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Arctic Cat Radio: Year after Year its El Tigre, Pantera and Lynx

1975 Arctic Cat "Year After Year"

With the Pantera and Lynx once again joining the El Tigre in the Arctic Cat line for 2015, now is a good time to listen to this vintage 30-second Arctic Cat radio advertisement from 1975 that highlights the same models.

Just click the player link below.



  1. A couple thoughts… why doesn’t the current AC do more to embrace it’s past? BRP has a museum and so does Polaris. Yeah, Cat lost their stuff with the bankruptcy, but their whole history including product and people has defined this company.

    Also, John, when are you and Jim Dimmerman going to write the book about the definitive history of Team Arctic – complete with the racing iron and the detailed stories and interviews of the iconic racers from Thief River Falls? You know.. the one with Skime, Zulawski, Janssen, Thompson, Lofton, Coltom, Elsner, Dimmerman, Sturgeon, Hibbert, Pake, Morgan, Hibbert, Wanderscheid, and guys like that??? C’mon… it has to happen soon. Or… maybe it’s in the works and being kept quiet — then that would be ok.


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