPOINTED

  8. Who in the hell told the design team Primer Grey is a good color for a snowmobile? Somebody needs to be **** canned ASAP. Not one black sled. Horrible release for a 60th anniversary. I guess my comments were spot on The first time Kale. Now you owe me an apology. Ha!

  9. Was excited, like others to see some 60th anniversary graphics. I prefer trusted and proven rather than new and less-reliable. I’m not interested in buying a new chassis, so happy to see Cat continue to refine what is already a good chassis. BUT, why are they still pushing primer grey!? I was really looking forward to seeing a green Riot twin rail in green like the ZR RR and the M HC, but nope. It’s primer grey with green accents. It costs minimal to do limited spring order graphics and some more colour choices. Don’t make them in-season, just spring order. I hope they look better in person, but doubt I will see one before the cut off because my dealer is 2.4hr drive from me (I live remote, not bashing dealer locations here). I have a 10 year old Cat and was finally considering upgrading for next year. I really wanted a sled to be excited to get but not sure what to think of the Riot colours. If the Crossover segment is such a big deal, why don’t they put in a bit more effort? I will stick with Cat but this is a bit of a let down. How can we contact and plead with Cat to make an all-green Riot? It seemed to work in 2020 with adding QS3s to the grey/blue Riots.

  10. The primer Grey was a couple years back, yes that was questionable in the looks dept.
    This grey is definitely darker I think it looks good, a nice change from black.

  11. Kale, I am not sure how anyone can be excited about the blast kids sled, unless you are 10. !0 year olds don’t buy Sleds! The colours on the ZR are blah!! I am just not understanding why CAT does not upgrade the Procross. No new plastic, no new gauge or seat? No updated rear skid. I mean this is getting to be ridiculous. Is Textron trying to drive Customers to the other brands? Very disappointing.

  12. Cat please replace the gray on the limited’s with green or black. That grey just doesn’t belong on a cat!!!! Also how about giving us a choice of a 129!!!!

  13. Cat died in 2017. Textron has em on life support. You can’t compete when you’re on life support. The blast is not the answer. A 2 up blast! Really? Who dreamed that up? Musta been someone from corporate. This was so hard to watch. It’s hard letting go…

  14. It’s obvious the people at Textron do not understand snowmobiling or what Cat Owners want. If I was buying new I would be heading to a Polaris Dealership for the first time in my life. So glad my 2020 ZR 8000 Limited only has 1,800 miles on it. One more year and then it’s switch-a-ruski for me. Textron is making it easy for this diehard cat fan to jump ship. ?? There is no way in hell anybody can defend this release for a 60th Anniversary. Not a chance.

  15. Well, that was extremely disappointing. This is a 60 year anniversary! Really!! Hardly anything on the ZR 8000 but I guess if you didn’t change anything why spend time on it? This 60 year 2022 Product Launch – all it did was make me mad. I did not expect or want a new chassis or motor – but how about something to improve the trail sleds? Extremely disappointing is an understatement. Been riding Cats since the 70’s and have a great dealer which would be the ONLY reason I would purchase a 2022.

  16. Pretty disappointing launch, from both a product and marketing perspective.

    Nothing noteworthy for their 60th anniversary: no retro graphic packages, no updated gauges, no updated 600 or 800 engines, no factory turbo 2 stroke, no suspension updates.

    From a marketing perspective the ’22 sleds are “launched”, but the website isn’t updated; there’s no ’22 PGA anywhere; the launch video was showing people wearing clothing that’s 2+ years old; the video player was glitchy for the launch; the email after you registered for the launch came from BrandLive not Cat (seriously masking email addresses is 1st grade MarComm).

    I love Cat and am very passionate about the brand, but christ this has been painful to watch over the last number of years. I sincerely hope Textron has a real plan to bring the brand back to relevance and dear God hire a competent marketing team.

    Kale – Appreciate everything you do on this site!

  17. Long time cat man here…
    I can see them not investing huge $ into
    New motors and chassis etc.
    But very disappointed there is not even
    60th graphics pkge. ?!
    Just a new little emblem!
    Come on textron!!!
    And yes a riot9000 would be cool and easy
    to offer from their stock shelves,
    Guess im keeping my 18 cross country
    9000 137×1.75
    Cuz i love it!
    and they dont make em anymore!

  18. I’m guessing with no leftovers maybe nobody will notice that nothing has changed. The Black Cat’s were asked what mods they ride with so even those representing don’t ride what Cat sells. Yamaha power steering and Fox Suspension control are only thing new or fresh for 60th anniversary. ?? Wow

  19. Die hard cat owner….I was waiting for this launch but absolutely nothing new. Honestly just heading to the Polaris dealer to Snowcheck RMK Matryx Slash. I loved my 2020 Hardcore but you have fallen to far behind.
    Good bye Cat. You are gone in five years. Too bad I loved your brand.

  20. Well, that was perfectly predictable. The EZ-Go golf cart morons continue to make hollow promises of greatness, while they run it straight into the ground, oblivious to customers’, and dealers’ pleas.

  21. Colossal Disappointment… Cat for life… first kitty cat in 1974. I’ll be spending my money elsewhere. These are the most hideous colors I’ve ever seen. If you had a black and green 8000 for several thousand less than the competition, I would buy a 2022. Since they don’t, I’ll be trying my first Polaris or Skidoo… breaks my heart.

  22. It wasn’t very exciting, they spent too much time on the black cats and not enough showcasing the trail segment. And as for colors their out to lunch. They should give more choices for each model. I for one love solid colors like green orange, or black but I didn’t see that in the zr lineup except for the RR, which I’m not interested in. If they don’t come up with a special color for spring I’ll wait another year. As for all the talk of a new chassis, I’m more than happy with the procross. It’ the best handling, bar none. But their killing me with their color choices.

  23. I have a 2020 8000RR and a 2021 6000LTD and was looking at getting a 2022 Tcat, but not in those colours. Come on Cat, offer some different colours. I want a black sled with green. I don’t want grey tunnels. I don’t mind a bit of grey as accents, but all grey is too much for me.

  24. Huge cat fan.
    Bought 2 riots last year.
    Completely disappointed this year.

    -Lawsuit for the chassis
    -60th anniversary
    – still 50lbs heavier than the competitors
    – still only an 800.

    What a disappointing night.

    Maybe time to switch brands

  25. Not a lot to get excited about. But with all the manufacturing challenges this year that should not be a surprise. But during a big anniversary milestone, we do not even have the option to get some great Arctic Cat colors? Look at the 2021 RXC for a guideline. Hate to say it but did they even get the BNG wrong? I hope when you follow up about the new clutches they can share some insight on some really interesting changes and efficiency to show the direction there want the product to go and not just a cost cutting effort with no performance gain?

  26. Really disappointed in arctic cat. I’ve had cat for 20 years. The riot lineup looks awful.
    Why couldn’t they do something good. I own a 2004 f7 efi figter pilot and xf 8000. I wouldn’t buy a new cat anymore ill switch to a different brand.

  27. I have been hard core Cat for 10 years+ Had a 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2016 and two 2019 alphas. But I think this is the end of the road for me. I feel like they have left us behind. I have also lost 6 months over two seasons waiting on parts.
    I think after seeing this I will have to jump teams. Too bad. Been pushing cat for years. Maybe I will come
    Back in a few years if they catch up again.

  28. After reading all the posts regarding model family focus e.g. too much Blast and Alpha etc. I went back to the Launch Site to see where the “What Models are you most excited to see” poll ended up. Wasn’t even close. ZR family won hands down. Asmany of you correctly stated unfortunately its what they spent the least time on.

    Maybe Textron Augusta will review “the metrics” and let guys like Halvorson and Dick truly lead via their through sled industry experience and market knowledge.

    What models are you most excited to see?
    BLAST 7.1%
    ALPHA ONE 23.2%
    RIOT 23.8%
    ZR 41.9%
    Youth 1.5%
    Utility 2.5%

  29. Would like a riot x , but not on the mono rail, and would like a 2.25, current ride 2018 high country, might have to go Polaris SKS, 146, 2.25 track

  30. You guys that are sitting here complaining about what was released do us all a favor and switch brands so the true cat guys don’t have to listen to it.

  31. Was looking forward to 60th anniversary throw back graphics. No. What about skidoo moving on with technology gps and bluetooth system? Polaris even has ride command. Power steering cool. Not for the zr 8000 not cool. Come on cat! If your not going to come out with new stuff at least offer longer factory warranties. Had to replace 200 dollar left handle bar control from some glitch.

  32. I love Acrtic Cat, own 3 of them, but very disappointed. Their own survey during the reveal showed that 40 percent were interested in the ZR and they didn’t focus on the ZR for two seconds. I sadly purchased a Skidoo this winter because no sleds were available at the arctic cat dealer. I was hoping to trade it in for a 2022 Riot but the two Riots are ugly! The Riot X is great design but not a good sled for where we live. Textron is going to ruin Arctic Cat. Parents are not going to buy their kid a Blast if they no longer ride cat. Listen to your customers…the other brands do! Guages, GPS,etc.

  33. So sick of hearing 160hp class ! Now there saying 165hp..A good Ctec 8000 motor will only make 156hp on the dyno ! The custom graphic shops will be doing good Business this year. Seen everybody will be covering up the gray and ugly stickers. My only hope is that they . Unveil a Retro graphics 60th Anniversary Late season sled . With a 899cc ZR, Riot and Alpha . At Haydays this year !!! Like in the past . Not just New Race Sleds !

  34. They had me! During the Q&A, Mr. Kleveland was asked about the future and gave a very ambiguous answer. Then, Mr. Halvorson is asked about a new chassis and made what I thought was an extremely obvious dodge on anything resembling an answer. At that point, I thought – OMG, they have a big freaking ace up their sleeves, and this is going to be cool!

    Then, it was over, and I thought…. where’s the ace???? They didn’t play the ace????

    I’ve ridden the Blast and like it quite a lot. It’s an easy sled to underestimate. That said, I was very disappointed that Cat completely skipped over full-sized trail sleds. I felt left out.

    The Black Cats round table was less polished than it could’ve been. Wish Cat would have an ambassador program that covered all types of riders.

    But in the end, entertaining hour, happy to see the RMR tribute sled announcement, great to see someone who knows snowmobiling give the walk arounds and congratulations to a great brand and to all those who work for Arctic Cat. Cheers!

  35. Drove from Ontario to Thief River Falls two years ago and was so excited to take the 2 hour tour. Everyone seemed so excited and the Arctic Cat sign was back up!
    Now I feel the excitement is gone! I remember the great marketing release of the Firecats and the limited edition graphics. Does 60 years mean anything? Like many others,p I am so disappointed. Well at least Cats Pride is back. I need a new pullover and hat!

  36. I’m so thankful that Brian Dick and Troy Halvorson are still there. It’s nice to have working knowledge of the product in the video.

    My advice to Textron: Thank you for making Cat profitable again, but please don’t include any more of your Textron higher ups in your presentations. It feels awkward and disingenuous. Also, please stop referencing helicopters and planes-I have heard those lines from previous souped-up Hay Days speeches and it has become old and I fail to see any relevance in the snowmobile industry.
    Next-Let’s get technical. Please show some technical demonstration of subtle improvements. Any updates on the 800 engines? How about the Alpha rail geometry, assembly, material selection? Any updates to it since it came out? Power steering-did the video even show the mechanical assembly and its placement in the machine? What about the blast engines? Any progress and/or updates on those? Tracks-Process of determining length for trail sleds? Machine weights? Horse power improvements?
    60th-Besides the Thundercat shadow logos, some Heritage graphics would have been wonderful.

    I like seeing the progress made each year, and was something I always looked forward to learning about. It also justifies the reason to go out and purchase the new models.

    Textron, in summary: Please, guide us Cat Faithful with sound business decisions, but not at the expense of extinguishing the flame that has burned bright for so many years.

