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I found this article from the Washington Post interesting – it revolves highly around Taiga Snowmobiles, but if you READ the excerpt below, maybe there’s a hint to a future Arctic Cat snowmobile product? Taiga is definitely garnering some attention with their electric snowmobile and I hope they have success. I like the fact they are bringing new eyes, attention and excitement to snowmobiling.

Personally, I think electric snowmobiles would be the perfect application for more utility based locations – ski hills, resorts and snow parks, but Ive always wanted to see a quality electric snowmobile in the Youth segment (ZR200 size). This would make the ultimate urban snowmobile for countless laps around your housing development, and kid’s laughter is the only thing heard by the neighbors. – Kale


…”Momentum around electric recreation is growing. In addition to battery-powered snowmobiles and personal watercraft, there are zero-emissions boats and all-terrain vehicles already available. More marquee names in the industry have also expressed ambitions to move in that direction. BRP, which owns the Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo brands, aims to have all-electric models by 2026. Polaris is working with an electric motorcycles manufacturer to find ways to incorporate battery power in its off-road vehicles and sleds.

In a statement, Arctic Cat’s senior vice president of engineering, Bill Rhinesmith, said that the company has “built, and continues to develop, concepts for electric snowmobiles.”



  1. Does anyone know when the 2023 snowmobile will be released? Cat has been very tight-lipped about the next model year. No spy photos. No spy sketches. Nothing. Kind of scary, one would think. It should be a very big release as tight-lipped Cat has been about their upcoming sleds this year.

    • Or very small release being the supply chain issue has not been solved and is not looking very promising for the next year or two. If it were me, I would bet the farm on the later.

      • don’t bet the farm on something no one really knows anything about. you might end up homeless.

        as far as this hint… PR. period. dont’ care, and i love electric.

      • The global pandemic hasn’t slowed down doo, or poo from releasing exciting new product, and taking customers away from Arctic Cat.
        I’ve already seen more in the press and ads for the neo, then the blast, which has been out for 2 years already.
        As a die hard bleed green guy who makes his living doing this, believe me when I say the lack of new exciting product is not just costing AC customers, it is actively driving them away from the brand.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if both doo and poo have sold out before AC even releases 23’s
        When it comes to Electrification, poo has publicly announced they would have electric vehicles in every segment by 2025.

        • Most Ski Doo models already sold out. Youtube video frkm dealer states 3 days in most desired models gone. Including Neo units. At the price that the Neo is selling for, blows Blast right out of the market. Polaris 23 release on deck. Should be interesting to watch.

          • Internet never lies? Man you are way to easy to get sucked in! Not even heard if the sales was opened. I have some prime farm land for sale in the Pacific Ocean.$500,000,000 an acre. You in?

          • One way to look at it, if the Neo is already sold out, then getting one becomes way more expensive. Wouldn’t this put Cat in a better position?

            I think that being the last to announce 2023 would normally be a disadvantage that can’t be overcome – a way to guarantee that whomever is last to announce will also be last in sales #’s and $’s. In this case, if Doo is indeed already “sold out”, then it may be the one time it’s an advantage. Can they capitalize on it?

  2. I am looking for a new sled for the 23 MY, but if Cat does not release something new, I may jump ship and or keep my 2017 ZR XC 6000R a little longer, which BTW is still fast for a 600cc sled. Maybe a Yammi-Cat would be nice LOL.

    If AC does not release something new and exciting, AC will lose customers, and they have lost lots over the past 3 seasons.

  3. I have no idea what kind of market there is for electric snowmobiles. I do regularly take 200 mile rides I cant see any electric snowmobile being able to to that. I have zero interest in that what so ever. I could see an electric 200 being kinda cool but still doubt I’d sell my current gas 120 or 200 to buy an electric one. And if I’ve been a cat faithful waiting the last few years for anything from cat to at least try to keep me and many customers like me from switching to doo or polaris, and its an electric snowmobile I’ll be so disgusted!

  4. As goes California, so goes the rest of the country.
    First gas powered lawnmowers, leaf blowers, shrub cutters, etc. Snowmobiles will be in their crosshairs before long.
    Better to be prepared than blindsided.

  5. The long term future of off road vehicles can be summed up in one word: electrification. It would be nice to see Cat approach this change as a leader.

  6. I’ve been on a cat since 1968,leave the electric sleds for the yuppies that put on 80 miles a day an talk about it for a week, I’ll take the braap any day over the sound of nothing!!

