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Arctic Cat created some great video interviews with host Ben White and varying members of the engineering teams, which take a deeper dive look into the Catalyst suspension, powertrain, chassis and accessories. For those of you who have been looking for more up close component shots (front one-piece frame) you’ll find them in these videos. I also like the fact Arctic Cat introduces you to some new faces. Ive met these individuals and it always fires me up to know there is a continued depth in talent, creativity and enthusiasm within the walls of Arctic Cat – It really shines through knowing firsthand how well the all-new Arctic Cat Catalyst snowmobiles perform. Enjoy! – Kale

Catalyst Suspensions with Arctic Cat engineers, Guy Sibilleau, Jake Crosby and Steve Janzow.
Catalyst Powertrain with Arctic Cat engineers, Jeremy Mammen and Sam Sandoz
I’ve known David Vigen as a member of both the Offroad and Snow engineering teams for a long time, and it’s great to see him at the forefront talking about the all-new Catalyst platform.
Product Manager, Peder Erickson, discusses the all-new ATACH system for Catalyst models as well as other available accessories.


  1. Great job on the videos and the detailed design comments, from all of the Arctic Cat guys. Particular shout-out to my buds Jeremy and Jake. Lookin good, guys!

  2. While I truly appreciate the info contained in these videos, I continue to shake my head at the marketing approach of Arctic Cat. From a marketing perspective, what value do these videos add releasing them on April 11th? Proper content planning would have indicated that February 28th (line-up release) or March 7th (order banks opened) would have been more appropriate than 11 days after you could order ANY Arctic Cat model.
    This is the type of deep dive stuff we expected to be rolled out slowly after Hay Days!

    We need a marketing team located in Minnesota, not Georgia!

    • Points taken, but if I am not mistaken didn’t the new Catalyst models sell out in a matter of hours? Clearly the marketing team did some things right.

      • Then why even produce these videos if the models sold out in hours?

        The new big bore motor will also sell out next year. Still want to know the specifics (cc, stroke, bore, tech, etc.) before ordering?

        These are snowmobiles, not golf carts. Snowmobilers love the fine details. Marketing should know that. It’s about connecting with your customer.

        • I think this is why I like the idea of just releasing the Catalyst with the 600 engine for the first year. I can only imagine the task-list of releasing an entirely new model, and trying to coordinate everything within the walls of Cat to hatch at the right time.
          Get the info out this year, and be that much more prepared for next year when the big iron hits the masses. Incremental improvements.
          Overall, I give Cat an A+ for this series of videos. Keep ’em comin!

        • Good point. But better late than never, right? For me personally, I have my eyes on the new M600. Wife says no (have to front the cash!). I thought okay, I will “settle” for a used Pro Climb Alpha. But after watching these videos, it only makes sense to me that the best way forward is to save up for the ’24. They are just so much more advanced. So, I think the videos have merit.

          • I sold my 19 high country for a 146″ M catalyst. I’d also like a ZR but I’m pumped for this M and I think it’s going to be amazing and so much fun. Honestly what sold me was watching/listening to the SNOWEST podcast show about the catalyst. It’s also on YouTube. Find it! You will not regret listening and you won’t buy an alpha! I had some frustrations with my high country in certain conditions and they talked about those things that resonated so much with me and said the catalyst is nothing like the ascender and is just a better machine in every way. Trail guys would benefit from listening to it also, it’s a great listen/watch!!

        • Why put them out?? Because we all love them! These videos are fricken awesome and as someone who has one ordered I am even more pumped! Keep the content coming hell yeah!
          If you don’t like it don’t watch. Go skip some rocks or watch paint dry or whatever else you’d rather be doing.

          • Hey Greg! Ha, I have listened to the SW podcast about 3 times already. The new M sounds like so much fun! Like you said, the boys mentioned that they didn’t even want to ride the old Ascender after being aboard the Catalyst. I just need to pinch some pennies and make it happen (assuming one could be found next fall!)

    • We can armchair quarterback ACs marketing all we want, but there’s been a steady stream of info released since Hay Days and this is a continuation.Would it have been nice to have these from the get-go? Sure. But, if any info released previous to the close of Spring Ordering didn’t influence a buying decision, then I question anyone’s true commitment to buy. On top of that, maybe these videos aren’t directed at the person who didn’t buy, but directed at those yearning to know more about their kickass purchase?