  37. I bleed as green as anyone. I’ve had over 60 Cats so far. IMHO — such a waste of an hour of my time. Such a disappointment for a 60th release. I actually feel bad that they dragged Roger into this release……
    I’ve had 14 ProCross sleds so far. Yes, the chassis is a good chassis. But it’s time to move on. Losing too many customers to ever recover at this rate. The only chassis I can think of that Cat kept alive this long was the ZR when you consider it’s intro in 1993 as the ZR440 & 580 and it’s exit in 2007 with the Z370 and Z570 ending it’s run. So I guess that fits in with the “5 year” plan that was talked about tonight….15 years on the ZR and looking like 15-16 with the ProCross based on what was said tonight. But even as the mighty ZR entered and exited it’s life cycle, there were other models to draw attention at the end with the Firecat/Sabercat lines then the Twin Spars …… not like this situation with the ProCross……. And that is if Cat even survives 5 more years with the way this is heading……

  38. I have been Very loyal to Arctic cat Brand for the Last 35 years
    Very disappointed in this unvealing , No big twin or 935 triple 2 stroke
    And that primer grey colour !! Who ever gave that a thumbs up should be fired on the spot !!

  39. Was a super let down this year, might as well dig out my 5 year old back up sled, throw some gray on it and a set of boring, ugly 2022 decals! Sorry cat but you can do better than that for a 60 year anniversary! No spring check for me, sorry! Very disappointed….. VERY!!!!!!!

  40. Disappointed!! I bought my first new Cat in 1973 and have been a loyal customer with close to twenty new Cats over the years. It appears the current leaders of Cat have missed the mark on what the hard core Cat people are looking for and by reading some of the comments I don’t think I’m wrong.
    The survey clearly stated that the majority were excited to se the ZR line. Kind of tells you the high interest in trail/performance machines. Looks like another year of riding the other guys.
    Another thing…what’s with all the goofy names for the sleds.

  41. Textron, a complete disaster.
    Hardly any dealers left.
    Parts are hard to get.
    2022 line up, very disappointing.
    I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see Cat being around much longer. Textron is doing a fabulous job, running AC into ground.

  42. Really disappointed I love cat but they haven’t shown me any reason to stay with them and Polaris is looking more an more promising…

  43. Cat, you just “screw the pooch”! You could not even muster a new display?! Roger Skime did not even look like he wanted to be part of this failure.

    After the disaster last year where Cat had to release the 2021 early to avoid the rumors of their demise, and now this poor showing for a 60 year release, I hope Roger Skime goes and smacks whoever idea this was across the back of the head to knock some sense into them.

    You have to now release spy photos in April of either a turbo mountain sled and a 650 trail engine or a new chassis to fix this mess. This was bad Cat!

  44. I’m tired of hearing about the blast, it’s not the answer. I miss the 7000, was hoping for a new 4 stroke option that wasn’t “the fastest production snowmobile”. Nothing wrong with a t cat I’m just not mature enough yet for that kinda go fast power.

  45. I bought my first new snowcat in 1990 when I was 13 years old, worked at Arctic for almost 20 years, the new color schemes are really disappointing for their 60th anniversary, boring colors and decals, nothing new again, currently own two ZR 8000’s but will be switching brands, it’s to bad that it’s come to this! The new launch unveils are really pathetic, used to be really exciting!

  46. Pretty disappointing “reveal” of nothing really new other than a new primary clutch… no big bore, no turbo 2 stroke, no chassis improvements… falling behind the competition. I figured for sure we’d see a turbo 2 stroke with Doo’s release last season and now polaris’s new boost along with a new chassis.
    Cat made a big deal of a 60th anniversary launch after the competition’s releases for….. crickets. Looks like its time to switch it up to another brand after 20 years.

  47. Well now i know that if i still pursue the 2018 Mountain Cat 153 models for sale locally i am not missing on very much…

    Jeremiah has left the Cat………..

  48. I wonder if the guy in charge at arctic cat, who admitted in the unveiling tonight that he has 0 experience or knowledge of snowmobiles has ever read the comments on this website. He is driving arctic cat into the ground, and this company that we have loved for so many years is gone forever. And probably wont be producing snowmobiles or sxs for that matter much longer. Ppl who would NEVER think about buying a Polaris or doo, in the past are now thinking how can I not be buying a Polaris or doo. Polaris is heavily investing into snowmobiles and even in a covid year brought new exciting things to its customers for 22. Arctic cat/textron with Yamaha could only come up with power steering. It’s just awful. I’m sad that I’m jumping finally from the sinking ship and ordering a sled that doesn’t say arctic cat on it.

  49. Someone needs to talk me off the ledge. I was all set to check a RR8. Now three hours later the web site is not updated, I need to know that the price is low enough to offset a wrap ( to break up all that green) swap track for 1.6, replace white skis, windshield and get a NSG gauge.. I share your frustration with this whole fiasco tonight.

  50. Cat is finished and good luck getting dealerships back that you took to the cleaners years ago. PS your unveiling was a complete Joke!

  51. Wow, this isn’t good.
    – no upgraded Gauge/GPS Package. This is a game changer issue. Needs to be resolved quickly.
    – No 4 stroke except for the turbo really, how sad.
    – no 850 yet, years after the competition came out with theirs. What happened to Cat being the leader.
    Not sure how much longer Cat is going to be a viable choice.

  52. Ummm….. wow. First I went to the website, looking for info on the ‘22 Cats. Nope, none, still have the 21’s listed. Fortunately ArcticInsider had them and well, I thought there’d be something new. I really like the concept of the Blast sleds and looked hard at getting one last season but there are just too expensive for what they are. The rest of the line up isn’t terribly exciting. I remember really digging the retro graphics on the 50th anniversary models. Hard to believe they couldn’t have at least done that. I just don’t see how Textron is beneficial to the long term viability of Cat as a brand. I won’t be surprised if Cat gets sold off to some no name Chinese company that’ll start selling their junk China made ATV’s with the Cat name and drop sleds all together.

  53. Just a few years ago Roger shook my hand and thanked me for being a CAT rider for 40 years, and dropping cash for nothing but CATS. 60th anniversary and this is the total crap they come out with, are you kidding me. The only color is gray, what moron thought that was ever a CAT. Fire that idiot now. Really no Retro black and green. And throwing cash at a Blast, one more big thinker that should be filling a box tomorrow. What a disappointment. Did you see the cloths, OMG. 3 coats. One more disappointment. That’s enough bashing. I do like sticking with the chassis, and the 800 is more then enough to embarrass any 850 I have run. And I know some are all disappointed about no GPS, me could care less. But GRAY for love of god, maybe you should have the graphics say in the font like that on a battleship. Yeah lets pick up a $8,000 1 lunger. You can get a real sled 600 old school motor Doo. for the same cash and have a ride. Invite me to a board meeting but make sure you have boxes, a lot. I’d clean out the collection of idiots, They are not, and shouldn’t be called CAT employees, or riders. Sorry to tell you Roger, but the company you built is dead and gone.

  54. I didn’t watch the presentation. And like a lot of you I’m underwhelmed. Good Comments esp about so thing as simple as color. In my book, all cats should be either green or black. Red? Silly.

    But…but…recall that a year ago it seemed an internet truth that Cat was going under.

    This year I bought a Blast. Didn’t need to, but when it came out I was really interested. I got daughters. They like to ride. But they’re not aggressive riders. They don’t “need” a 600 or my 800s.

    It’s been a freaky fun machine. I’ve ridden it more than my zr8000. It is a sled that doesn’t satisfy hard core riders who populate this site but it opens a door to lower cost smaller machines that are high tech. No way I wanted a 550 fan cooled carb sled.

    I had to call around to find a dealer who had one available. Most were sold out. When I picked it up the dealer said he was charging thousand dollar premiums on zr200s. And has sold everything he could get his hands on.

    I get it. Cat got hit hard five years ago with lots of excess sleds. That has worked thru the system. Textron is in the business to make money. Will they? Cat ain’t dead. The future looks brighter to me than it did three years ago.

    Not being an apologist just a realist.

  55. Yeah, disappointing once again. But, wasn’t impressed with my 2021 riot either, blew up @ 186 miles & now continues to cut out! Cat really needs to get it together to continue to stay in business. If they dont get my riot straightened out soon, I may be switching brands!

  56. Was excited to see the launch. The sound was too low when some one was speaking. they changed graphics, colors and shock packages. I was hoping for ergonomic improvements like better quality seats, more storage space, big display gauge. The utility lineup seems thin. NorsemanX and a one lunger. They need to add options of 2nd seats on more rigs in my opinion. I was hoping for 850 or 900 or a boosted 2 cycle or 650. Maybe add the option of a dual rails again on the mountain sleds. I don’t like the quality and finish of my alpha 2019. I spend more time in garage wrenching than my friends of other brands. I think the lack of options, lack of innovation, lack of customization and not listening to customers is why AC has a small market share. Add on many back ordered parts. Lack of dealers. I though AC had momentum going for a bit. Maybe they gearing up for 2023. But it will be false hope once again. Switching to a Polaris next rigs here on out. I won’t buy another cat.

  57. Disappointed seems to be the word of the day…While Doo and Polaris advance their tech and designs, Cat remains stagnant…The longer they wait, the harder it will be to catch up.

  58. Whatta waste of my internet bandwidth. Sorry AC, I am just very disappointed in you since Textron took over. I am seriously thinking of jumping onto a 650 XCR Polaris now. Most dumbass lineup ever. AC have lost their HEART & SOUL, oh wait they all got let go since Textron took over. Boring dumbass colours and graphics, no new technology period, except EPS? Guess I am keeping my current AC sleds until they rust out.

    Everyone at Textron should be FIRED and the board replaced, they know absolutely nothing about the snowmobile business. I feel so sorry for the TRUE AC employees. Cat is truly dead now, their 9th life was just TERMINATED

  59. I am generally hard on Arctic Cat’s current marketing strategy. They had a challenge tonight and used a lot of fancy words but I don’t think they delivered the goods to support it. BIG? Innovative? New? Now they can go back to sharing pictures on their social media channels.

    I yelled at the computer screen when the Textron clown reminded us that they build helicopters and airplanes. We don’t care. Snowmobiles are recreation not aviation. Plus they don’t appear to be spending any money on new tech, so I doubt they can afford to get their aviation engineers involved. Plus I don’t think we want them involved. Stupid corporate BS was spewing. This is a golf cart company. If you own a golf cart – BNG is exciting!

    Next year will likely be a redesigned exhaust and snowflap.

  60. Excited for the launch, after watching the launch was very disappointed in Arctic cat/Textron. No new body style or big twin Been a Arctic cat owner since 1989 to 2020. It’s time for change and Arctic cat / Textron fell short again!!!

  61. Was hoping to see new sleds. All I saw was a bunch of giant skiddles. The colors are ridiculous. Arctic Cat is a major dissapointment. I will be keeping my 2018. Textron..YOU SUCK!

  62. I owned a 2012 xf 800, great sled after some clutching & gearing. Cat is going the way of the dinosaur ! Don’t worry diehard cat fan’s, there’s a badass polaris waiting for you. I bought an 850 indy xc and will never look back. Best sled I’ve ever owned hands down. Trust me you will LOVE any polaris. Try one.

  63. What a disaster,absolutely the worst presentation. What the hell was all the hype for 60th anniversary. What a let down. Nothing new and the colour schemes suck . I’ve been CAT loyal for a lot of years and still own cats. I am so disgruntled words can not describe it. While I’m at it I may as well vent over cats lousy warranty too, I’ve been burnt enough, I’m jumping ship!

  64. What a disaster,absolutely the worst presentation. What the hell was all the hype for 60th anniversary. What a let down. Nothing new and the colour schemes suck . I’ve been CAT loyal for a lot of years and still own cats. I am so disgruntled words can not describe it. While I’m at it I may as well vent over cats lousy warranty too, I’ve been burnt enough, I’m jumping ship!