  7. I have no problem with electrifying anything whether it’s a snowmobile, ATV, boat, car or any other vehicle or piece of equipment. What gets me is they try to shove this stuff down our throats because of this so-called global pandemic thing. Go ahead and make things electric but don’t plagiarize us into your scam. I see USPS is being scrutinized because they are buying gas powered trucks and not electric. Let’s not forget what is used to generate most electricity and what that does to the environment that they are so-called concerned about. Have you read the new study about how corn-based fuel is now more harmful to the environment then regular fuel? Another farse they tried shoving down our throats for the environment.

    I’m all in for an optional electric piece of equipment. Heck, I’ve purchased electric/battery operated weed whip, blower, power tools and ice auger. I like the cordless aspect for ease of use not because the gas units may harm things. Would I buy an electric snowmobile? Possibly. I would like the option.

  8. There are places for the electric sleds, use at ski resorts or perhaps grooming CC ski courses, uses within a defined area. Hopefully the range will increase. Instead of toting a container of gasoline on the back of your sled, carrying a spare battery will become the norm.

    My hesitation with an electric snowmobile is the long range durability of the battery. What will be the cost differential when it needs to be replaced versus the dollars spent on gasoline and oil for the years used?
    The sled battery is sitting 9+ months a year for most of us and while it may have a charger plugged in to maintain the battery during the off season, that battery cost is much more than a typical IC engine battery that is plugged into a tender during the off season.

    I sort of compare this to when 4 strokes were becoming popular and the advocates for them pushed that there is money saved as no injection oil was needed. In my situation of low miles ridden per year, I would spend more money on the oil changes and filters than what money I would spend on injection oil.

    I also agree with the comment that there is a difference when it comes to purchasing one, is it our choice or is it the only choice.

  9. First off, we are not going to lose our 2 strokes any time soon. Next Taiga has a range from there words, 60-80 miles. 80 is probably really pushing it, so let’s use 60 as a base. Most rides I go on, I’m close to if not over that before my first stop. Now where are these magic level 3 chargers? Minimum cost for one is around $50,000. That is if everything is already set up for it, which no resort or bar in Minnesota is. What owner is going to spend probably closer to a million dollars to have not nearly enough chargers? This past weekend, we had a fun run. Most resorts we were at on the run had 50 to well over 100 sleds sitting there. Are you willing to waste your entire day waiting for what now is a vaporware charging network? Not me. I doubt no one, if you really are honest.

  10. Hard to fathom what future products could exist when Acat has not delivered many of the 2022’s (including my new Tcat). I suspect the supply chain will not be much better for 2023 meaning very few (if anything) new.

  11. I’m curious to see how cat responds to ski doos new neo, its priced much cheaper when the blast is the sled that looks cheaper. The neo has a way better fit and finish.

    • Agree. Plus it hits a very lucrative market. Most families have limited budgets so 2 Neo’s can be more fun for less cost. Kids get a sled to grow on, parents get a more livable costs in the sport. Ski doo hit the mark with this.

  12. What kind of additional noise making devices can be added to an electric sled that helps close trails?

    I’m in going to electric camp on certain things. Have a slew of Milwaukee tools and yard equipment and won’t be going back to gas soon. Plan to shop for an electric lawn mower next. The next fishing boat for use at the cottage might also get an electric outboard from Torqeedo. Very much considering an EV for my wifes next vehicle because she only goes back and forth to work… and shopping. LOL

    In regards to electric snowmobiles, it’s a hard no for me. The reasons why are simply logic based. Not enough range being the first, and lack of ‘on trail’ charging availability being the other. Can electric snowmobiles work and could they be fast? Absolutely. Will they be practical for most? Absolutely not.

    I feel the same in regard to the vehicle I utilize for work and that we travel with as a family. Total EV isn’t practical due to charging, cold temps and pulling a load (trailer) which decreases range. What does make sense to me which has seemingly been tossed aside in the world is Hybridization. Toyota successfully proved we can have gas/electric which addresses most major concerns… as did Ferrari (gasp). Also, look at F1 – hybrids.

    In closing on the EV front, I’m not totally opposed to them but this country does not have a way to currently create electricity in a ‘green’ manner to service the needs of a society moving in that direction. Our infrastructure is not ready as far as charging stations for a mass adaptation. We also still have a segment of society that wants to remove the emissions related devices from their diesel powered vehicles, and those with that type of mentality will be the most difficult to sway.

