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I’ve received a list of collectors displaying at the Arctic Cat 60th Homecoming Collectors show in July. Ill be sharing visuals here weekly of what you can expect to see at the show. The list is impressive with a wide array of models, parts, garments and accessories representing 60 years of Arctic Cat. Here’s a look at a few items from Pennsylvania’s, Robert Palmer collection.

There is still available space to display. Please contact Joey Hallstrom. (
Robert’s garment collection is pretty impressive. These racks will span around 300ft at the show.
Robert said he’s been hard at work packing for well over a month. Coming from Pennsylvania, he may win an award for furthest distance traveled.
I love all the collectible items in the display case.
It will be great to see an Eastern representation of the brand at the show including these distributor patches.
Some belt buckles Id be proud to wear.
How many of these patches and posters do you have?


  1. What a tremendous collection! Wish TRF wasn’t so far away. Hopefully there is lots of video taken for those of us who can’t make it out.

  2. Hopefully there is a bit if a swap meet like the one at the 50th.
    Those NOS 74 tiger posters selling were a huge hit.
    Maybe one day someone will find a pile of NOS 78 MEEEEOW ones to sell

    • As far as I’m aware, there won’t be a swap. This collectors show will be held at the same time as 120th Pennington County Fair as an added attraction. Should be a great display show!

  3. Wow! What a great collection! I am also one of those guys that has many Cat items. One of my most treasured item was a flying A ring from the 70s that was given to me by a sales rep from that time. I brought it to Roger’s retirement party and showed him. He did not remember this ring. We gave it to Roger as a retirement gift. This article just shows how passionate we Cat people are. It also shows how successful Arctic Cat was with all the different items they made and sold. I don’t believe any other snowmobile manufacture had this many items. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more.

  4. I hope some of the currant brass at A/C pay a visit to this article. We need to return this heavy passion back to the brand. The brand just seams a bit lost the last 10 years. Thanks Kale (and formerly Sandberg) for providing us this wonderful site!

  5. I am amazed at the complete race sled 1971 model line up display. At our local show last weekend I saw a well preserved 1971 EXT Special 340. I had forgotten how mind blowingly pretty that sled was for it’s time. It made a statement when it was uncrated, that I remember. Super low production, hard to find, most people don’t remember them. All that came flooding back when I saw this one and photographed it. So much track time engineering went into that model from the season before. First 15 inch wide track on a Cat, yet longer than the 1970 Puma racer so it was less skittish when pushed into a corner. Twin FA Kawasaki right up front! All that polished aluminum and galvanized metal. So glad someone is carrying on the preservation of this history.


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