  65. Snow checked a 18-19 then 2020 Alpha. 2021 they wanted over 1500.00 more and only one year warranty that was it for me. Still riding my 2020 but won’t buy a new one. I can’t see many paying the same money when you can have a updated Polaris or Doo. I really feel for my poor dealer it’s going to be hard on them.22’s don’t even come up on website!!

  66. Didn’t get to watch the unveil, but have to say I’m loving the green ZR8000 RR. Livingston’s will be getting some money down on that one from me.

  67. Ok Arctic cat!? I want to ask why arctic cat never drew back to the Norseman 6000 and add a new wide track version.,With a smaller tank size like a 10 gal fuel tank that way it would be lighter. Along with High. Low.

  68. Just checked AC website, still not updated. Had every intention on buying a new Cat, but it kills me to say I will be looking elsewhere

  69. Why was the 7000 series and Panthers eliminated the last few years? Some people want a four strike without a turbo. No true touring sleds either. Don’t try to convince me a blast touring is as good as a Pantera. It’s funny no retro colors, decals or badges for 69 years either.

  70. Arctic cat you disappoint was time for a bigger engine the competition destroys your 800 withthe 850 your gauges are out dates no GPS I can handle the chassis although it is time for an update but you really need to step up your game in the engine/gauge department. I have a 16 zr 600 an 18 zr8000 and a 21 zr 8000 I was going to order a 22 but with no new engine I will be switching to skidoo. Stop focusing on the blast a couple models are plenty .people want a fast zr with a bigger engine than the competition!

  71. I don’t really mean to be picky but how in the world do you go through a 60th Anniversary for Arctic Cat and not have ONE BLACK SLED OFFERED. What is so hard about that? Cat has the best looking sled in the Procross but by far and away they are the worst of all brands when it comes to the colors and decal design offered. Yamaha sleds far better looking. Embarrassing.

  72. Not happy with the Color Scheme….. Grey…. Not good… I sure hope there is something down the pipeline very soon or I’m going to Polaris.. Wow.. not what I Expected from such a great Brand!! SMH

  73. Like most I’m disappointed. What scares me is there isn’t even a hint of something new coming… either by design or accident new stuff always leaks out getting people excited. There isn’t even a sniff of anything new coming. Couple that with the fact that there’s way too many reports of new 800 and 400 motor problems after years of being able to hang the hat on bulletproof rockets is just sad.

  74. Dear Textron, seriously disappointed. No 129” on the ZR’s? Thanks for kicking us high performance trail guys in the guts! I have been on Cat my while life, and have been super loyal. But why should I stay? You no longer build the sleds for my kind of riding or my area (SE MN hill trails and ditch country). We don’t get deep snow here and we don’t mind that. We run trails through the tight woods trails and hills around here from the Iowa border to the twin cities.. tall lugs and long tracks = over heating and poor cornering. Trust me, as a high performance trail rider of about 30 years, I can tell the difference from a 129 to a 137. And I do NOT like tracks longer than 129! In fact, bring back the 121×1.25” please! Seriously, you need to ask yourselves what sleds you’re building to keep the core midwest riders happy, because right now I’m not seeing anything worth spending my hard earned money on in your dealerships…

  75. Disappointed but hopefully something top secret is coming, maybe wishful thinking on my part. My hardcore Cat friends are leaving, it’s tough to see but I will never sleep with the enemy. If Arctic cat is listening, loose the grey, loose the red get back to your roots, more black GREEN-orange-purples just not all on one sled please. My clothing can’t keep up with these weird colour combos lately. Remember the early order fire cats, sno pro, black widow, fighter jet, Canadian edition, etc… fingers crossed the calm means something wicked on its way.

  76. I like the power steering, and the 6000 sleds being offered again in different models. Big misses for me were: No 880 or 900 2-stroke, no electric heated seats on the 2-stroke models, no guage cluster GPS system(like polaris ride command that’s been out for over 6 years now…), no boost gauge psi display on the guage cluster, and the 60th Anniversary and no decent retro package schemes is a slap in the face from Textron in my opinion.
    I’m still a loyal Cat person despite all these things. Chassis is still great! Dont like the Yamaha motor or it having more top end in the Yamaha chassis than the Thundercat has either. Shame shame.

  77. On the positive side:
    Cat is clearly working on new stuff as admitted by Mr. Kleveland. It would make sense not to spend a lot of effort on the current models if they are about to be replaced so I hope that is a hint of things to come.
    I applaud Cat for not rushing something to market (in these difficult times) just to make the 60th deadline. It was the botched 50th anniversary launch, incredibly rushed and poorly executed, that set the table for a decade of hurt at Cat.
    Cat has lost momentum during the take over period from a product perspective, however, if Textron has done the job of restoring profitability and putting processes in place to succeed in the future, we will actually have a future.
    Thanks Kale for keeping this site going and putting so much effort into it.

  78. I bought a Skidoo for 2021 and Im so glad I did after 40 years of Cat.
    AC is in last place for a reason….Slowest in 600 class for years now, Slowest in 800 class and Ctech engines are junk….AC should crawl back to Suzuki and beg for forgiveness!
    I watched this unveiling really hoping for something great….instead NOTHING!
    Oh well every industry needs 2nd and 3rd tier manufacturers.
    Glad I left….first season on Doo and 2500 trouble free miles and 17.8 mpg with a REAL 165 class 850.
    What a joke for Cat to mention fuel economy in the 800 class….even though they do lead 800 class because everyone else moved on….fuel economy haha what imbecile decided to even go there?

  79. I also watched the reveal last night. I waited with excitment to see the new cats. First let me say that I am a Cat lover. My last sled was a ZR580 and took some time away from snowmobiling. Last year I snowchecked a 21 Thundercat, the photos showed a black and dark graphite sled. When it arrived it was this terrible gray, I mean terrible. I had this idea after seeing a couple of viedos on you tube of the color, so I called cat and asked if it was true and could I have mine built black. You have to understand, I purchased a black truck, a black trailer, black gear. Cats are black and green, thats what they are. Cat said to bad so sad take it or leave it, in so many words. Anyway I said maybe it wont be that bad. It was. I drove the sled about a hundred miles with a group of other guys, they commented that it was a nice sled, but I was embarrased, embarrased of the most powerful sled produced, embarrased of my Cat. It looked like a gray blob of dung.
    I sold it and waited for the 22, there is no way they would build another gray dung sled. The 60th year celebration, it has to be retro, black and green with cool graphics, the sled I should have waited for in the first place.
    It was such a let down, I will not buy one, I will now have to research other brands and snowcheck one of the compitition. So who ever is responsible for the gray, artic cats are not aircraft, they have a heritage they are BLACK & GREEN, BLACK & GREEN. A black cat must be to much for these guys.

  80. The Cat line is solid but dated for the majority of Cat owners. Things like a modern gauge assembly or versatile tunnel storage system are lacking to bring back Procross owners who have already bought 3 or 4 of essentially the same sled for the last 10 years.

    Pricing will be everything.

  81. I watched the unveiling and was very excited for it couldn’t wait! Then reality set in…I have read through many of the comments of other Arctic Cat Brand Loyal customers just like me!! I agree that Arctic Cats are Black and Green or if we go back old school they are Black and Purple. Unfortunately this is exactly what I was afraid of when Textron took over Arctic Cat. No loyalty to the fan base and not moving further in Technology from the Guys who actually KNOW about snowmobiles!! A new 900 Motor?? Graphics? 60th year and can’t do a retro??? Really??? The new Riot X color scheme that was shown looks like the one Ski Doo did a few years ago! A 998 Riot X for a new model?? A Turbo 2 Stroke? Come on!! Feel like i am just rearranging chairs on a sinking ship here! I have had sleds my whole life, not always New because I couldn’t afford them, plus limited riding availability with lack of snow! BUT always stayed in touch with it. If we really go back and look at this, Textron brought Polaris to there knees at one time and almost caused them to go out of business, are they trying to do the same with Arctic Cat?? Come on guys let’s move forward and be in first again not just sit and be handed the participation trophy for once!

  82. If they are continuing pre-order only, why can’t they offer some color options like Poo does?

    Also, not letting the dealers have any inventory guarantees any in season sales goes to the other brands. Can’t there be some compromise between forcing product down the dealers throats and not allowing them any? How can you be a dealer with nothing on the floor?

    I hope there is a buyer out there that wants to grow the brand. 1000s of comments out there on the forums show their is interest in new Cat product.

  83. And, set aside hyping the launch of nothing new – how do you not have your website ready for people who want to buy? Nothing on there for 22 yet – no prices, no pictures. This isn’t good.

  84. I just don’t know why Textron just doesn’t get it over with and sell the company to Private equity to get it going, as Bombardier did with Ski-Doo (look how that turned out for it’s customers!) This is torture. Whoever made the decision back in 2019 to retool the replacement CTEC as an 800 should be fired. If they had made it a 900 then they would have been on top. For 3 yrs now I have HAD to buy Polaris. I still have a 2019 9000RR and want the top shocks so I guess I won’t be replacing that one next year, which is due. So another Polaris…I’ve had over 15 brand new cats in my life and used to bleed green. But they can’t ignore the product/value in a sport that I get to do over 2 months period if we are lucky. And when one of the loyal Cat guys does jump ship, they don’t always come back if they have good experience elsewhere. That’s how you destroy what was once an iconic brand for good.

  85. Website just came out, wait until you see the prices. They must be smoking some good stuff over there. Will be switching to a Doo or Polaris with much better updated technology and all around better machines. Plus they’re investing in to the Sport not living on old outdated stuff and then raising pricing with nothing new!

  86. I have happily owned Cat for 30+ years, but I’m very disappointed with this 2022 line-up. Cat has always offered excellent engines & chassis design with superior reliability, but they’re stuck in the 20th century with regards to technology advancements & graphics design. Please modernize Cat with improved gauge offerings (GPS would be nice) & exciting graphics/colors. And who needs power steering on a performance sled? It simply adds weight & complexity, the opposite of what customers are looking for with regards to performance & reliability. I’m saddened to say that my next sled will be a Polaris unless Cat makes some radical improvements. FYI… the Polaris Matryx looks like a Cat chassis. Did Cat have a patent on that design?

  87. Maybe AC should get together a focus group of die hard Cat loyalists for their color schemes. The helicopter guys picked the gray. YUCK!

  88. Good morning I am very disappointed on the color scheme. what i don’t understand is why the design group didn’t look at the race sleds is the cross country races look at the color schemes … Also look at their best racer Zach 312 he designed the color of the race sleds now that is Arctic Cat colors everyone raved about it … ps you will need to change the Black Cats name i don’t see any Black in the Mtn catergory … Who is in charge of this dept….!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. WAS a dealer for over 35 years and am glad we aren’t anymore. This shows exactly where they are headed…Right in the ****ter!! Pathetic graphics and models will take them down. I know a lot of my customers are jumping ship and I can’t blame them.

  90. Was the reveal terrible and hodgepodged? Sure. Are the colors not for everyone? Absolutely. Does the world need a 2-up Blast? Thinking not. Lame offering for a 60th anniversary? Without question. Do any of us care about planes and helicopters during a snowmobile reveal? No. But remember the Yamaha Phazer II, early ’90’s Doo’s, and the Polaris Fushion? Every manufacturer has had their ups and downs, ebs and flows. At least the Procross, although long in the tooth, is an excellent chassis. I can’t speak for the 800’s, but I have two 600’s (2015 and 2020), and they have been excellent and problem free. Textron, like every other company, is obviously in business to make money. Would be foolish to think otherwise. They are at a crossroads with Cat, and hopefully their 5 year plan is new, exciting offerings starting in 2023. I have only owned Cats in the 30 years I have been riding. I will be replacing my 2015 with a 2022 ZR 6000 RR. Hopefully additional Cats past that. Only time will tell……

  91. Hopefully senior management at Cat and Textron are reading the posted comments from their loyal customers and it finally sinks in.
    As Yoda once said “Do or do not. There is no try.”

