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    • There are two ways to approach that question:

      1 – Can third party apps – such as Ride Command (the app) be installed on the G8 device? As a software support person by trade, this made me stop and think. I looked briefly at the Tread on Garmin’s web site, since that seems to be closely related to the G8. There’s no mention of any mechanism to install someone else’s software on the Garmin Tread itself. Garmin offers a companion app for your phone, but there’s nothing to indicate that you can install an app on the device (like you can with automotive GPS units). There are hardware accessories, like antennas, cameras, etc. but no software. So, I don’t think it would be possible.

      2 – Could Polaris 7S GPS units communicate with the G8, similar to how “Mesh” communicators can talk to each other? I don’t know the answer to that, and don’t know who to ask. Garmin’s info on the Tread doesn’t say anything about “meshing” with other devices.

      It’s a simple question, but is disproportionately difficult to answer.

      • I have the NS1 on my Procross machine and I like the way I can install other mapping software and even the Polaris Ride Command app. But maybe the Garmin map would be good enough.


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