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Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibbert Replica (with a Tucker interview)

Tucker Hibbert and Arctic Cat Announcement at Hay Days 2013


AI: First of all, congratulations on having a namesake Arctic Cat snowmobile.

Hibbert: Thank you. It’s awesome and an honor to have a replica sled. Been working on this project with Arctic Cat for a couple years. It’s been a fun project and it’s great to see it happen.


AI: This sled has way more true personalization than what previous racer-edition snowmobiles have had in the past. Tell me about what was most important to you when it came to creating this machine.

Hibbert: Yeah, I wanted it to be more in-depth than previous racer-replica sleds. It had to be special and it had to reflect components that I race with and believe in.

We put a list together of the various parts that I use on my race sled, then we picked the items that made sense to include. That meant keeping in mind the items that would work for trail riders, as well as items that would keep the price manageable.

Some of the parts are performance enhancing, like the Kashima coated FLOAT EVOL X shocks and the gripper seat cover, which are exactly what I race with and definitely performance-focused.

The windshield is something I specifically sized and shaped for myself on the track, it’s not like any other production windshield.

And of course the white skis, rails and graphics are style elements that are important to me, and what identify this machine.


AI: And you’re going to sign each one of them?

Hibbert: The plan is to autograph each machine as it goes down the assembly line. We haven’t yet determined where, exactly, I’ll sign my name. I think we’re going to get feedback from our customers first before making that decision.


AI: The sweepstakes that’s happening in conjunction with this sled is also pretty cool, tell us about that.

Hibbert: It’s something we wanted to do to give back to our fans and to the sport. We’re going to give the #2 serial number sled to the sweepstakes winner. In addition to winning the sled, the person will get a trip to Thief River Falls to pick up the machine and spend a day with me. The hope is that we can go riding, maybe on the ditches and trails. Maybe we’ll go to the snocross practice track… we’ll do some cool stuff.

People can sign up for the sweepstakes at any Arctic Cat dealer, at any event that Arctic Cat has a corporate display, and at any event that Supertrax magazine is at (as well as


AI: Will the ride be a tour of all the gas stations that you buy Hot Stuff pizza from, like in Erskine, Red Lake Falls and Thief River Falls?

Hibbert: Hmmm… maybe we should schedule this ride to hit all the Hot Stuff locations within 500 miles of where I live, with a time limit to get to all of them. That would make it really interesting.


AI: I want you to know that if I win the sweepstakes, I’m going to demand that your dad joins us and that he shows us his mad ditch-riding skills.

Hibbert: Maybe we can get him to retrace some of the I-500 route, and he could tell us some stories about battling with Brad Pake and Jack Struthers?


AI: That would be cool. Thanks for chatting about the sled.

Hibbert: You’re welcome


Below is the Press Release, tech pix and specifications:

Everyone wants a piece of him: racers want to beat him, sponsors want to sign him and fans want to get close to him. Now everyone can get his ProCross F800 Race Replica snowmobile. Designed, signed and given the stamp of approval by #68 himself, Tucker Hibbert has introduced the gnarliest snowmobile bolted to white skis!

The Tucker Hibbert Race Replica is a consumer version of the race-winning ProCross Sno Pro that carries Tucker to victory, equipped with competition-spec components like Kashima Coated Fox Float EVOL X ski shocks; white trail skis, number plates, a low custom race-cut windshield, handguards, an aggressive non-slip seat cover and exclusive race-inspired graphics.

The race-version of the Slide-Action rear suspension has white powder coated rails, complete with Fox Zero X shocks featuring remote reservoirs and clicker adjustments.

The platform for the Tucker Hibbert Race Replica’s superiority is the ultra-light and tough ProCross chassis, with the front Arctic Race Suspension offering the ultimate precision and steering control. With 10 inches of travel up front and 13.5 inches at the rear, Tucker’s Race Replica is tuned to blast bumps and withstand even the hardest landings.

Powering this limited-edition snowmobile is the 160-plus hp 800 H.O. 2-stroke engine featuring batteryless EFI, electronic APV valves and Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor.

With the Arctic Drive System and Torque Control Link putting all the power to the 15 x 128 x 1.25-in. Ripsaw track.

It’s only available in Tucker’s signature color, black/black.  


Technology Highlights:

* Tucker’s low race-cut windshield, number plates, handguards, aggressive non-slip seat cover, white trail skis, white suspension rails and exclusive race-inspired graphics

* Fox Float EVOL X Kashima Coated shocks on the front suspension featuring adjustable compression and rebound

* Race Version Slide-Action rear suspension with 7-position coupling

* Fox Zero X remote reservoir shocks on rear suspension featuring adjustable dampening

* ProCross Chassis

* 160-plus hp 800 High Output 2-stroke engine w/ EFI, APV valves and EPTS

* Arctic Drive System (ADS) with Torque Control Link

* Race Version RMC Hydraulic Braking System with lightweight disc, race pads and 9/16 master cylinder

* Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) front suspension

* Tapered 2-Piece Tunnel

* Race running board edge rolls

* Race running board reinforcements

* 15 x 128 x 1.25-in. 2-ply Ripsaw track

* Deluxe digital/analog gauge

* Tether switch

* Push-button engine reverse

The Limited Edition Tucker Hibbert Race Replica machine will be available at all participating Arctic Cat dealers with an MSRP of $13,999 U.S. and $15,599 Canada.



2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

2013 Arctic Cat F800 Tucker Hibber Race Replica

Tucker Hibbert, without any clothing




  1. Hi when do I see some spec and picture on the new racesled:)
    I was so suprised over how good the snopro 600 sx -12 were…and im so excited over how the new sled becomes 😀
    I hope I get I earlier this year because last year it came so late the Sweden:)

  2. Oh, that it were truly that simple. I need to take that adcive myself. My big mouth gets me in trouble sometimes. I had a secretary once who was always saying loose lips sink ships. I think she was talking directly to me. Hmm perhaps I should have given her a raise.

  3. Aww! How cute. I love the pictures of Em’s bridas. She’s adorable )So, I’m saving up for BlogHer ’09 and unless we have some kind of unforeseen financial tragedy, I should be good to go. Are we still gonna be roomies? I’m super excited! [url=]wdpgyzmczym[/url] [link=]msetrilav[/link]


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