  92. Well i was excited to buy 2 new sleds for the last two months untill now after seeing the new colors!
    Im very let down now i wanted the thundercat and the riot for my mnt place , not really into primer and and n orange
    Could they go back to green n black really fast?????
    Not sure what im going to do now really bummed

  93. So Kale: Help me out a bit. I want to order a 2022 ZR 6000 Limited with ATAC. There web site kind of is a mess right now. Is this particular sled available? I have a 2020 and love the iACT with the simple adjustability. I have no need for an 800 as living in Minnesota and the 50 mph speed limit and just getting older. Want to update because I love the new Orange/ gray colors.

  94. It is good to read what all have said here. Perhaps Textron should do a little research and realize that Grey is for fighter jets not snowmobiles!!!! AND if you want to use grey then make it a fighter jet theme at least it makes sense. What a disappointment! I love my cats but after riding the new matrix and all its neat features and power Cat is just way behind. The rear suspension has needed a revamp for several years like longer front arm and drop through geometry so allow full use of its travel, proper GPS/color gauges and better seat foam. AND don’t get me going on the colour choices. Let’s talk motors – why not develop a 650-900 motor that is not only competitive but gives the competitors fits. ITs not just the t-cat that can be awesome. Most of us love to have an overachiever in all classes and that is what cat is known for along with ground breaking innovation. You keep talking about the fact you make helicopters and jets – Well put the freaking engineers to work and make something special but take a look at all aspects of the sled as a whole and break down the parts and make each better. Benchmark your competitors and beat them. lastly, for god’s sake build a website that can offer early order guys and gal the options to choose colours of panels, skids, tunnels, windshields, tracks etc. OR better yet just copy the Polaris website. I am not in a position to upgrade this year but will be next year. For the first time I will be shopping all brands. Too bad really as we owned a cat dealership years ago and i have remained loyal ever since. Time for a change I guess.

  95. IMO, I like the dynamic charcoal colors. Snowmobile industry is always 5+yrs behind auto industry. Cat tries bronze on Tcat when it was popular in car industry, snowmobilers bi*ch. Cat tries gray(s) when popular in automotive industry, snowmobilers bi*ch. Ski-Doo has same bronzy-brown colors and snowmobilers think its the second coming of Christ. Its time to move past the 1990s checkered flags and flame graphics guys. Anyone know where I can buy a leather riding suit? I didn’t see one in the 2022 Arcticwear catalog and Im extremely disappointed. (Insert Eye Roll Here)

  96. Kale,

    Thank you for your hard work in putting together this website, your patience is appreciated in times like this.

  97. I echo everyone’s disappointment on here. Some key takeaways, i noticed is they did acknowledge they had to make Cat profitable, they do have prototypes being tested that will be released in next few years and they are evaluating their dealer network. I’ll give them credit for acknowledging that. That being said, if your lineup is not going to have much new – wouldn’t you at least have graphic packages that are just sick to entice people. These graphic packages are mostly terrible for 2022. And why do they keep using blue instead of purple???? Purple is a Cat color and they should use it!! Also agree with Gunner82 – that retro wrap is just sick on that sled with the facbeook link above!! Why would they not do something cool like that?? Sorry the crew in the graphics dept should be replaced immediately at Cat.

  98. Catmanforlife.

    Do you ride your sled or do you just admire it from the living room window? You can always wrap your sled to what ever you want it to be for cheap.

  99. 116 responses and not one from Kale… interesting. I don’t think even he can defend the turd burger that was dropped last night!

  100. Lots of negativity on here. I for one am Ok with the release. It’s not perfect but gives you every option needed. There are the mountain sleds, trail sleds, work sleds, mid sleds and kids sleds. Not all the different options on these sleds that people may want but the sleds are there. Colors are always a problem. I’m totally fine with the procross chassis. Still the best looking sled out there. Ride is also great. I’m Ok with the engines too. I’ve always purchased the 8000 but I really like the 6000 and it will probably be my next engine. Would I love a triple C-tec2? Sure. I also happen to like Cats display. It gives me everything I need. I use a Montana for gps so I’m good there too. I also love the newer controls. Especially the push button start.

    With that said I am somewhat disappointed in the 60th anniversary release. I guess I was expecting something like the 50th anniversary release. I was hoping that Cat would bring back some of the Arctic Cat names like Panther, Cheetah, El Tigre, Wildcat, etc. Real Cat names. The only Cat name they have is the Thundercat. Get rid of the new names they have. They are not Cat. I was also hoping for a retro graphics package. I am favorable to all black with green and purple accents. The names and colors are Arctic Cat to me. That’s what made them successful then. Can Cat or someone else come out with some great looking 60th retro graphics and put some real Cat names on them? Let’s get back to it. Thanks.

  101. While many of us voice our concerns on here, we all should call Arctic Cat and voice our concerns. they have to hear directly from us. It’s like calling your senators. Everyone do it, Cat and Textron need to hear straight from all of us!! 218-681-9851 (USA) or 204-982-1656 (CAN) or email

  102. 60th anniversary or not this launch was a huge disappointment.

    Still only 1 4 stroke, where is this engine company that Textron bought ? How about some new Cat 4 strokes that don’t over heat with out ice scratchers and that get fuel mileage or at least fuel range that others do.

    A new gauge with GPS should be simple for an aircraft company.

    No two up touring sled. A Pantera 9000 turbo would be nice.

    A larger 2 stroke and/or turbo 2 stroke to compete with the others would be nice. I guess it took so long to release the current 800 Cat must have a lot of them to use up.

    Forget the gray sleds. It’s not a hot rod and you are not at SEMA.

    As far as no 60th anniversary models maybe Textron forgot.

    I have never heard more Cat riders talking about switching brands than a have lately.

    Parts availability and price increases are out of hand.

    Cat has a great chassis, the best front suspension, the best wind protection we were just hoping for some improvements to keep up with the other brands and some good looking graphics. Hopefully Textron gets serious before they lose more riders.

    Oh well… Any word on the 2023 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Release date ?

  103. Born and raised Arctic Cat guy here. Grew up on a ’81 Panther 4000, ’81 Jag 4000 and ’78 Jag 3000. Currently own a ’72 Panther 340, ’74 Cheetah 440, ’81 Eltigre 6000, 2020 Alpha and 2021 Norseman and my son has a 2019 Alpha. I’m in my late 40’s self employed individual and since 1997 I have purchased 17 new sleds. I tell you this to show how much I bleed green. Last night was one of the saddest reveals I’ve watched never mind a 60th anniversary reveal. The last 3 years all 3 OEM’s have been very competitive and allow’s for great rivalry. I feel Arctic Cat dropped the ball this year and that Textron doesn’t care at all about their off road division. They have poor marketing as well. The back orders on parts are insane as well. If something doesn’t change soon I feel Arctic Cat is going to fall to the way side.

    Loyal but discouraged Cat guy.

  104. Very disappointing, have owned over 20 cats (many new) over the last 30 years. My 2020 Riot will be the last. I sold it and my other Cats this past year and now ride an 850 Doo and 850 Polaris. Based on this unveiling I am really happy I switched. I was so wishing Cat would get back into the game (and also fix their brutally soft seat) but I think this unveiling shows they are not listening.

  105. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I still own a SnoPro 600, and will probably drive that until gas is about $10 a gallon, then there won’t be any need for recreational vehicles anyway. Cat might as well shut the doors.

  106. Thanks for providing this forum. You had details up on your site before Cat did on theirs. Hopefully you’ll be allowed to keep these comments up. Sure hope someone from Cat is reading them.

  107. So has anyone noticed a Polaris VR1 137 850 with electric start is $2350 more than a ZR8000 LTD? What about the new Mach Z over $4000 more than a Thundercat? I think you answer to what Cat is doing is right there. If you want the latest tech, go to Polaris or Ski-Doo and have fun paying for it. Let’s see how many 850 turbos blow up next year! If you want a proven sled that is a little less groundbreaking but also less expensive, buy an Arctic Cat.

  108. Bing – the Indy XC 850 is probably more comparable to the Limited. Very similar pricing and you get a 4 year warranty with the Poo.

    Think everyone expected Cat to bring BNG with good prices for 2022. Instead they brought BNG with jacked up prices, and replaced the team clutch with a cat one. Sure feels like they are winding things down.

  109. So Mark. They develop a new lighter and assuming better performing clutch for the sleds and you take that as winding down? Makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER!

  110. If they add dealers in areas that need them in the next 6 months, then we’ll know they are committed. If they don’t, well then….

  111. Mark, My comparison is based off XCR-RR, VR1-ZR,etc. Cat has no third tier sled so I can’t compare it to an XC 850. However the ATAC is already much better than the QS3 shocks on the the Indy 850 and the ZR is still nearly $900 cheaper than the Indy 850. So once again Cat wins the price war. I don’t think I will notice that much of a performance difference between the three models, certainly not enough to pay an extra $2350 or $900; maybe other people will. For them, Polaris and Ski-Doo will gladly sell them sleds.

  112. After watching the 2022 “new” product launch and then drowning my sorrows I spent some time this morning on social media and a couple of forums. There is a ton of activity! However I estimate around 80% is negative and disappointment with the new product. Lack of new innovations and the color/graphics seem to be the biggest issues (and now price is being mentioned). Anyway when a manufacturer has that high of a percentage of negativity with a model year launch what does that mean? My thoughts: 1. Manufacture doesn’t really know what their customers want; 2. Or they don’t care what the customer wants and this is what they are building like it or not!; or 3. they do not have the resources to develop and build competitive product that the customer wants.

    My guess is it a combination of the above? Other thoughts?

  113. JimR…actually it does. When companies offer new and improved before closing a company up, it is about 2 things. One, optics. Two, cost/benefit. Make the customer think they are getting more value for their dollar. Ask yourself why Ski Doo and Polaris are introducing new models and technology year after year and why Cat isn’t? As i stated on another thread, look at Textron financials. Between those and the current pandemic, the future isn’t looking to bright for many companies. Many things are about to change. AC being one of them.

  114. Been riding Arctic Cat for 20 years. I’ve been brand loyal the whole time. These reveals the last 2 years have been very disappointing. I usually buy a new sled every 2 years, but when it’s time to upgrade next, I don’t think its going to be Cat.

    My old man has an ’18 High Country. A couple weeks ago he blew a belt and it cracked the side panel. He contacted the local dealer and they told him that the color he needs is obsolete. Why would anyone stick with a brand where getting replacement parts is near impossible. God forbid something breaks at the beginning of the season, with arctic cat’s lead times, your season is ruined!

  115. Priced out an Assault 850 146” 1.6” electric start and better optional bumper online price $16,752.00

    Then priced out a Riot 8000 146” 1.6” QS3 Shocks (electric start standard) and Pro Mtn optional bumper $14,158.00

    Polaris makes you pay $425.00 for electric start and $199.00 upcharge for the 1.6” track.

  116. Steve O, well said, and it’s great that someone keeps things in perspective.

    I really wish they would’ve done something extra special for the anniversary, but they didn’t. The CEO wasn’t inspiring and I think actually took some of the enthusiasm away. The things they didn’t talk about were a little too loud to ignore.

    HOWEVER, my ego wasn’t counting on something fast and flashy and my pride wasn’t affected at all last night. I just want to see them do well, and I’ll still wear every Cat hat and t-shirt I can get my hands on.

  117. Every one who is a loyal customer and is disappointed. We should not just voice our concerns on here in this articles comment sections. Let’s email and call Arctic cat and textron customer service and management. If any one who has influence like a dealer, sponsored rider, a AC/textron employee. Voice your concern. It’s obvious Arctic cat is way behind the ball. I am personally going to textron shareholder meeting as a stock shareholder. To let the board know my concerns. I would advise others to do the same. If I don’t see changes in 2023 I am selling my textron stock and my Arctic cat snowmobiles and jumping ship to Poo or Doo. Any one with textron stock vote for new board members. Let’s clean house at the board level. Let’s take our frustration and make meaningful change.