    On the TextronCat front. They’ve blown and squandered away almost every opportunity to maintain the majority of their loyal customer base since taking over Arctic Cat. The b-Last (love it or hate it) now has serious (appropriately priced) competition from BRP. TextronCat will also be making 120’s & 200’s for BRP, which I find hilarious but would love to hear the backside story of… which most speculate had to do with the ‘pyramid lawsuit’ from BRP. The Procross is in the eyes of most (including those that have moved onto other brands) a decade old+ sled regardless of ‘new plastics’, spindles and LED lights. The Ctech 8000 has been an abysmal failure in regards to reliability, unlike the 6000. The competition has moved to EPA compliant 850’s, 650’s and higher output 600’s. The competition also has more 4S offerings than just one model. The other two brands have brought forth new chassis multiple times since 2012 (yes… those chassis aren’t completely new or revolutionary) but there’s been nothing significant or ‘new’ released from TRF since 2012. As I see it, if nothing special is once again released from Cat for 2023 they will continue to lose customers to their competitors.

    I truly HATE typing this type of stuff but the writing is on the wall for my preferred brand.

    Prove me wrong… PLEASE!!!

    • My 800 C-Tech has been very good to me, I have no complaints about the engine.

      The Blast has done well enough that the competition noticed. Competition is good. I’m hopeful that the emphasis on bring new snowmobilers in at every skill level, age and physical ability continues.

      I, too, would like to see something new. Not for me, I’m happy with what I ride. I think something new is the reward for loyal Cat buyers. Everyone else gets a new name, a new chassis – something they can brag about.

      Arctic Cat fans and supporters have seen dealers disappear, market dominance slip away and a 60th that didn’t do much to instill confidence in the future. When I think about the steady improvements to the existing chassis, the influence of the 120/200 class, the new Blast, the Riot, the Alpha rear suspension, ATAC, the new clutch…. I mean, there’s been a lot of improvement.

      So, why, then, do loyal Cat people think they’ve been left behind? I’m not sure, but maybe it’s simply because there are few people singing the praises of what Cat has introduced. Everyone else has focus groups, ambassadors, owners councils, influencers, etc. The big names in print media have year-long loaners and run stories every issue.

      Maybe the problem isn’t in the product, but in how people feel about the product.

      After what I think was a 60th that didn’t excite people, and a Haydays presentation that imo didn’t change anyone’s low expectations, it would be awesome to see things change in a couple of weeks. It’s not too early to get people fired up. Cat: Light that fire.

      • Crnr2Crnr gets all his info from the anti cat people. Nothing he can back up. But he does contribute to Hospice so I can not say he is totally useless. I see on Yamahas facebook page they say soon going to show a brand new never seen before sled. Since it is made in TRF, I would gather that it is a new Cat as well.

          • Prove me wrong. All you do is complain about a cat engine you know nothing about. True Moron is you for coming to a cat site and stating how biased you really are. How much is that Boost Matrix going to cost and at what expense for warranty? Extra 3500 for what a 10% boost in power. Money well spent there for the Polaris faithful. Ha ha!

    • C2C, I couldn’t agree more on your electric comments – there are so many ways that electric is the future, but snowmobiles aren’t going to be practical to mainstream snowmobilers for a while yet.

      That’s not to say it’s not the future, just not for a while’ and it will take quite a while for the old duffers like me to warm up to the idea.

      I wonder if Taiga would be for sale at a reasonable price? There’s a lot of R&D already spent, a new chassis (which everyone thinks Cat needs), and Cat seems interested in electric. Hmmm…..

  13. Lets see, doo has just released its 5th gen of Rev since 2003 (also note they have had the long in the tooth MXZ moniker since 93)
    Cat’s had firecat, twin spar and 2 gens of procross= 4.
    Its getting tiring hearing guys wanting new chassis every couple years.
    Grab some tissues
    The procross still looks way better than what everyone else offers.

  14. I seriously don’t understand this new chassis thing that people say Cat needs to come out with. What is so wrong about the current Cat sleds? Cat has updated, changed, refined and added to their current sleds. They are totally different throughout the years since 2012. To list a few: ALPHA, ATAC, Panels, EPS, Spindles, Clutches, Controls, gauges, drive, GPS and etc. New sleds: Blast, Riots and 200s. Pretty revolutionary and changing to me.

    The biggest problem I see with Cat is their marketing and dealerships. Or should I say lack of. Ask yourself, why does Polaris and Ski-doo sell more sleds? I truly believe that it’s not because they are better. Sure, they each have their advantages and disadvantages but for the most part they are very close. Cats are of course way better looking:). I believe Polaris and Ski-doo just have better marketing and more dealers. If Cat would have advertised and marketed the above listed items better I truly believe they would be number one. We need more dealers to help with this.

    • Bingo. I just posted a bunch of stuff that you’d already said. I agree, I think it’s a perception thing. What if Cat had given the 2020 changes to the ProCross a cool new name and called it a new chassis? Judging by what the competition has done to call something a new chassis, I think they should have.

