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There’s been an empty mud hole in the Alterra line of ATVs. One missing a competitive machine performance-engineered by the brand who created the category, until now – The all-new Alterra 600 Mud Pro is making a triumphant starting line return as one of the boldest all-new Arctic Cat ATV entrants for 2023. The Mud Pro is born, bred and corn fed to churn 28-inch mud tires all day long thanks to an entirely new 600cc single-cylinder, EFI engine, new drivetrain and performance-spec clutching.

2023 Alterra 600 TRV LTD


Speaking of pioneering a category, Arctic Cat created the Two Rider Vehicle, and for 2023, re-imagines the all-new Alterra TRV models with the venerable new 600 engine cradled in a performance-chassis with lower center of gravity and nod to narrow ergonomics so rider and passenger can comfortably explore every trail, every day.

2023 Alterra 600 Black Hills Edition


Trail enthusiasts will appreciate the new, fully featured Alterra 600 Black Hills Edition offering 28-inch tires and high-clearance control arms to conquer the toughest trails, along with selectable locking front differential and a lower gear ratio transaxle. Standard luxury features include LED light accents in the dual halogen headlights, stylized over-molded front and rear racks with non-slip surface, 14-inch aluminum rims and tall 28-inch tires, premium color-matched front bumper and 3,500lb WARN winch. 


2023 Alterra 600 EPS

ALTERRA 600 EPS  / ALTERRA 600 TRV EPS – Medium Green and Black with steel wheels and 25-inch tires.

2023 Alterra 600 XT

ALTERRA 600 XT / ALTERRA 600 TRV XT – Phantom Gray with 14-inch aluminum wheels and 25-inch tires with 11.5 inches of ground clearance and a premium bumper. 

2023 Alterra 600 LTD

ALTERRA 600 LTD / ALTERRA 600 TRV LTD – Fossil with 14-inch aluminum wheels and 27-inch tires and 12.25 inches of ground clearance, composite racks, premium bumper, winch and selectable locking front differential.

2023 Alterra 600 SE

ALTERRA 600 SE – Phantom Gray with 14-inch aluminum wheels and 27-inch tires and 12.25 inches of ground clearance, composite racks, premium bumper, winch and selectable locking front differential. 

2023 Alterra 600 Mud Pro

ALTERRA 600 MUD PRO – Quick Silver with 14-inch aluminum wheels and 28-inch mud tires, relocated radiator, snorkels, composite racks, premium bumper, winch and selectable locking front differential. 

2023 Alterra 600 Black Hills Edition

ALTERRA 600 BLACK HILLS EDITION – White with special bronze graphics, 14-inch aluminum wheels and 28-inch tires, electronic power steering, lower gearing, an electronic locking front differential and high clearance front and rear lower a-arms.

ALTERRA 450 – Available in Phantom Gray

ALTERRA 300 – Available in Fossil

2023 Alterra 90

ALTERRA 90 – Available in Fossil

2023 Prowler Pro


The Prowler Pro is known for its quiet 50-horsepower, 812cc EFI engine, comfortable ride, unmatched capabilities, ample storage, and durability. Last year, Arctic Cat made significant improvements to the three-person Prowler Pro and six-person Prowler Pro Crew side-by-sides including a new suspension with more ground clearance — up to 13 inches. It also has enhanced half-shafts to match the added capabilities of the revised suspension and a new performance-tuned CVTech clutch that is perfectly suited to utility applications, with Arctic Cat-tuned Trailbloc drive and Invance driven clutches for increased performance, smooth low-speed engagement, and long life. Arctic Cat also improved the engine cooling system to reduce fan run time and enhance engine performance. All models are equipped with an aggressive new bumper with integrated headlight protection and new aluminum, seven-spoke wheels that provide the perfect finishing touch. 


2023 Prowler Pro Crew EPS

PROWLER PRO EPS / PROWLER PRO CREW EPS – Available in Medium Green.

2023 Prowler Pro XT

PROWLER PRO XT / PROWLER PRO CREW XT –  Available in Phantom Grey featuring a premium front bumper, Medium Green springs, 4,500-lb. Warn winch, LED-accented front lights, and standard roof.

2023 Prowler Pro Crew LTD

PROWLER PRO LTD / PROWLER PRO CREW LTD -Available in Fossil with color-matched Spark Orange front bumper, springs and ROPS; premium seats; 4,500-lb. WARN Winch; LED-accented front lights; standard roof and overhead storage console.


The Wildcat XX lineup welcomes the Black Hills Edition for those who like the ultimate off-road adventure. Rocking 32-inch tires, lower gear ratio in the transaxle, rock sliders and bumpers make it a superior rock crawling machine.

Garmin TREAD

It also features a modified Garmin TREAD SxS Navigator with an 5.5-inch ultrabright display and an Extended Range Antenna, which replaces the external inReach antenna included with the Garmin Tread accessory package. The rugged powersport device features turn-by-turn trail navigation for traversing unpaved roads and trails. The Navigator comes preloaded with topographic maps, U.S. public and private landowner information and subscription-free Birdseye Satellite Imagery. The integrated system ensures enthusiasts can find the toughest trails, communicate with other riders and get back to the trailhead at the end of a great ride. Garmin TREAD also can be seamlessly integrated into other Wildcat XX models, Prowler Pro and Alterra 600 EPS ATVs as part of the continued relationship.


2023 Wildcat XX

WILDCAT XX – Available in Fossil and Black with Spark Orange accents and a color-matched suspension.

2023 Wildcat XX LTD

WILDCAT XX LTD – Available in Flat Black with Medium Green accents featuring a color-matched suspension and ROPS. The vehicle also includes the ADAPT CVT, and front and rear bumpers.

