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Last weekend, Team Arctic Pro cross-country racer, Zach Herfindahl, was the first to 4-Peat the famed I500. Congrats Zach! His team report is shared below. -Kale

Since 1966, racers from across the country have competed for the coveted I-500 title, engraving their name into the snowmobile history books one year at a time. A race greatly known for showing off each manufactures hard work and durability, leading to a “What wins on Sunday sells on Monday” mentality as consumers see the true durability of their respected manufactures products. This years I-500 was no different, as Minnesota’s harsh terrain threw everything she had at racers and machine. This year Team Arctic’s Zach Herfindahl was racing for a record Fourth straight win for a total of Five I-500 wins, this would tie the all time win record.

Day 1- Zach started 11th, quickly working through the field and jumping into the lead about half way through lap one. Zach ran smooth in the first 250 miles to finish with a 1 minute 43 second lead going into the final 250 miles. Day 1 is followed by a one hour work session which allows racers to check over sleds and fix parts that may be broke before hitting the track for day two. Our Arctic Cat ZR6000RXC was like brand new after day one and was quickly ready for the final 250 miles.

Day 2- Zach left first on time for day two maintaining his lead through the first two fuel stops. With about 125 miles to go second and third place started closing the gap, as spotters relayed the message to Herfindahl he picked up the pace and built his lead back. The final 60 mile run to the finish Zach maintained a 40 second gap, crossing the finish line to make history aboard his Arctic Cat. Zach has become the first person in history to win Four straight 500’s and tie the all time win record with a grand total of Five I-500’s!

Photo: Emily Pearl Photography

“Speechless is the best way to describe this weekend. Four straight to tie a total of five 500 wins is just unreal. So many trouble-free miles aboard Arctic Cat race sleds is a true, testament to this incredible brand’s products. Arctic Cat fans can be proud of the snowmobiles they ride and know they are proven in the harshest conditions year-after-year. Thank you to my mechanics, Hector and Corey, for always delivering the best equipment, and Mike Kloety for always keeping Team Arctic on top.” -Zach Herfindahl

(L-R) David Brown, Roger Skime and Zach
(L-R) Corey, Zach and Hector
Photo: Emily Pearl Photography


  1. Congrats to Zach on his impressive win, a truly remarkable feat.

    Great to Roger as well, adds to the AC greatness and history of the event.

  2. Congratulations to Zach , great accomplishment, also congratulations to David Brown on the fifth place position.
    Was surprised to see only 3 Arctic Cats entered in the Pro division, even Ski Doo had more entries? But great to see two in the top five. Congratulations again to Team Arctic

  3. can someone start a GO FUND ME to have a drone to follow him along a terrain race once?

    he’s so good, he can win on an eleven year old sled… kid’s a real talent


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