      • Still should have been out before the selling period, and when there was snow on the ground, so that all sledders would see it, and thing about it. This time of year, everyone has put the sleds away for summer, and moved on to other things. The vids will only get a fraction of the views they should, and worse than that will be long forgotten, by sledders, and the algorithm of their social media sites/youtube.

      • I’m one of the ones who made the kickass purchase (Zr600 137). These videos are just what the Dr. ordered. I have been riding cats since ’72, I have never been this pumped about a new sled. I will gobble up any and all info I can. Thanks Arctic Cat, keep it up.

  3. Kudos to Cat for making these. Lots of good info, and I like the balance between the knowledgeable engineers and Ben, who is clearly much more comfortable in front of the camera. Some highlights for me: seeing the one-piece high strength steel frame isolated from the rest of the sled, the 3 driveshaft locations, seeing the ratio steering in action, and the 129 skid.

  4. I really enjoy videos that let the engineers who worked on the project show off their work and explain the design and the challenges designing them.
    Designing a new product is just part of the process. It would be cool to see the manufacturing process updates to fabricate and assemble these new gems.

  5. Just as suspected there is no rearward spars connecting to the rear arm mount of the skid.
    How strong this will be compared to sno pro, twin spar and procross, time will tell.
    Assuming this is due to the whole patent infringement.

  6. You people need to lighten up. It’s a copy cat world out there and it’s my belief that AC didn’t want to let all the details of their prized chassis out to early to keep the competition from getting an early start on copy catting before the sled even hits the snow. They released enough info to sell out and now that spring order is over we’re finding out even more. Can’t wait to throw a leg over my 129” ZR 600 ATAC next winter and take it for a rip. Bought it without a test drive or going to see one in person. Got a feeling I won’t be disappointed. ?

    • I was lucky enough to ride the ZR 129″ and 137″ at Country Cat a couple weeks ago. You will not be disappointed! A massive step forward for Cat. The 129″ particularly grabbed me. Very playful!

  7. Snowtech said textron has been moving back to TRF some of the corporate positions they initially moved to Georgia, so perhaps this kind of insight is what cat can do now that they didn’t have the resources to do previously.

    Sure it would have been nice to have this prior to the ordering period but they sold out either way (unless dealers are getting sleds for the showroom but I haven’t heard that).

  8. I’ve been critical of Cat’s marketing for a long time but not now. For a few years now it’s not so much the lack of or timing of marketing Cats. They did enough to sell out of Cats so they did their job. “Sold Out” is my biggest issue. I know the economics of supply and demand but it’s crazy that we have only a few minutes or an hour or so to purchase one before they are sold out. Never before did I see that there is a limit of how many Cats are available to order. This goes for other snowmobile manufactures as well. There has been a time frame to order but I don’t recall seeing “Sold Out” as much as we’ve seen in the last few years. I remember when Cat would take in as many orders they could during that time frame. I’m sure we all know why this changed and is happening now. Sad.

    The videos are great. I envy the lucky ones that ordered a new Catalyst. These videos give them more info and excitement about their purchase. Wish I could afford one.

  9. Does anyone know if dealers will have these in the showroom next year? I don’t understand why Arctic Cat doesn’t let dealers have sleds anymore, they would sell even more sleds.

    • It’s Labor and supply issues ? There already building the 024 . To try and stay ahead of unforeseen issues. That mite come up this year .

  10. They limited sales to improve the chances of getting them out in time. 23’s were still late due to parts shortages. Things aren’t yet quite back to normal from the plandemic. Sad but true.

  11. Limiting sales also increases demand and makes it pretty easy for dealers to move product. I also love how much my used sleds are now worth when I go to sell them. Gone are the days of sled manufacturers producing way more than they can sell then having to severely discount them just to make room for the next years sleds coming out. While that was good for people looking for a steal on a sled it wasn’t good for the manufacturer or the dealer. Now Cat needs to step up their ATV / UTV game and create the same kind of buzz for their dirt product so more dealers want to carry the brand and can rely on those sales for the summer months.

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