        • It’s not just about the chassis Polaris has come out with a 650, 850, 850 boost, and now a stock 900 and cat has an underwhelming 800 and a mono rail that is so unreliable all their team riders take them off and swap to twin rail. They could literally just update the front end geometry to imitate what the ice age elevate kit does, shorten the tunnel, go back to twin rails, and put an engine in it that can actually compete with what other brands are rolling out.

  15. 23 Yamaha teaser shows a sled that clearly says turbo in big letters. Is this common on sidewinders? Is there a chance this is a 2 stroke turbo. Cat does have a patented unique turbo 2 stroke.

    • That is a 4 stroke you are seeing in the picture and yes, they say Turbo on the side. They also talk about a brand new sled that has not been seen. I could care less. I am waiting to ride my 2022 next winter. Riding my spare 2018 for at least a few more weeks before Winter will end for me anyway.

  16. Alright so the 850 boost polaris is probably gonna out accelerate the thundercat/ srx. So now what u got cat?And the Polaris is much newer technology
    oh and 110 pounds lighter

  17. Its 100 pounds,yes 100 pounds lighter. I’ve been on turbo cats since 2014. I know what they can do against the competition. This turbo poo is much faster accelerating. And the 4 strokes long legs will not catch up to a sled that quick that also has long legs. My one up for years has been that my cat will beat anything out there. That’s over. Unless cat has something to answer with.

    • Will wait for actual lines up races. So 10% power increase which my math puts it at just under to just over 180. (162-1681.10). 4 grand almost increase in price. What a waste of money! Rebuild every 500 miles probably. Poo 850 has not been stellar in NA form. Have at it!

  18. The point is Polaris has actually been innovating and trying to push the industry meanwhile cat hasn’t done anything.

    • Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch for a while. With the supply chain issues going on, I would not want to have all new stuff. Polaris has been suffering huge reliability issues on there 2022 models. because of change of vendors to just plain old not doing there job on the line. Reading about Primary clutches falling off of there mountain sleds tells me that they are not prepared to follow through on the 23 lineup. Hell, Almost 22,000 for a boost! A two stroke is not going to last like a 4 stroke will so what is the better buy? I can tell you it is not a two stroke at that price.

      • Your opinion is obviously not in line with the vast majority of snowmobile buying public. Doo adn Poo are on the gas bringing exciting new products, and gaining market share. Cat is stagnate, and its customers are leaving for doo and poo

        • Agree with this. And at some point the market share will be so small there won’t be any way to catch up. Hard to disagree with all the customers switching brands. Even snowtech mentioned it.

  19. Ok, I have to bite on this. Is that all you guys do is race? I seriously don’t understand all the talk about who has the fastest and most powerful engines. An extra 50ccs is never going to persuade me. I’ve always purchased Cat’s 800 since they came out. (I may go to the 600 next. Very nice engine). I never had one problem with either the 800 Suzuki or Cat’s new 800. Also never had a problem with keeping up with anyone else whether it’s Polaris or Ski-Doo or if it’s a 2 or 4 stroke any size. We occasionally line up. Not very often though as we just enjoy riding. Sometimes I win and other times they win. We just laugh and enjoy. To me bragging rights is too overrated. Could be more of my age now but even when I was younger none of us argued or bragged about who had the fastest or most powerful sled. Based on comments here some of you have to have those bragging rights. I don’t fault you. I just don’t understand it. To me just riding with family and friends in the great outdoors is all I need. Of course, on a Cat:)

    • That is what it is all about for the vast majority. The small amount of I have to have the fastest sled out there are also the ones that wreck the trails and get trails closed because they forgot how to read. You know Signs that say STAY ON TRAIL!

    • At this point its a matter of being able to keep up in the mountains. I’ve lived in Montana my whole life and I can tell you both the new doo turbo and the new Polaris turbo have huge advantages riding at elevation and in deep snow. Makes my cat look like a child’s toy.

        • I’m so glad you watch youtube videos. I ride in a group with both alphas and Polaris turbos and the Alphas aren’t even close to keeping up with the Stock Polaris sleds. If the Alpha is so great why do all the Cat team riders switch their sleds back to twin rail? They snap in half more often than any twin rail ever and they also are known to tear through tracks. Cat is falling behind in every aspect.

          • I don’t know if all of them do that Gud. You sound like a cry baby. Maybe grow up a bit and try to be honest with yourself.

          • Just calling it like its is. Even Burandt came out and took a shot at Cat yesterday. Polaris listens to their riders and customers and gives them what they want. Cat is like a brick wall and their loyal customer base is taking a hit because of it.

