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A Mighty Good Arctic Cat Radio Spot from 1977

Mighty Good Feeling Comes with the Cat

The year is 1977… after you hear the last rocking notes of Meatloaf blast through the single speaker of the clock radio in your bedroom, an ad from Arctic Cat is broadcast during which you hear this great line:

“Owning an Arctic Cat feels like you can lick the whole world.”

Yep, it really happened.

Click below to hear it for yourself.



  1. Now if I was only allowed to tell you who the girl was that modeled the famous pink Arctic Cat panties , same logo….brings back some fond memories….

  2. Jim, I’ve always wondered how they got the above photo. That was pre-PhotoShop of course.

    He’s SO relaxed looking, despite the decent likelihood of getting pitched if he lands weird or hits a drift.

    Did he pull his hand off while catching air, or was he just riding along with his hand off while the photographer was using motordrive on the camera? I suspect the latter. Would be awesome to see the out takes.

    Your comment about the panties inspires today’s TGIF.

  3. What you don’t see in the photo is the driver falling off the back of the sled. Or it could be the awesome power of the ‘mighty good feelin’ Cat lifting the front end up after baggin the throttle. Either way the guy most likely ended up with a face full of snow.


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