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All Finish Racing had success at Rounds 5&6 of the National Snocross Tour in historic Deadwood, South Dakota. Deadwood is an iconic stop on the tour known for its jammed packed action, tight racing, and legendary fans – One stop on the tour All Finish Racing really looks forward to each year.


Friday – Arriving at the track in the morning we knew right away it was going to be a challenge. The conditions of the day were less than ideal, snow non-stop with no signs of letting up. Round 1 Dan would line up with a stacked heat ahead of himself to start the night out. With Deadwoods classic tight track with very little passing opportunities, he would finish 3rd in round 1. Round 2 had almost the same line up as round 1, again with a tight track passing opportunities were slim to none in the position he was in. Dan would end up 3rd in round 2 locking him into the front row of the pro final. A total of 13 pros would line up for the final, and with weather conditions getting worse the final was going to be a struggle. Dan would find himself mid pack coming into the first corner  and that’s where dan would stay for the rest of the final finishing in 9th Place for Fridays Pro Final

Saturday– After a frustrating Friday night the only way to go was up and that’s exactly what Dan Did. The weather conditions were a little better with light fluffy snow and little to no wind.  After a strong practice session and coming in with the Quick Time in the pro field we knew we were right where we needed to be. Round 1, a fully stacked heat ahead to start out the night. Dan would find himself to come off the line and into corner one in 2nd place. Chasing the leader down and closing the gap lap after lap, but as the checkered flag flew dan would take a 2nd place finish in Round 1. Round 2 Dan would find himself in the same position chasing the leader down but only to come up just short, and again would find himself with a 2nd place finish. Coming into the pro final Dan was P2 Qualifier which gave him a great start  with a holeshot into the first corner. Dan would chase down a comfortable position in 3rd and  chase down the 2nd place rider. However, we were a few laps too short to catch that position and dan would finish Saturday’s Pro Final in 3rd Place! Dan is currently sitting in 7th for National Points.


Friday – Round 1, Anson would find himself with a good gate pick and a fantastic holeshot into the first corner, however right before the finish line another rider would tangle up with Anson resulting in a 6th Place finish for Round 1. Round 2, he would find himself getting a better result. After coming off the line in first it was a head to head battle for the lead, Anson would fall short ending Round 2 in a 2nd place finish. Ahead moving into the final Anson had a decent gate pick. A full field charged into the first corner, luckily he avoided an early race collision pushing him into a mid-pack position for a majority of the race. Anson would finish in  6th for Friday Nights Pro Lite Final

Saturday – We came into Saturday with hope to make up some spots that were missed on Friday night, and that’s exactly what he did. In his heats Anson would go 1-1 in both rounds locking him into the front row for the Pro Lite Final. Anson was calm and collected, and was hungry for a spot on the box. As we headed into the Pro Lite final we knew he had what it took to get the job done. As they came off the line Anson was on the hunt for the front with a massive holeshot. He would push himself up in the pack giving himself a comfortable position and gaining on the leader, but would find himself in a comfortable 2nd Place finish for the night. Anson is currently sitting in 3rd for National Points. 


Friday -Round 1, Hegman and Johnson would find themselves lined up next to each other. Both knew they had some work to do as it was a packed field. Hegman would come off the line in the lead to the first corner and that’s where he would stay for the duration of the race. Johnson would chase down a few positions giving himself a comfortable spot for a 3rd place finish in round 1. Round 2, Hegman would find himself in the same position as Round 1 giving him a first place finish. Johnson would get tangled up in a mid-race collision but get back on and push forward to a 4th Place Finish. Final, both boys would find themselves to have a great start for the final but only to have their nights end shortly after. Both Tanner and Domenic were involved in mid race collisions which resulted in them to end their night. This would result in a 14th and a 15th Place finish for the All Finish Racing Sport Riders.

Saturday – Round 1, after a night in which we hope to not look back on both Tanner and Domenic knew that there was work to be done. Johnson would go 1-6 in his heats pushing him into the final. Hegman would go 9-9 in his heats pushing him into the LCQ. In one of the rounds for Dom he would find himself colliding with another rider resulting in losing a clutch side panel, and in the other round he would find himself getting taken out in the first corner. Both Johnson and Hegman would make the final. Hegman would push his way all the way up to a 4th place finish in the Sport Final, Johnson would find himself getting taken out by another rider and resulting in a 13th Place Finish. Domenic is currently sitting in 5th for National Points, and Tanner is sitting in 9th for National Points. 

It’s time for a few weeks off before the All Finish Racing team heads east to Salamanca, New York for Rounds 7 & 8 of the national tour in which marks the halfway point of the season.



  1. Too bad its on FloRacing now…I know many poeple that used to watch that don’t anymore. It’s unfortunate. Just not worth paying unless you are going to watch other stuff they have the rest of the year.


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