      • I get it with the mountain guys. I know it takes a lot of power to spin those long tracks with long lugs in deep snow. You can boost a Cat 2-stroke too, so I don’t understand the problem. Does that extra 50cc really make that much difference? I watch Kincade, McClure and others win with their Cats. I don’t see any problem with them keeping up.

        • I mean I don’t want to void my warranty just to keep up with stock sleds from other brands. Kincade and McClure spend as much money on mods as a new sled costs. If other manufacturers are offering boosted sleds and 900 big bores stock why should we be happy with Cat sticking with its underpowered 800? Also who has been the king of king at basically every hill climb for the past five years? Keith Curtis riding a boosted 850 and a 900 which are both now offered from the factory. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for people to see that Cat is falling behind and losing peoples interest. I used to ride in a group with 8-10 cats and almost everyone else has jumped ship.

    • And the mighty boost 2 strokes broke 21 grand. For a Two stroke? Not worth it at all! Lifespan of that motor might be 1000 miles.

          • I’ve had plenty of friends blow up their C-tecs. All engines fail. Polaris is just giving their customers more fun while they work and if it really blows up after 1000 miles, warranty it and get a brand new turbo motor.

  20. Great story and an unbelievable effort by Willie and his crew. What I didn’t realize until now is that he’s going to do the entire thing on a closed 11 mile course. Is that right? If so, that’s a lot of trips around the cabbage patch!

  21. As a man who grew up with a 98 T-cat, I can say, those graphics turned out GREAT! Many complicated pieces means MANY hours on the computer designing! I still wish all the panels, spindles, rails, seat, and tunnel were black in the first place. The 21 came out better because of this. These rigs woulda turned out just that much better! Normally, I’m one for keeping the stock graphics, but peeling those off to replace them with the best looking AND FASTEST T-cat ever’s graphics makes me happy.

    Are those titanium front springs? :3

    Also, don’t anybody mistake me for Dug. I am DAVE man. Hey Dug, you know Sebulba?

  22. If Cat comes out with a new chassis and / or other major changes, it will be interesting to see if they also immediately flow out into the Yamaha line.
    I think that would be a bad business decision on their part if they do. Cat needs to differentiate itself from Yamaha if only to dispel the speculation that Yamaha us buying Cat.

  23. If cat and Yamaha truly is a long term partnership, then anything new has to be on both sleds. Ski doo and poo have so much market share any Yamaha sold is a good thing for cat.

    • Nope.
      Cat rebranding their sleds as Yamahas was never intended to be a long term partnership.
      It was supposed to be an interim solution until Yamaha could come up with its own line up of sleds that could compete with the other manufacturers.

  24. So Polaris set actual amounts of each sled that each dealer can have. And it wasnt many.ill be curious too see if cat does the same thing to avoid late delivery of 23s.

  25. Yamaha started using cats chassis in 2014, and you can see their 23 teaser it’s a cat. So that’s 10 model years. I think Yamaha could have made there own stuff by now. Yamaha and cat have such small market share holds I think they have to stay together. New anything is such an investment that neither manufacturer can afford to do it without each other. Only in my opinion.

    • Just telling you what both Cat and Yamaha said at the time.
      There’s a reason why Cat’s market share has dwindled over the years. Cat wants to regain market share, it’s got to repeatedly hit home runs / innovate like it did back in the 60’s-90’s.

  26. They don’t need to change the basics of the chassis. What do they need?
    1. A gauge that’s not from 1990
    2. Narrower plastics on the sides
    3. Completely redo the tunnel & seat.
    – Once piece tunnel with lock and ride or linq (or both)
    – A firmer/taller seat (this was my biggest disappointment with the procross in 2012) The old sno pro 500 had way better ergos. Adding padding to the seat is NOT the answer
    4. Storage (not a damn bag) – botht of the others have dash storage and Poo has under seat storage

    Reliability #1. Just put 10K on a Suzuki 800.
    Power #2
    Efficiency #3

      • And the front suspension. Cat shouldn’t be satisfied with what’s been characterized as a “good” suspension. They need to be the benchmark that the others are judged by.

  27. Arctic Insider. Does Cat understand they need a new chassis and a new gauge or a 650 and 850+ turbo 2-stroke this year? Does the boss understand they have no more time to keeping going with what most see is the same things over and over again?

  28. Kale, do you have any contact with anybody important at cat? Can u make a suggestion that anyone like me that didn’t receive there 2022 should get first chance at a 2023. I’ll order a 23 if I know I’ll get it in November…Another Yamaha teaser and a release date. Still nothing from cat. Yamaha says triple on the hood. Can we assume two stroke triple? Or is it just a four stroke that gets our Hope’s up?


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