  118. Diehard Cat guy forever but this launch was disappointing.Grey Thundercat still?Ugh.You would be at $20000 with taxes here in Canada for a grey sled, no thanks.Power steering is a good thing for it though.They should have had a 60th model spring order.I was at their 50th and things sure have changed in 10 years,not good.

  119. I still say there must have been a clause in the sale to Textron guaranteeing they keep producing sleds for x amount of years. But it didn’t mean they had to invest any money in it. I’ve seen it before in other industies. When the time comes they get out and Fast!

  120. For those of us that are old enough to remember, this reminded me of Linus waiting for “The Great Pumpkin” in the Charlie Brown Halloween special. Unfortunately the same disappointing result at the end of the night. You kind of got a bad vibe when you realized they were conducting the launch in a work room somewhere in the plant. Not a whole lot of resource money put into the production. Hopefully they will be priced accordingly and sell some sleds. Sad who cares about gunner and Troy we care about the sled the brand Arctic Cat. I just don’t think the guys running the place get it. Its just a paycheck to them. No heart in the company. Roger Skime cares more about AC and the brand than they do. They kicked him out the door.

  121. Let’s look at the positives. AC isn’t rushing a new chassis or engine. It’s better to gear up for another year than to introduce rushed chassis or engine with too many flaws or worst recalls. I am sure there’s a Ace up Arctic cats sleeve for 2023 launch. Arctic is significantly better from the 50th anniversary. Yes it’s still behind the competition. AC can only go up. They got a big ceiling on improvements. Watch out for 2023. There’s gonna be new engines and chassis, ergonomic improvements, customization in website, more options, and better oem part availability. Keep the ball rolling. Glass is half full. Not half empty. We believe in you Arctic cat. Come on parent company send some of the best aerospace engineers to help with chassis, engine and ergonomics designs. Throw money and talent in RnD. Watch the customers come back for more!

  122. STEVo. Roger Skime is 70 years old and still has the keys to go into the factory any time he wants. I have talked to him numerous times at races. He retired. Snow Leopard: I agree. Sometimes newer is not better if it is not a finished product. Anyone catch the little 700 reference that was quickly corrected btw? I am a 600 cc sledder. I am happy but I need ACAT to be able to complete my decision.

  123. What would happen if John Deere would buy them ??? strong company strong dealer network had sleds back in the day they have sxs just some thoughts with a Cat dealer / John Deere dealer not to far away

  124. JimR I didn’t notice. But I noticed during the launch they answered around the questions and weren’t concrete on any answers.
    I agree with 90% of these comments. Thanks for article Arctic insider. Some day Cat will win a snowtrax shootout or will be on one. The Lester family does do a good job of reviewing. I bleed purple and green but agree with their spot on opinions. It’s not preference when comparing the oems. It’s facts when there’s too many bugs in cats, and better options in other oems. You see the results in The market shares of the oems. Ski doo and Polaris dominate the market share. I have rode some of the newer mountain sleds of different brands and hope for less bugs and better options in cat sleds. I wish textron would pay attention to reviews and customers.

  125. Per ISMA, 51,036 new sleds were sold in the USA in 2020. 51,000 new sleds….that’s from all the manufacturers. It’s less than one OEM made annually back in the day.

    How many 2021 sleds did Arctic Cat sell last year? Less than 10,000?? IDK. But I’m sure they didn’t sell 20,000 so really hard to fault Textron for not dumping more $$ into a zero-return game. Seriously, the industry doesn’t sell squat for sleds so I wonder why they even continue.

    For 60 years Arctic Cat has been around pumping out great sleds made by great people. I’m thankful for that.

  126. Went and Snowchecked a Blast XR this morning. I bought the LT version this year and our family has loved that snowmobile. Kale, I had my dealer install the pennies thanks to you sharing the info here and it runs like a dream. We are looking forward to the XR.

  127. Hey billcat I too placed my order for Blast XR today! LoL. My dealer had one and its sharp looking in person. Only difference we bought the ZR this year and I went back and forth originally wanting more track, but didn’t want the utility look with rack. The ZR has been so much fun on the trail but struggled in deeper snow with one inch lugs. When XR launched yesterday, it was a no brainer for us to order.

  128. I sold my 2015 RR for good money thanks to the hot market. I wanted to buy another one, but wanted to compare prices. I liked that Polaris 650 XCR 136, but my mind was made up today after going to dealer and seeing the 2022 600 RR in green. Just F*ckin sitting there! $1500 less than the Polaris and it looks killer in person. Arctic Cat you finally got your sh*t together and got demos to dealers on time. This sold me and the price.

  129. The entry level beginner market was lacking. Great see the 400 ctec motor and all the options for kids and beginners. Or just a fun ride. The cross over xr is the one I am interested in. If there’s one segment Arctic cat has hit it out of the park with it is the blast. I can’t wait to mod one out with a big bore 450, billet dome, straight pipe, clutching and can. Maybe boost if some after market comes out with one.

  130. Arctic Cat? What did the company draw away from the Norseman 6000es? This engine is the best and reliable work engine. I would like t to see the Norseman go towards building a wide-track version with the same fuel tank size and no bigger, and with the same High, low, super low version. Building this version will get the attention of a hard working man of the outdoors, a working man that goes out trapping, a person that hauls firewood, and light enough to maneuver in the deep powder snow. Sport utility type, like the skidoo has the Extreme Expedition, and the polaris has the Titan. Arctic cat can also build it with tool snap down for Axes, ice pics for ice fishing ect, Get creative this up coming next release round 2023. I dont think the chassis does not need to change. I love this chassis easy accessibility to do maintenance work, absorbing bumpy trails fine, love the suspension also. 850 or 650 type actic cat version should get the CatMans attention. Let’s bring next release and eye opener. I hope this Helps the Arctic Cat business.

  131. Xtreme utility cross over segment.
    I M in the market for a good work sled
    There should be a Norseman 600 and 800 available in 1.8 and 1.5 wide track. 14-15 gallon gas tank. Fox coil over. A radiator to stay cool in marginal snow. 2 seater option. Big storage space. Nice cargo rack and bumpers with pintle or flapper hitch options. Winch option. If Arctic cat did this. Please take my money AC.

  132. Terence: you are spot on. Cat needs a working mans sled again with features and options that the expedition extreme, Scandic, voyager, and Titan have. A lot of us are trappers, wood haulers, trail groomers, farmers, ice fisherman, and hunters. Go to cabins to haul gear. There is a serious lacking in the xtreme utility segment of cat.

  133. I’m a disappointed…..Again no utility sled like a Bearcat wide track or 2 up utility machine. Own a a groomer special. Need to upgrade!
    Hurry up and wait another year. Just a sad day.

  134. I’m a disappointed…..Again no utility sled like a Bearcat wide track or 2 up utility machine. Own a a groomer special. Need to upgrade!
    Hurry up and wait another year. Just a sad day.

  135. Boost? Skidoo has the summit turbo. Polaris has the rmk slash patriot boost. Arctic cat has a 800 alpha. How about a big bore and boosted mountain sled. How about fully clipped tracks. Making the tunnel shorter and tunnel cap durable. Not pop can thin. Not every mountain rider finds the goods right away. Some of us have to drive a distance to get to deep snow. How about making a better cooling system for some lower snow on trails or lakes on the way to powder country. Spindle can be taller like ice age. Why not be innovative like Polaris and take sales away from the aftermarket. They got the best running boards. The react front end. Cut tunnel. Ski doo summit has the best cooling capacity. The Achilles heel of the mono rail is where it is thin up front just behind the antistab wheels. They tend to crack and break off right there. Good to see new clutching. Hopefully they are reliable and don’t explode.

  136. Not every one is sold on the monorail. Would be cool to see the cross overs that aren’t just a shorter alpha one mountain cat. The switchback is the gold standard in the cross overs. Shoot for the stars Arctic cat.

  137. Like everyone else I’m very disappointed. But this is what happens when Textron steps in ,they almost ruined Polaris .The only thing Textron cares about is money they have cleaned out the people who helped make this company what it is. Why not a Zr 6000 or 8000 in the snocross chassis? Why not a snow pro blast with a better shock package? How about getting some one who knows how to design clothing that’s not boring looking . How about a retro el tiger jacket or some insulated clothing that is the same style available to racers ??? I will stick with my 2017 Zr Rs but will not be picking up a new cat to go with it.

  138. Alot of disappointed cat die hards,I hear it to,but the winter sucked here in the dakota territory,So was not to motivated to buy a new trail rocket yet this year my 2012 is still rocking hard,that being said,cat needs a modern guage with gps and link or tethering to other riders in group,its worth the investment,believe me,we want it,new chassis,60th should have been that year,but not suprised after lawsuit and money poured into afforable and mid level sleds and new motor tech a turbo charged 8000 for mountian should have been a priorty or at least bump up the currant 800 to 850,ya I know the 800 can hang with the 850s,but we dont want to hang we want to dominate it with a displacment on par with the other 2 oems,how about a 900 c-tec triple 2 smoke should not be hard to bring the ZRT back in the game,trust me it will sell,especially in a procross chassis,new chassis dont see a need yet new plastic and updateing on rear skid would have been ok,It was a bummer for the 1/3 of horsepower junkies,I will not switch to polaris yet,although it is tempting,price,price,price,them new innovations are not cheap you will pay for it cash wise and testing units in real world banging,so far sounds good for the 850 crowd,not to many years ago polaris was so far of the mark it was the fusion years,die hard polaris guys were buying firecats,then there crappy could not beat or last 800 motor,600 was great thou,then came the rush which invigorated there sled sales,one model helped pull them out of bad market territory,polaris and ski doo have been hard at work on the top shelf sleds,but let cat and yamaha run away with the lowend market,price,price,price is nice many models to choose from and the king of horse the thundercat,the zr8000 aint no slouch,but needs to be updated motor wise,polaris has been here,but cat is making smaller sleds to grow the base it needs,I am damn near 50 now and dont care as much for lake rockets anymore still like a leading class 800/850 or 900 triple thou 2 smokes still rule with most in my age group,weight, off trail riding etc etc,a little over 50,000 units last year sold,big investment are costly and polaris and doo have to pay for that technology out right,but there dirt products cover the loss in sled sales,do the number on 1/3 of market 50,000 units,not alot of profit there,cat is doing the right thing,investing in the youth of tommorrow,its affordable and easy on check book,the blast was smart idea from cat,are little group of high performance,ditch bangers will not keep the lights on by themselves,Cat will bring out a new chassis and even new motors,in future,every oem has a spotlight but new innovation will pull it away polaris has a real winner with there 650 vr1,Cat will come back,the 2012 is only 10 years old the other oems sleds are pretty much on same chassis just differant plastics and some tweaks, they are not totally reinvented,But for ther 60th it was a disappointment not to at least see a 850 or turbo in line up,The Cat will come back with a sled that will thrill again hopefully its next year and we have snow here 2 years in a row of very bad conditions dont help sales and not having dealers like before dont help either,I will stay Cat until she is no more or I am no more which ever gets here first,Happy Trails you lucky people who had snow this year!

  139. Gps gauge. More Touring models. More utility models. Wide track models in 600 and 800. Polaris like website Where you can customize the snowmobile. Generous Storage behind gauge, under the seat. Custom options such as Storage bags/boxes, gas caddy, auxiliary lights, gun holder, axe holder, two seat up, windshields to pick from, skis to pick from, bumpers to pick from, tow hitch options, rail colors, tunnel colors, and body colors, gauge to choose, shocks to choose, engines to choose. Why not make it like Polaris and skidoo’s website. 650 motor. 850 or 900 motor. Boosted 2 cycle. Chassis updates. React like front end in alpha. Shorter tunnel in alpha. 2023 can’t come fast enough. I hope my cat will make it another season.

  140. A ton of great comments here. I hope Textron execs read these!

    I wanted to chip my worthless two cents in after looking at Arctic Cat website.

    I actually approve! Much better than before. Optioning the sleds up a bit — bumpers, hand-guards, tunnel bags — and doing them in some decent colors (green and black lol ) makes the seeds look much better.

