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Team Arctic Cross Country Racers on ZRs Impress in Park Rapids

One Top 6 Pro Class Sweep, Five Top 3 Class Sweeps, 12 Class Wins and 29 Podiums 

Team Arctic cross-country racers were the prime focus this past weekend as they tackled the 12-mile course on Fish Hook Lake in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Riders aboard Arctic Cat ZRs cleaned house.

During Saturday’s Pro Open Final, Team Arctic ZRs took the top six spots led by Zach Herfindahl, Wes Selby, Ben Langaas, Matt Feil, Chad Lian and Re Wadena. Selby set the fastest lap time, 12:37, for the class.

Herfindahl said, “We had our ZR mods working really well for the final on Saturday. Our top 6 sweep on the ProCross chassis speaks volumes for how well it works. The 12 mile course was a demanding one though. During Sunday’s Pro Stock final, I blew a track, which is pretty rare. We had some pretty heated battles on the course, and I think a competitors ski knocked a chunk out while working my way through the field. I look forward to Naytahwaush. That is a fun, rough terrain course.”  

Top 6 Winners with Roger and Bernice Skime 

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety said, “We had a competitive weekend overall. Our Pro racers and ZRs in the Open class did really well. The Top 6 sweep led by Herfindahl was pretty impressive. Our success didn’t stop there though, we had many classes where our racers were dominating the podiums and or were top qualifiers in their classes.  

Kloety went on to say, “It was great to have one of our biggest race supporters celebrate with us on Saturday – Roger Skime. Our top 6 sweep gave Roger a big smile, and his enthusiasm for Arctic Cat and racing is infectious. We all like to see him at the races and it pumps everyone up.

Make sure to register for the online event to see what he has to say about the 2022 Arctic Cat snowmobiles during the Big 60 Launch party on March 3 at 6pm EST.

Next up, Team Arctic Snocross Racers compete in Elk River, MN, March 5-6 and return to cross-country racing in Naytahwaush, Mn, March 6-7. Visit for more information on the Big 60 Launch Party.

Team Arctic Cross Country Results Park Rapids, MN

Pro Open

1. Zach Herfindahl

2. Wes Selby (Fastest Lap 12:37)

3. Ben Langaas

4. Matt Feil

5. Chad Lian

6. Re Wadena

Pro Factory 600

3. Dylan Stevens

5. Ben Langaas (Fastest Lap 13:01)


3. Abe Olson

5. Dustin Schwandt

Semi-Pro 600 Improved

1. Abe Olson

3. Dustin Schwandt

4. Jon Arneson

Expert 600 Limited

1. Aiden Johnson

2. Derek Kloety

3. Dawson Darco

4. Aaden Olson

Masters 50+

1. Mike Carver

Sport 600 Stock

2. Cole Boyd

Factory Vet 40

2. Todd Severson

Sport Womens

1. Gabby Hallstrom

Masters 40+

1. Mike Carver

2. Joe Cornelius

Sport 600 Improved Stock

1. Adam Longtin

3. Cole Boyd

4. Dawson Diesen


1. Adam Longtin

Jr. 10-13

1. Cooper Kangas

2. Brady Wadena

3. Elliot Clark

Jr. 10-13 Girls

1. Danika Diesen

Jr. 14-17

1. Aiden Johnson

2. Derek Kloety

3. Dawson Darco

Jr. 14-17 Girls

1. Annie Olson

2. Gabby Hallstrom

3. Frankie Omang




  1. Congratulations to all the Cat racers! Awesome Job! That list is amazing. So cool to see Roger there. Just think 60 years. Thank you Roger!


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