2023 Wildcat XX SE

WILDCAT XX SE – Available in Phantom Gray with Electric Blue accents featuring color-matched suspension and ROPS. The vehicle also includes the ADAPT CVT, front bumper and rock sliders.

2023 Wildcat XX Black Hills Edition




  1. What happened to the Stampede and Havoc? That Collins guy from Textron said he was tired of hearing the “R” word (Ranger) at Haydays and the Stampede and Havoc were the best on the dirt. I guess he was wrong!

  2. Mud pro does look good. But how do they convince former 700 and 1000 mud pro owners to trade in on a 600?
    In an era of “bigger is better” how can they compete for sales with just a single cylinder 600?

    • They don’t. Anyone who wants to replace their CAT 700 or 1000 will go with the Outlander/Renegade 850/1000, Scrambler/XP 850/1000, Brute Force 750, King Quad 750, Grizzly/Kodiak 700, or even the ancient Honda 680. Any of these are good choices, and are higher in horsepower for their size, and usually have more confident handling compared to the old CATs. I don’t care how good the new chassis allegedly is, if it ain’t got the power, the HP hungry won’t buy it.

      • Well the Cat 700 has less power than the 600. The 1000 has been gone forever as well. It’s not allegedly. It’s a fact. It rides and handles as well if not better than any other ATV I have been on.

        • Well then, the 700 must’ve been weak. Or the numbers from the runt are inflated. Just like the 165HP class 800 that actually makes 154.

          2017 isn’t forever ago. Just before asstron took over, before they deduced that a twin cylinder ATV was too expensive, and they couldn’t make enough profit per unit.

          • It’s really hard for you to accept facts. Sign of weakness from what I have read. I have a 600. Buddy has a 7. I am quicker off the line and faster up top. Not that I care. I would have been fine on a 450 if it came with EPS

  3. I agree jeff, there is a place for the 600 in the line up. But the 600 is there whole line up and only just sitting on it it has a cheaper feel to it than the competition. Again a new line up and not much to get excited about. Textrons off road has gotten pretty lame. I’m praying the sled launch coming up is not a huge let down too,people are excited and hopefully we will be happy with the “revolutionary ” new sled.

    • Ride one! Best wheeler I have ever ridden. Can there be improvements? Heck yeah! The gauge is cheap, but I added the Garmin. Some of the service items are strange. Need to drop the right lower control arm to do the rear transaxle. Not hard to do, just different. The seat is very comfortable and the handling is fantastic! It is quiet, quick with a very smooth transmission. Would I buy again? No question!

    • The buzz term “Revolutionary” is overused by snowmobile OEMs and I think its going to be a while before we see something truly revolutionary from any OEM. In the 60+yrs of the snowmobile industry, I would consider maybe three things revolutionary…Slide-Rail Rear Suspension, Independent front suspension and rider-forward positioning.

  4. Really? Hard for me to accept facts? Ok, here’s some facts for you to accept.
    1. OTHER MANUFACTURERS OFFER BIGGER MACHINES BECAUSE FAST RIDERS WANT THEM. Obviously, you are HAPPY being the runt of the littler. Slow riders don’t need more than a 600.
    2. OTHER MANUFACTURERS SELL THOSE BIGGER MACHINES BECAUSE FAST RIDERS BUY THEM. asstron would SELL 1000s if THEY MADE THEM. You like this new chassis so much? Let’s see how it would handle REAL power.

    I got your “sign of weakness” hangin’ right here pal. Still waiting for a time and place my little ancient 500 can stomp your modern 600 like a stringy jackrabbit…Or maybe, if that’s too scary for you, I’ll use the 1998 Polaris Magnum 425 4×4 in my fleet, or how about the 1987 Suzuki LT4WD? Think you’d have a chance then?

    Who the HELL needs power steering on a 450?! Jeez, sprout some muscles would ya?

    • I knew you were unable to buy big. Nothing wrong with that. Live within your means. One day you can bump up to a class leading 600. Oh, and an 800 Is coming.

      • Ah, Back to the old Karen response! Like a scared child you run to mama!

        Who says I am unable to buy big? I offered some of the weaker ships in my fleet for you to fight to reduce your fear. I suppose stomping you with the 2012 GTi 1000 would do, but then you’d gripe “Oh, the mean man with the 1000 beat my little 600! Wah! Wah! Mommy! Mommy! He’s not being nice!” Make up your mind man. 250? 425? 500? 1000? Which’ll it be? Or perhaps something more your size, a DS650? That’d be a REAL massacre.

        Oh, an 800 is coming. And you know this how? If this is true, more than likely, its just that 812cc DOG from the baby carriage lineup. Why develop a new engine? THAT COSTS MONEY! CUTS INTO PROFIT!

        • I don’t know what mama has to do with it Karen. Yout response made no sense, but that I’d what you are. Have a good one K!

      • Still wrong, and clueless about whats going on at AC, and not smart enough to put together anything more than a childish insult for a reply.

  5. New model looks great! headed in right direction. Still need big V-twin in ATV.
    SXS is still missing 60″-50″ sport model. Feel like Kymco relationship is on the rocks. As many people who love there WC 700 (including me) its odd its still missing. Hopefully new model with bigger twin coming soon?

    • I think the days of the V twins are over. Was told by my dealer that an 800 is in the works as the 600 is modular in design and there is plenty of room for a bigger cylinder. Time will tell. I don’t need anything bigger than a 600. Just mild trail ride and push snow from my driveway.

      • Single just doesn’t have the fun factor of a twin. The sound and torque is addicting! Will admit there is no difference once moving and inline twin wins on tip end power. Would be interesting to see a small bore triple in smaller SxS to replace 700 Twin

  6. wow the 600 atvs would be a great sell in europe ! hope they sell again – AC says they cant handle europe emmissions?? but how does polaris do that with the 570? pete/europe


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