    I’m gonna say it again. Anyone who hasn’t ridden the Blasts and are badmouthing them don’t know what they are talking about. I have a ton of fun on mine. Ride it within reason (it doesn’t like hammering big bumps with 200 lbs plus on it) and it is a laugh-maker. I’ve seen 72 mph on mine and it will lift the skis off the snow for an honest 60 feet. Just cracks me up.

    I’d like a slightly wider ski stance…and the “touring” model has it.

    Anyway, my 21 year old daughter came home from college for a week recently just to ride with me and she LOVES “her” blast. New sled, 9 grand out the door, warranty, engine has zero problems with overheating (ran it full throttle for miles on warm day on super thin snow and glare ice. Stayed at 140 degrees). Once I got clutch weight issues solved it has run well.

    ONE THING: THE ELECTRONICS NEED HELP ABSOLUTELY. There’s no reason Cat can’t upgrade the speedos across all the line. I don’t need nav, but I want to know best top speed, average mpg, distance to empty, etc etc. Just summary stuff that should cost twenty bucks to add sensors and a few tweaks. Speedo is stupidly small. I can’t see ****e at speed. My ten year old F series has far better gauges.

    Oh, and make the Blast thumb and handgrip heaters adjustable. They’re insanely hot.

    Carry on….

  141. There is not a sled like arctic cats here in the bush, especially when you have to ride vehicles that will stand the test of nature and elements, here I’d be riding an arctic cat instead of a poo or doo. Despite the disappointing release, it’s still better than all the rest, go ahead and jump ship, welcome you back in a couple seasons or less!

  142. Wow, so I’m not the only one that had a WTF sleepless night. Remember back to 2012. They had the Anniversary sleds no F800, we all screamed. And weeks later you had a 5 day period you could order one. Never know, this was going to be my T-cat year. They make it black and green yes I will order one it’s that simple. Oh my god the earth has stopped I’m going to get the same as 3 in shop and couple others I have had. Procross ZR is all proven running gear and it works. I know how it thinks. But I get it and hear what everyone is saying. But for me gauges are just that, I don’t need GPS or one more fking piece of tech to look at when I’m riding and trying to escape the world. Stop and read a map, or better yet ride and enjoy that sled. But don’t worry they will change stuff, and you can spend time at your dealer, and be thankful for a lengthy warranty. GRAY. And what would be better is if it’s like the green paint of the limited 2016. Just loved the way it cracked like humpty dumpty by the rivets. Sorry I know it’s not what we wanted, and as anyone can see most are disappointed. JM2C, Retro Randy

  143. Dear Textron,
    If you want Arctic Cat to shrivel up and die, so you can get your big tax deduction (like I’ve been saying you would since 2017), then read no further.
    If you want Arctic Cat to survive and make money, I’d recommend the following.

    First. Option A. Take your existing 2022 full size rig line-up and throw away ALL the colors, except for the following rigs.
    ZR8000RR, ZR6000RR, RIOT X 8000 in orange/hyper green and M8000 HARDCOREs. You need to make EVERY full size rig available in all orange, all green, all purple, and all black color options. TRADITIONAL CAT COLORS. Add to that, all orange, all purple, and all black RRs, all green, all purple, and all black RIOT Xs, and all purple and all black HARDCORES. Maybe some silvers and whites too. Let the people buy what they want! People who want red, yellow, or blue sleds don’t usually ride Cats.

    Option B. Replace the dynamic charcoal with BLACK. ALL of the sleds look better if you replace the gray with black! Replace the T-CAT graphics with bright LOOK WHAT I AM graphics, and update the mini sled graphics for 22.

    It’s not a big deal, only a handful have been built. IT’S NOT TOO LATE! And for God’s sake, make some sort of 60th anniversary of some sort! A portion of T-CAT decals and a cheap emblem that will come off the pebble grain nose in 2 years does not a 60th anniversary make!

    Second. If you aren’t developing new engines, you need to GET ON IT! Something like a 700/750 and a 900/950/1000. I remember the T-CAT 900 days, when the polaris was a 750 or 800, the ski doo was a 779 or 809, and the Yamaha was a 750 or 800 4 cylinder! Then came the T-CAT 1000! We had a merciless displacement advantage! Now we are in the hole 50ccs! Cat NEEDS to be KING of the 2 strokes again, not just the 4 strokes!

    Third. Creature comforts. Heated seat, power steering, fancy pants gauge, ski, and track options on all full size rigs.

    Fourth. Bring back the 129s.

    Do these things, and the Cat will be feared again. Do them not, and this is where we will end up.

  144. Have to think the sled guys at Cat that are left didn’t want to bring out absolutely nothing this year. Perhaps all the comments here and elsewhere will make their way to the bean counters at Textron. Still a lot of people that would buy a new cat if they made something new.

  145. Personally I don’t need a lot of new tech at the moment and can wait it out until new products are tested and ready.
    Having sa id that, I wish the presentation had been more professionally done.
    And it does the Cat brand a disservice to have the colors and decal packages look to have been designed by 5th graders.
    Agree with most of the disappointed Cat riders.

  146. I cannot find a copy of the launch meeting on youtube, so I wanted to ask if anyone noticed the green skid that was sitting behind the presenters.

    Was it a current skid or something new? The front arms looked quite different but maybe it was the camera angle and my old eyes. Thks

  147. Kyle T, my sentiments exactly,and everyone else I know that rides cats, and, I might add, bring back some of the engineers they sent into retirement, the guys who probably developed everything were riding now! Including the engine guys!

  148. Everything leadership and marketing need to know is contained in the responses above. It is unfiltered direct feedback and absolutely priceless information if someone with the ability to set direction and implement changes takes action on it. If it falls on deaf ears or is simply disregarded that would be a tragedy and mistake of massive proportions.

    Many suggestions being offered do not require multi-million dollar R&D budgets to implement. If anything the colors and graphics direction could be solved through no cost alternatives like online focus groups, contests or free submissions by graphic artists looking to bolster their resume through the recognition they would receive.

    The bones of this once great company still exist. The ghost’s of sledding greatness never really go away but need to be consulted from time to time to make sure the DNA survives. The formula for success is simple. Find the right people with the focus, dedication and capability to once again make it a leader rather than a follower.

  149. Mark…. I guarantee you, from the Product Development side, that if these comments that are being made ‘makes’ anyone at Cat do anything, Cat is in dire trouble. Product Development is not reactive. I know for a fact that OEMs are working 5-10 years out in development. The longer the development, the more the refinement; the industry I work in works 24 months at a minimum. Reactive is not what anyone that lives that brand wants. Reactive means, “we’re literally, over our skis”.

    Although I respect the heritage. There are multiple indicators, when you pulled emotion out, that Textron is fixing what was very broken and actually got us to this point. You don’t develop aviation equipment in a reactive manner… when you do, people die, it’s hard to fix a recall in the air. When you develop snowmobiles in a reactive manner, you develop products that miss entire riding seasons… and fail to get released because someone screwed up a piston order.

  150. What is kind of interesting about all of these comments is nobody has mentioned racing. I don’t think Cat is putting much money into it anymore. Personally I’m at the age where I don’t watch it like I used to. That said, Some of Cat’s, and other manufacturer’s best ideas came directly from the racetrack. If innovation is what everyone wants and they are willing to pay for it, I wonder if racing is still relevant for technical development, or has technology passed racing by? Look who is left: Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha. What did all these companies do better than the rest? Win races.

  151. Teach – I did like that they said they have a 5 year plan and that they have prototypes out there. They also said upfront they recognized the return to profitability has been painful for some. I assume that is referring to the dealer network and the delay in getting new product out there.

    For my comments, I assume they have product in the pipeline that they chose not to bring out, either because it’s not ready or more likely because of the costs involved and business risk. If it’s not ready that’s a good thing.

    Yamaha had said several years ago they had a 5 year plan too, and that went nowhere.

  152. I read through all the comments and agree with most of the disappointments listed. However, when all is said and done, you get what you pay for. Ski-Doo & Polaris are investing a lot of money into R&D and it’s reflected in their higher priced sleds. Arctic Cat needs to change to a more traditional green and black color scheme with some purple on some sleds. Forget the ugly gray. Work to become known as a quality snowmobile manufacturer at a more affordable price then the competition. Blast is ok, but need to focus more on the trail sleds and also offer a 129 sled. A 137 sled measures to barely fit my enclosed 10 foot bed Triton trailer.

  153. The level of disappointment evident in these reactions to the 2022 release is far from a “kneejerk” or even “overreactive” one in any way. Much of it is grounded in years of disappointment even prior to the Textron acquisition.

    Of course new product takes time to properly develop but when 2 or 4 or 8 or more years pass by and with very little to show in the leadership department you have the situation this once great company is currently faced with.

    All is not lost and it’s when things look most bleak that greatness can emerge.

  154. I read through all the comments and agree with most of the disappointments listed. However, when all is said and done, you get what you pay for. Ski-Doo & Polaris are investing a lot of money into R&D and it’s reflected in their higher priced sleds. Arctic Cat needs to change to a more traditional green and black color scheme with some purple on some sleds. Forget the ugly gray. Work to become known as a quality snowmobile manufacturer at a more affordable price then the competition. Blast is ok, but need to focus more on the trail sleds and also offer a 129 sled. A 137 sled measures to barely fit my enclosed 10 foot bed Triton trailer.

  155. I listened to Roger Skime’s three part radio interview from a year or so ago. He talked about 1981 bankruptcy and then Cat being a few years behind the industry and competitors before they were able to catch back up. Short of bankruptcy, awfully similar position in 2021. Cat came back then, let’s see if Gunnar’s lever of passion can bring them back again as they are falling more than just a few years behind. I was a Yamaha blueblood until they left me behind. Now Cat leaving me behind. Maybe it’s me!!! Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it!

  156. I would have to say that if Matt Uhan is right above, then Textron needs to do a better job of marketing the fact that they have a plan instead of letting everyone else run the narrative. But then that goes back to the fact that they have one person in marketing that doesn’t ride sleds. Oh and a CEO that doesn’t ride either…they don’t live it like Troy does.

  157. Catmanforlife….A marketing plan isn’t going to fix Arctic Cat’s problems. I doubt the people in charge care about snowmobiling or Arctic Cat. They care about one thing…profits! How those profits are derived is based upon a product loyal customer. They are losing that base rapidly. Overpriced products that do not meet customer expectations only sends the customer to your competitors. Sooner or later that will become appearent to management. By then it will be too late! The peopls have spoken loud and clear. Textron has a problem and it better address it fast!

  158. Is it possible, since Textron owns both Polaris and Arctic Cat, that Textron will share with Arctic Cat a few of Polaris’s engineering ideas to help update and upgrade their sleds? Cat’s platform and suspension is outdated. I think it’s a distinct possibility that this will happen. Would Textron have purchased Arctic Cat to just let it die on the vine? I don’t think so.

  159. Thanks for the correction Kevin. Then Textron needs to get with the program with their Arctic Cat line of snowmobiles or sell the company to an organization that will.

  160. I’ve called around u can get a 2022 zr 8000 rr for 12900 plus tax lic they can deal a lot of snomogeden price this year.

  161. I think Textron is reading our valid concerns. I am trying to be understanding. If I remember correctly Polaris 2022 launch said 9 years in the making for patriot boost. I am excited for the next big thing. Or just many minor improvements that all add up.

  162. I starting riding Arctic Cat 50 years ago. My passion for this brand started at age 3. 1971 Kitty Cat then a 1969 Lynx 292. Still in my shop and they purr like kittens. I would not even want to try to guess how many sleds my family or I have purchased over the years. I am very excited for Arctic making it 60 years. That is a great accomplishment in its self. It was great to see Roger Skime during the introduction of the 2022 lineup. Roger has never lost the passion. As for me that was my highlight. In my opinion Roger deserves better. He is the man when I think Arctic Cat. Roger and I share the same passion. I don’t want to sound negative but in the mountain segment we are loosing ground quickly to our competition. I want to thank Mike Kloety for all his help keeping my sleds on the snow. The factory has brilliantly decided to build 2022 Demos when customers cant ride their 2021’s due to parts on back order. When my dealer contacted Cat, they said sorry your season might be over. Tell this to a customer with 2 rides on his 2021 sled with a bent lower right a arm. Hopefully we can survive and have a great 2023 lineup.

