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Another Classic Arctic Cat Now Resides at the ZedShed

Rich Pederson's 1980 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 340 race sled.

Rich Pederson of the ZedShed (New Richmond, Wis.) has another stunning Arctic Cat race sled that’s ready for display among his outstanding collection.

It’s a 1980 Arctic Cat 340 Sno Pro, one of the roughly 100 factory-production oval 340 and 440 race sleds built for the 1980 season and sold to independent racers.


Team Arctic Factory Sno Pro racers Bob Elsner and Jim Dimmerman

The 1980 machines were based on the 1979 Sno Pro factory sleds that Team Arctic’s Bob Elsner captured the Eagle River World Championship, and that teammate Jim Dimmerman and Scorpion’s Brad Hulings and Steve Thorsen piloted to several wins. The photo above of Elsner (left) and Dimmerman was during the 1979-80 season.

Pederson bought this particular sled 11 years ago from someone in Salt Lake City. Like all of those ’80 production racers, this 340 has been raced for years and was in need of a full restoration. Pederson tapped Paul Rodemeier from Wausau, Wis., to perform the resto and, as sometimes happens with such projects, the years flew by before the project was complete.


Rich Pederson's 1980 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 340 race sled.

But complete it now is! And judging from the photos and information sent to me by Rob Vrieze, the sled is truly magnificent.

“You have to see it in person… nothing missed,” exclaims Rob!

I will indeed check out this sled in person when Pederson hosts his annual get-together at the ZedShed later this year. I can’t wait!


Rich Pederson's 1980 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 340 race sled.



  1. Quick question for Jim Dimmerman, can a senior citizen like me coached to drive this great sno pro? Oh those were the days !!!

  2. I get very caught up in these restored sleds when I see one by its self. I Couldn’t imagine so many cats in one spot. I would be useless to talk too, probably would have a bad case of tunnel vision. John take lots of pictures

  3. Sexiest sled ever made! I’m just sayin’! Wow! B-U-T-Full!!! Tip of the Touque to ya Rich! Tux is going to the drycleaners today! Do I need to go to StubHub for duckets?

  4. You know when you’re getting old you see retro sleds and can remember seeing them when they were new!Awesome looking sled! Brings tears to my eyes just looking at the pictures.The wife thinks I’m going senile!

  5. That is a Beauty…
    Sno pro was absolutely dominated by Factory drivers. USSA and Arctic Cat and Skidoo came up with the idea to put a certified horsepower engine in the sno pro chassis in hopes that the independants would have an “equal” chance to race heads up with just driving ability as the denominator.
    Tom Zernia (tech director for ussa) came to the Arctic Cat dyno room and certified the 2 engine packages,(carbs,pipes,ignition,cylinders and cases.
    The engines were the 56hp 340cc kit motor used in CC racing (Sno Pro 340) and the 440cc 70hp Eltigre engine used in production.(Sno Pro 440) The tune pipes were made to “keep the noise” but not to make any more power than a muffler..
    USSA Filed spec’s just as it was done for stock class racing..
    Ski Doo never put much effort into this concept, I think they actually used a fan cooled engine for their package.. I think I only remember them competing at the first couple races..
    Well, as you might have guessed, the Independents never won a race.
    It just goes to show you how valuable testing time on the track and constant tuning of suspension and clutching are to win…
    I know of several good drivers at the time, but they just didn’t have the “Seat” time like I did…Thanks Jim

  6. Hey Paul…you didn’t say how Senior you are !
    My biggest problem getting back on my sled for Eagle River’s 50th was bending my knees to fit in the pocket…
    Coaching will be easy…Just Give’er Jim

  7. Hi Jim, sorry I didn’t say how senior I am, turned 60 a few months ago, ouch! Knees still bend, back still works, still strength in the ol thumb though!! LOL!, thanks for wanting to coach an old northern Maine senior

  8. Nice sleds, reminds me of the good old days.
    I have Steve Thorsen’s 1980 arctic cat spirit 340cc 56 hp engine.
    looking for spare parts and engine rebuilding specs.
    Hope I have good luck at finding parts.

  9. I am restoring a 80 sno-pro . and could use a little help … Do to having some surgery , I forget how the rear suspension mount’s to the tunnel , I have the suspension all cleaned up ready to go back in , but not sure of .. One cross tube and bushing go together …Could you help with some pictures with the suspension in the sled ,, I have looked hi & lo and can’t find anything … Thank you for your time and help ..JIm


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