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While surfing the classifieds for used 20-inch bar risers, I ran across a few Arctic Cat items I shoulda bought. Have a great weekend! – Kale

TWIN TRACK SxS ArcticCatMobile

This sled is cooler than an ash tray on a motorcycle and it made the rounds on the inter webs this week quicker than a home video of Pamela Anderson! On a serious note, this is somewhat crude like Pamela, but I love the concept. For years, Ive wanted Cat to build a SxS snowmobile. When I say that, someone always brings up the SkiDoo Elite, but in my mind, the most recent relaunch of the Elite was far too big. I want something simplistic and moveable by hand. – A modernized version of Arctic Cat’s 1960s 460 Deluxe with some type of cab, heater and cup holders. Im convinced an engine will return to the rear of the snowmobile at some point, and one of the OEMs will surely call it out as a “Revolutionary Gamechanger”. I want mine powered by the single-cylinder 400cc Blast engine.

All that work and couldn’t find handgrips?
Im telling you, the engine will return to the rear of the snowmobile at some point. That’s when this industry will have traveled full circle.
Is that a heater? Where are the cupholders? That’s what this sport needs more of.


This one caught my eye as a well-proportioned build, but my wallet shut pretty tight looking at the price. This concept isn’t a new one – Arctic Cat has explored this type of “Crossover” snowmobile many times. Anyone remember the Sandcat from the mid-70s?

Panther or Lynx? Dunno. Its cool.
This Lynx has the Widebody kit.
Im easily distracted…Right there! VMAX-4
The proportions look just right! And it appears the owner’s driveway is filled with many good intentions. Perfect.
Lets pretend we didn’t see that engine…


The uncomfortable idea of my Sasquatch-sized feet acting as two Montana pipes hanging out the sides of this was far overshadowed by the coolness of this homebuilt snowmobile bed. What kid (or adult) wouldn’t want to sleep in this? Check out the Arctic Cat quilt and pillows! Id choose a different wall color though to compliment it.

Lastly, this isn’t something I want to purchase, but I saw this new SkiDoo ad this week and it made me smile cuz the color Gray is funny. I know how much everyone loves it in AC lineup. #Primed #ILoveGray #StirringThePot #TheresNoGrayIn23



  1. Sigh for sure, I didn’t relate the ad to the post, until you pointed it out.
    And I even made a comment on a previous post about the primer gray needing a top coat to finish it off properly…

  2. BRP must of gotten the gray as part of the lawsuit settlement!!!!!Also herd a funny story that textron bought BRP. Would explain why cat is building 120’s and 200’s for doo!!!!

  3. Not my cup of tea, but whoever put those sleds together has some serious fabrication skills. I can’t imagine how much time and effort it took to put them together. Well done.

  4. I’ll take one of each, except the last one:). Those first three are downright pretty cool in my opinion. That last one is pretty darn ugly. I get the joke. To me a little gray on a Cat is Ok but not on a Doo. But then again, any color on a Doo is a no no to me. They are just too darn ugly no matter what color!

    Kale, where and what do you use to find these cool items?

  5. Haha, those customized sleds! I did design a couple of sleds (never built) very similar ideas as to those two.. the Lynx in Panther Chassis/Body with ATV wheels as a in-between but modern of course. As for that side by side covered sled. Sure, it echo to the old Skidoos concepts in the 1970s I believe it was called the “Wedge” because it did shape like one. But of course, I modernized it. I have been doing this for 50 years this year. 50 years of design. I even told the then Arctco in 1985 to come out with the hammerhead cowl design and they sure did in 4 years– the Prowler. And yes, I even designed a 4 seater sled back in the late 70s and told Arctic Enterprises to come up with that because of bigness back then (the Skidoo side by side, the dragsters hot rod sleds including the Boss Cat, etc.), hey, I even came out some cool ideas. Yes, IFS in 1973 model year, 50 years ago! For customer sleds, not racing. But Arctic Cat came out with one with the Trail Cat, the World’s first customer sled with IFS. (Hey Polaris, you were not first!) and I came up with high travel in 1978, hey FAST, I thought of it back further then! And thought of forward riding in 1992 model year. Yup, beat SkiDoo.

    Speaking of SkiDoo, I noticed for years the bitterness between the Cat and the Doo. Lawsuit that Cat lost recently.. when I saw that Doo came out with the new 120/200, I laughed so hard! Now the Cat will get milk back! What goes comes around. You wait, Cat will built Doo adult sleds. Yeah, the gray color. Not the first, SkiDoo already did have Arctic Green and Black or Dark Gray on the sleds before a few times. Seemly Doo often copy off the Cats. And the other story.. the Lynx.. I know about that brand history but the conflict.. Lynx should be Cat’s name and sled. Its too confusion! SkiDoo needs to rename it Moto-Ski! Haha.


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