  163. The ZR 6000 RR & 8000 RR sleds, being all green, are the best looking sleds along with the Thundercat for 2022. From Arcticman’s comment above, it sounds like the dealers are willing to deal on the Snowmageddon’s pricing and give even a better deal then advertised.

  164. The power steering is a nice option. The new clutches, if they work, are a nice addition to keep product in house.
    But like all these others see it, big disappointment. Cat faithful are looking for something new.
    Not only will cat not draw customers away from the other 3, they are losing their loyal base!

  165. Not listening to the loyal customers is a big mistake…..I know alot that bleed green….NOT GRAY! I guess textron has some extra grey paint laying around and grey plastic is cheap and probably recycled?????. The motors from cat are good. The blast are nice addition. But to make the extensive models for a small sled that people don’t consider full size is goofy. New electronics/gauges are what people are asking for. Touring models, Cross country, and EXTREME UTILITY. I guess making sleds for Yamaha now takes away from the innovation side of Cat….Yamaha and Arctic Cat doing each others work are so busy they don’t see there customers leaving to Polaris and Ski-doo the TWO that listen to customers investing into innovation new electronics and motors. From the public’s view textron is just making a few sleds to fill orders to keep what customer base is left. If textron would actually throw all there chips in and double down it probably would see how profitable Arctic Cat is. Otherwise they are doing nothing for them or Yamaha but killing two iconic companies that used to break ground in the snowmobile industry. I’m sure corporate textron running the show doesn’t understand they are about aviation and not the snowmobile industry. Im sure the BRP lawsuit put them a few steps back. Which sucks but at least invest even if it’s a loan to do innovative steps to take aim at what the market is demanding

  166. Arctic Cat had serious issues with their own clutches when they went to the Procross chassis in 2012. That’s why they went with Team Clutches in 2016 on most of their model sleds. Our 2016 ZR 6000 LXR has a Team Clutch and it works great!!! I hope their own ADAPT CVT clutch being used in their 2022 sleds works well and does not have problems. I bet they still use Team Clutches on their Snocross race sleds. Anyone know???

  167. I’ve owned nothing but cats since 1972 and I currently have 4 of them in my garage. I’ve never been interested in any other brand. I’m disappointed to say the least, because I was going to buy one this year. I’ll have to wait till next year because I can’t imagine another brand in my garage. Hopefully someone at Textron or Cat is reading these comments

  168. 3 CEO’s in 4 years…..non riders, Augusta based! Market share diving to single numbers, 2 VP’s GM’s gone. No parts availability with escalating part pricing. Massaging the line with graphics and tweaks, wiped out generational loyal dealers that invested their life for Arctic. Leadership has no passion or empathy for the legacy of the brand, its amazing employees, it’s riders or its dealers. Pigeon management… in, fly out, drop a new list of demands on their vision of the business. They have all the answers, all other decades of experience is canceled. Sad they never have had the gift of waking up to 6 inches of fresh snow in mid February with the sun rising in a beautiful blue sky and your heart can’t wait to pull the rope for the excitement the day will bring.

  169. I’ve read every single one of these nearly 200 comments, and you sir, just nailed it! It sounds like a lot of whiny and *****in, but I think it comes from a deep sadness we all feel. I try so hard to be optimistic, but my tank is about empty. No matter what brand I choose to ride in the future, I’ll forever have a love of Cat in my blood. Even if Textron runs her aground.

  170. I was hoping to be #200 on this list… LOL – but after some thought and to be kind here’s the message to Textron and I sincerely hope they are reading and acknowledging these comments.

    the big difference between Textron Cat compared to the other two majors is that Polaris & Ski-Doo/BRP actually seem to listen to their customers, and even potential customers.

    if… Cat had done a few VERY SIMPLE things there would probably be a lot less *****ing and complaining.

    1. fix the f@cking seat already!!!
    2. colors and graphics that represent the brand
    3. one special 60th graphics or retro name trail sled (why not an El Tigre or another great retro name)
    4. give customers a couple build options like track (cobra/ice?/storm), with or without e-start and the windscreen
    5. partner with NS1 or someone who has a well received gauge already and give these whiners a dashboard ipad to play with as an option
    what would that have cost them? peanuts!
    6. offer the 600/800 in a 129 – like Doo & Poo still do. even if the 137’s trail ride as good as a 129 some people still want ‘short tracks’.

    what will what they DID do for the 60th cost them instead? – SALES lots and lots of sales to their competitors.

    it seems as though there just isn’t any effort… which makes many of us frustrated, concerned and upset.

    do the right thing guys…

  171. ArcticMan – Where can you get the 2022 ZR 8000 RR for $12,900 plus tax and license ? Was unaware dealers are dealing like that, THANKS!

    I can see that being a possibility as that would be more in line with Snowmageddon pricing in the past. I was really surprised to see the jump in pricing on these sleds this year with no new technology.

  172. I agree with Crnr2Crnr. I was very surprised when they discontinued the 129 sleds. A 137 is a nice option. However, some riders what a more nimble sled on twisty trails. If you own a 10′ bed enclosed Triton Trailer like I do, I was told by a dealer that a 137 sled will barely fit and would recommend getting an 11′ bed enclosed trailer for longer trailering trips. Oh boy, another $5,000 expense! Textron needs to have their snowmobile division leadership understand real world implications of their decisions. Both the Ski-Doo and Polaris sleds with 137 track’s specifications are 5″ shorter in length then Cat”s 137. Thereby eliminating the $5,000 expense of another enclosed trailer.

  173. You can deal on price this year plus you get 2nd year warranty I’ve called 5 dealers best price so far 12,900 plus tax lic for a 2022 zr 8000rr ,price out a 22 xcr 850 with electric start and blue red white color it’s 2400 more after all discounts.

  174. Textron Gray what a ugly color for a sled and then u use it on almost everything. Could of left the tunnel just bare metal or Black. Who is the paint color guy Ray Charles

  175. To Textron:

    Trouble makers you say? A tagline that’s both juvenile and dishonest. Literally no trouble is being made here.

    History of disruptive technologies? Yes, apparently that is history only because there isn’t anything currently.

    The new CEO is a skier? Cool story. Literally has NOTHING to do with sleds.

    The plane and helicopter spiel…As stale as the 2022 lineup and no one is buying it anymore.

    Even if the sleds are still very competitive (which I believe they are), Textron’s Arctic Cat is a soul-less shell of its former passionate self. Where speed to market and innovation was once Cat’s greatest strengths, Textron has now gutted them with corporate penny pinching while continuing to hock aged product.

    The Procross sleds are fantastic machines….you know why? Because Cat designed them, not Textron.

    My point is this, if you don’t care what your customer wants and don’t appreciate their Arctic Cat passion, good riddance.

  176. Bad leadership and management will run any company down. Once the core group of valuable employees are gone it’s only downhill. Doesn’t sound good to me. Yeah I am tired of the Yamaha stigma too. I don’t know if that partnership helps with sales. Watching the sales slip to single digit market share is right. Feels like there’s only 2 major oems. Then 2 tiny ones. Sigh.

  177. I sat down and quickly did a chart of this year’s price increase……

    8000 RR
    2020 MSRP $14695 / Sno-MO price $11895 / discount for pre-season order $2800
    2021 MSRP $14995 / Sno-Mo price $12095 / discount for pre-season order $2900
    2022 MSRP $14995 / Sno-Mo price $14365 / discount for pre-season order $630

    6000 LTD
    2020 MSRP $12945 / Sno-Mo price $10495 / discount for pre-season order $2450
    2021 MSRP $13245 / Sno-Mo price $10695 / discount for pre-season order $2550
    2022 MSRP $13395 / Sno-Mo price $12145 / discount for pre-season order $1250

    6000 R-XC / RR
    2020 R-XC MSRP $13295 / Sno-Mo price $10795 / discount for pre-season order $2500
    2021 R-XC MSRP $13595 / Sno-Mo price $10995 / discount for pre-season order $2600
    2022 RR MSRP $13795 / Sno-Mo price $12545 / discount for pre-season order $1250
    (yes, I know the differences in the sleds….. and the RR wasn’t available in 20 or 21…. and the R-XC pricing isn’t published yet for 2022……this is for showing the discount changes in as close to the same sled as possible in that segment)

    These are Cat’s advertised MSRPs and Snowmageddon prices. Plus freight and prep of course. And some dealers did do better than Sno-Mo prices, but this just shows the price increases.

    It’s easy to see that Cat is taking advantage of the past year’s sled “shortage” and increase in this sport…..which I don’t see lasting once COVID get behind us BTW … and has cut their discounts on the sled pre-season prices. What I don’t understand is why did the 8-RR get it’s discount cut nearly 80% while the 6000 LTD and RR were cut only by about 50%…… AND these are the same F’n sleds we’ve had. That new clutch isn’t costing them at all and may even be saving them money making it in-house. And the 2nd year warranty is THRU CAT not Cat-Care, Cornerstone, or any other aftermarket company like in the past…….so it COSTS Cat ZERO until there is an issue……… ZERO….

    And the biggest problem of all of this is now Cat has lost it’s price advantage that has kept so many people accepting the very little changes they were getting year to year and buying new Cats. It used to be, it’s $3000 or $4000 more for a comparable Doo or Poo…… Now that comparable Poo or Doo is the same $$$$$….with more warranty, newer technology, bigger motors, etc, etc ,etc……… and a bunch of Cat customers are changing brands.

    Like everything Textron seems to be doing, I feel this move to increase the Sno-Mo prices will bite them in the ass in the end with more lost customers. Maybe I am wrong……guess we will see…….

  178. Thomas Perkins…….They are doing way more than that. People need to go to the Web and check out an inflation calculator. You be amazed as to how gouging all the manufacturers are doing. Yes, a snowmobile is a luxury item. But when you compare what you paid 30 years ago to what is being charged today, you might get a bit upset realizing you are being taken for a ride.

  179. Thomas Perkins you can buy a 2022 zr 8000 rr for 12900 with 2 year warranty it’s 2400 cheaper than a 2022 xcr 850.

  180. Arcticman – where are you seeing that? Guy I ride with sold his 16 a couple weeks ago in anticipation of buying a 22, but is reconsidering after seeing the 22’s go up by thousands of dollars.

  181. Watched the launch or what was left of it as I tuned in late. Huge Cat fan but as others have stated Textron shows they really don’t care about the snowmobile division.

    First the good;

    Love the Blast .Rode one for a day and it’s really a well priced sled.

    Glad to see the Thundercat is still available.

    Still the best front suspension.

    Now the bad;

    No new innovative technology at all.
    Cat needs to develop a new rear suspension.
    Glad they got rid of those junky Air shocks years ago.
    Needed an 850 to compete.
    Needed a new 650 to compete
    Gauges need upgrades like color larger size , way finding.
    If they still had the original engineers you would have seen more new technology.
    With all the Cat dealers around here bailing out on Textron and the ones left are fighting with them tooth and nail because of their punitive policies
    its hard to spend any money on a new sled.

    Unfortunately more bad than good. Will Cat survive? I sincerely hope so.
    Maybe the employees will buy the company and bring it back to glory.

    Hope this helps.

  182. @arcticman……..where can I get a 2022 8000-RR for $12900 ??? I’ll go buy it tomorrow…. My dealer has been great to me…I paid $11200 for my 19 8-RR and $11700 for my 2020 8-RR and the same for my 2021 8-RR….. but my dealer can’t get close to that $12900 based on what he’s telling me……his cost is over that…….And I doubt he isn’t being honest with me…….

  183. Very disappointed yet again as I see here with most of the posted comments. I’m not sure what Textron isn’t getting or doesn’t want to hear. No updated engine options and models and color options that don’t reflect what the buyers want or expect from the Arctic Cat “brand”. I’ll be riding my 2016 8000 ET again next year.

  184. Most are on the same page as me. CAT dropped the ball. But just hear me out, and think back over the years. So in my shop sits nothing but Cats. Not bragging, from 75 Z,79-81 Tigers, Procross, RS 6000, and Newer ZR’s. And what did I enjoy the most riding. 79 Liquid and the 012 8 Retro. 79 Trail rode with a pack of new Skidoo’s. One of them blew a belt, because apparently when You think your going 100 belts blow. And the *****ing about a bad trail. And I’m on a 79, really. But as many a old guy knows you ride them differently. And it’s a snowmobile, a 100 is still 100,and a bumpy trail is still a bumpy trail. The 012 remember that year. The clutching, shafts braking, tunnels bending, heat exchangers icing, screws coming off the butterflies, the seat upholstery, clutch guard, the gas tank fill, oil tank fill, and the oil tank cap vent, Tri hub, and light rails bending. Sure I changed a few things. But all in all that sled has a better finish then the newer stuff. Rides better then any of the QS3. And will smoke any 850 Doo so bad, I worry the guy will step off his Doo thinking it stopped.( Just throwing that out because you always hear fast 850’s, Never seen one on the 800 Ctec, and they sure aren’t touching the Suzzy) The handling and seat is by far light years ahead of the newer cats when trail time comes. Sure my 8Ctec uses no oil, and not one problem, the RS no problems. So for the time being, the only good I see is pretty much everything is proven. But grey, I just saw a pick of a Thundercat on the snow. I’ve always wanted a Tcat, gray it is. I’m just hoping the new clutch’s aren’t a problem. So sometimes better is not better, and new can be just a new set of problems. And I can’t wait to hear all about them lightening fast Mach Z’s. I’ll be on gray thunder. And we’ll just see. Also trade in value is crazy right now, so 4 stroke and 2 year newer sled. One more season on the books boys.-Retro Randy.

  185. If Textron doesn’t plan to invest in Arctic Cat sleds, why did they purchase the company in January 2017 in a deal valued at 247 million? Arctic Cat has such a small market share as it is, they can’t afford to loose more customers to Polaris & Ski-Doo.

    My Cat dealer told me before the 2022 unveiling what Cat was doing so when it officially happened I wasn’t as let down as you were. I still am not sure where Cat is headed but the dealer said that when Textron bought Cat they were more interested in the ATV/UTV line than the sleds. They have now realized that the market share of ATV/UTV is much harder to get on top with all the many companies of competition. With that said they have also realized it’s much easier to gain market share in the sled market with only 4 major brands and one of them is on your side. The pandemic has hurt them in research and development of new products. Polaris had all their Matryx and 650 Patriot in line before the pandemic and got very lucky. It takes years to get stuff in line and I was told by the dealer that:
    Yes they have a new chassis in testing and when it is released it will RULE THE MARKET.
    Yes they have a 900 2-stroke triple single pipe engine.
    Yes they have some navigation gauge set up with Garmin coming.
    And yes Cat was taking input from the dealers on how to make things better and my dealer definitely told them they need to improve the chaincase.
    As with many of Cat faithful I’m happy with a proven ProCross but I’m sick and tired of hearing how behind Cat is from all the Poo and Doo honks. They are and Cat knows it. Be patient I was told. I too don’t like the color schemes this year. Cats are black and green with hints of purple… plain and simple.
    I think if the ProCross was the future they would build on it now and they are not. New is coming, just not now as we hoped.
    As a final note the Cat dealer told me the the new ADAPT clutch is 1 lb lighter which equates to a 10 hp increase. That means the 600 C-Tec2 will contend with the 650 class and the the 800 C-Tec2 will be with all those 850s. The new 900 will set the bar and hopefully sell to an average age sport of 45+ group of people who grew up on triples. Disappointed in Cat compared to the competition this year…yes, but don’t want to jump ship yet. I just want new stuff out to shut the competition up and for you faithful to trade in your ProCross rigs so I can afford a proven used setup in a depleted market.

  187. Battling Bill, they bought Homelite in the 50’s, and it took them until 1994 to grind them totally into the ground, and pawn the smoldering carcass off. Products continuously fell further, and further behind the competition, and they resorted to selling relabeled models in chain stores, as if we dealers were not smart enough to know we were getting hosed. Sound familiar, Tracker Off Road???

    When they bought Arctic Cat, they came in trying to wow us dealers with tales of helicopters, planes, jets, drones, and military contracts. They were plumb full of bluster, bravado, and bull dung of how they were going to teach Polaris a lesson they wouldn’t soon forget. I am not exaggerating. I knew exactly what would happen, and it has.

    When the name change came, John Collins called me(among other dealers)on my cell phone to ask me what I thought, and I was courteous, but brutally honest with him. He didn’t hang up on me, but it was as close as you could get.

    I have never witnessed people who know so little about an industry, yet are so unspeakably arrogant, and make sure you understand that they are the smartest people in the room 100% of the time. They know better, just ask them. Worst in the industry, by far.

    The likelihood of EZ-Go funding a miraculous turnaround is extremely low.

  188. I’m happy with a proven ProCross and want a true Arctic Cat engineered machine, that’s why I looking for them but never find them, everyone is holding onto them. All my Cats have Suzuki in them. I’ll likely never own brand new so whatever Textron does going forward I doesn’t affect me other than how they sell, which ultimately fills the used market. I want all the older proven stuff. My Cat dealer is fortunate to be around yet and they are not sure what the future holds. They did hear and will be interested in the Yamaha 2022 release that they are going 2-stroke heavy this year. Dealer said 85% of sled sales are 2-stroke. Why is everyone pushing the 4-stroke so hard then? Poo and Doo are doing things well and great, they give the consumer what they want. I don’t need all the bells and whistles, that’s why my ZR 4000 LXR ProCross fits me well. Polaris had new sled distribution issues this year too but they will only learn from it and get better. Textron and Cat better get their crap together or they will be done for. Also, where did the Pantera go, my dealer is mad about that to and expressed their opinion on that. Wait and see I guess.
    Arctic Cat is the laughing stock of the sled industry right now and it won’t be long till Yamaha wants nothing to do with them. Then what?

  189. Glad2Bgone….You are soooo right. Homelite at one time built the best chain saw and generators. Now the brand is chinese knockoffs. Only reason Textron bought AC was for the atv division. Polaris cut into their military market of atv sales. Only Cat could make a better ATV. The 155 million cash Cat was sitting on only helped finance the deal. Textron history shows they destroy compamies for profit. Just ask Polaris. Had it not been for Polaris management, they too would have been disassembled and sold at auction.

  190. “Yes they have a new chassis in testing and when it is released it will RULE THE MARKET.
    Yes they have a 900 2-stroke triple single pipe engine.
    Yes they have some navigation gauge set up with Garmin coming.
    And yes Cat was taking input from the dealers on how to make things better and my dealer definitely told them they need to improve the chaincase.”

    Where did you hear this BB? Do they have any proof?

  191. Kyle T. -As I stated in my comments that info was from my Cat dealer. The owner himself of my local Arctic Cat dealer told me from what he was told from AC themselves. Call your local dealer, I’d be interested in what they tell you. My dealer is one the the biggest here in Wisconsin. I would have never put that info on here if I didn’t have a credible source and felt I needed to, to calm everyone down. Take it for what it’s worth.

  192. BB, The resurrection of the triple 2 stroke is not something to joke about! Now that would have made me (and thousands of others) run to the dealer.

  193. I just want a straight answer where I can get a ’22 800RR for 13k, I’ll be visiting my dealer Tuesday morning to check out sled a price.

  194. Funny, but it’s about 4 miles away that’s why I have been on Arctics for 30 years and I wouldn’t call it hate, it’s more frustration with ( parts, warranty, communication) issues

  195. A new chassis that will rule the market and a 900cc two-stroke triple? I will believe that only when I see it…

  196. I’d love a build and price like on the polaris website with a color options of lots of black and every variant of green ever offered by cat and some purple and orange and white decals. I can wait for a new chassis and motor. But the colors are putting me off.

  197. Can someone tell me what is so impressive about the Polaris lineup? Looks like the same platform they’ve had for years and years.

  198. Also, the fact that there is no SideWinder with an alpha skid or 2 stroke 800 trail/crossover sled (besides the Transporter 800) makes me sad.

  199. Will the new clutch fit on a ’19 ZR 6000? I mean, if that is the only major difference, for a few hundred I can have a ’22. (This is a serious question and not a put down comment.)

  200. Kyle T – Do you think Arctic Cat’s new Adapt CVT clutch will be as good as the Team Clutches they’ve been using on most of their sleds the last 5 years? Thinking of buying a new sled, but may wait a year to see if these clutches have issues.

  201. I don’t know Bill. The only machine in our fleet that has a Team primary is my Dad’s 2019 XF9000 Cross Country Limited, and I’ve seen them break on similar models. What’s funny is, the 2017+ 9000s, and 2018+ 6000 and 8000s started using a bearing sleeve on the fixed primary face, so the whole “this is new tech” isn’t new, really. Also, Polaris ATVs used a similar design for about 20 years now.

  202. Does anyone know why Arctic Cat increased the prices on their new 2022 ZR lineup? $1,450 more for 600cc and $2,270 more for 800cc over the exact same 2021 sleds.

  203. Somebody said there should be a retro graphics model.


    ZR-8000 Puma- All black, with the traditional tan leopard print seat. Big white cursive “arctic cat” somewhere up front. Graphics similar to what would have been on a 1971 puma with the axial flow hood. The icing on the cake would be one chrome tuned pipe exiting somewhere up front on EACH side. Internally slilenced with no can required. Reminiscent of the Montana Pipes. NO funky colors on the front spindles and use a black skid. For the steering components maybe go with silver or possibly a brown mustard yellow to go with the tan leopard print seat. Same shade that the reflective tape in the front bumpers was back in 1970 or so.

  204. Very sad release, and it is apparent that Textron has no business in the snowmobile industry. Limited dealer network (in my area), parts availability issues, not to mention inflated prices in a very competitive market. Cat is firmly seated in last place. The new clutch should have been released as a recall on the 17’s – my M9000 primary was cracked at 345 miles ( was not riding for three seasons due to injury), over $1000 to replace it in Cdn funds, and no warranty. Lots of exploding primaries, nothing but crickets from AC, and local dealer done. 2022: no mountain 850 or 600, no mountain 4 stroke, and no options to really “build your own”. Polaris is on the right track, offering full customization for spring orders. For the price sleds are these days, Cat needs to up their game, period.

  205. Well the joke this year is that BRP released an all new cat bringing Lynx to North America!! funny how the lawsuit with Arctic cat was quickly resolved but no one said what the agreement was I’m guessing it was the patented right of the name Lynx that Cat has been using since 1970? The team clutch is on my 2020 ZR 8000 I’ve been nothing but stellar and it will not break the drive belt that thing has been exceptional and spot on so saying that it’s all new technology for 2022 wow we’ve already had it on the team clutches other than that I am very sad that there was no retro graphic package but Yamaha has one WTF! Been riding arctic cat since 1970 my dad was a dealer in 1972 for four years I’m looking long and hard at switching over to ski Doo this year although I’ve got too much tied up in clothing memorabilia and parts to switch I guess I’ll just go with a bland green and gray ZER 8000 and what’s with the f###### white skis and windshield?

  206. How about figuring out a better way of cooling. Sure 95% of the time no issue. But on them cold hard park mornings, I watch the temp gauge more then the trail. Also sometimes with sugar same thing, gets old real fast when the Doo’s are cool. That would be a notable improvement.

  207. Does anyone know why the ZR lineup has not offered a 129″ track the last couple years? I own a Triton 10 foot enclosed trailer and a 137″ skid is going to be possibly too long. The sled measures at 125″. I may then need to be forced to buy a new longer enclosed trailer?


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