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Arctic Cat has announced today they will have (what I consider) one of the biggest snowmobile product unveils at the 55th Annual Hay Days Grass Drags in North Branch, MN on September 10th, 2022. 

Through thick and thin, the Arctic Cat display is ALWAYS a draw on Saturday. Sept 10, 2022 is going to be a packed house for the 55th Annual Hay Days.

Here’s what ArcticInsider knows and can share…

  1. There is an all-new platform spanning 2-stroke Mountain, Crossover and Trail snowmobile categories
  2. All-new platform is performance-engineered for centralized weight distribution, is focused on being lightweight with an uncompromising strength in design and rider ergonomics will be strategically evolved.
  3. Unveil will take place at the 55th Annual Hay Days Grass Drags in the Arctic Cat display on September 10, 2022 in North Branch, MN.
  4. Pre-Orders will open at the beginning of 2023

Here’s an added fun factor for all of you who have wanted to try your hand at marketing. Starting today through July 28th, 2022, Arctic Cat is offering you the chance to submit names for the all-new PLATFORM (not model)

Find more information on Arctic Cat’s website and be part of history.

Visit to submit your name for this All-New platform spanning the 2-stroke Mountain, Crossover and Trail categories. Enjoy the video…


  1. I remember all the talk about the TROUBLEMAKERS, and how cool they were gonna be! What is it? New mountain sled? New racer? New ditchbanger?! NO!! Turned out to be the “old” ProCross (which I still love) with a short track (on the 121s), too long of a track (for the others), a mountain front suspension with too narrow of a width and too much caster, and a weak (for a sled, but strong for a quad) engine that blew up because of CLUTCHING.

    I believe NOTHING until I SEE it with my OWN eyes.

  2. Fantastic news for a hot July day! Can’t wait to see the new sleds and hope there is something in the new model range for just about everyone.

  3. Man I was really getting tired of getting on here and having to be so negative all the time. I can’t wait to see what they have for us!!

  4. Dave the Downer it’s to no surprise that you continue with your bashing. This site would be so much more enjoyable to read the comments if you could at least refrain from constant negativity. Nice job AC on showing your hand to get some excitement.

    • Give me a reason to not have constant negativity about Cat. Obviously, you are new to Cat and haven’t seen how strong they once were, and how weak they are now. Or maybe you aren’t new, and just like the crap job the bloodsuckers are doing running Cat into the ground.

      Anyone ever notice that others think and type similar stuff to what I think and type, yet I am singled out almost ALL the time. Whatever. I’ll change when I get a REASON to change. You know, like a strong and independent CAT. Run by sled lovers, not some fools in Georgia who have never SEEN snow, let alone know how to run a snowmobile company.

  5. Fingers crossed.
    Will reserve final judgment until it’s reveal at Haydays, but it seems a little portly and the lights seem overdone.

  6. So Kale, can we anticipate a 9000?

    Next up, ‘Fun Factor’ is trademarked by Polaris haybaler riders

    Lastly, a naming contest for something we can’t see? Please go to the marketing department and literally slap someone.


  7. From what i can see the hood looks short & fat. reminds me of a SRX. Spindles look short which will be good for off trail. Reading what team riders are saying on there site (its under the naming option) sounds like they listened and did what was needed. expect a very limited amount making it to dealers mid winter.

  8. “strategically evolved”? I’m thinking new 600(+) to start and then 800(+),4ST, electric over the course of years. The name needs to convey what makes it revolutionary ! Then this- “A sled for everyone” , WOKE chassis, there you have it.

  9. I for one am excited. I have been out of the snowmobiling sport for a while and would like to get back in. I was getting nervous about the beloved Cat. This is great news.

  10. I’m praying it’s not goofy looking. And they said 2 stroke but didn’t mention 4 stroke. Cant wait too see what they been working on. Kale have you seen this in person yet? Are we gonna gonna be happy?

  11. What’s going on with the headlight? Is that a wierd reflection or is the light shaped funny on the right side looking at the front

  12. First, I’d like to thank all the people that brought sleds and memorabilia to the 60th. Without them it would have been nothing. Besides a trailer with a few sleds with bold new graphics, and a couple of races sleds, Factory tour, and clothing blow out. (Witch was madness and not worth my time.) That was it for CAT making a showing. Let’s not forget the tent trying to get employees. Witch was not all bad, got to talk to employees.
    New platform, yes about time, big deal, we knew it was coming and all overdue. My reaction was the same when an engineer told me, yeah. Yes, I’m sure a lot of testing, riding, and so on. And they try very hard to make it trouble free. But as I told him, it’s a machine, things are unforeseen. I went on to tell him what I find, and address as do many of you. And he listened, his apprentice stood silent and listened. And when my wife started to tell them her likes, and dislikes, they really listened. So, for me seeing the factory and this was worth it.
    This will get long, sorry. The FACTORY.
    My trade has allowed me to be involved with many factories, and manufacturing giants. Some are still here; some sadly are gone. So I wanted to see if the warning signs are all there. The first night I had to drive through the lot, take it in, man I don’t know, doesn’t look good. This the wife and me agreed on, and she pointed out one more thing. Next day tour, just the wife, me, and a CAT guy who’s in Maintenace, Awesome. Sure, the cracks in the floor still have water from the floor scrubber, and the expected house cleaning. All that I can see threw. The line machines are in pretty good shape. The machines that are money makers, New or pretty new. But more importantly, the proper machine, not the cheap unreliable crap. That many times the office tell the floor to purchase. The questions we asked where probably not what he expected but the answers, exactly what I wanted to hear. I looked and crossed the yellow line a few times. Making sleds, UTV’s hanging on the line, that’s all secondary, and no real indicator. The machines and workers that’s the real indicator. Sure, the normal complaints. Now I could be wrong, but from what I seen and heard. Things are getting better, and CAT will make it.
    Skip back to show. I went to building 4 times. Was like a car show. No real order to the sleds. Each time saw something mind blowing. Really really cool stuff. The wife could sit and let me talk and look. The best part not that busy. Could walk right up to a sled or a legend. The fair was also real nice, and a good break. The black Cat bar did that. Was a long drive for us, but a good time, and thanks to all.
    Sorry was off track, but if you couldn’t make it. Hope my 2 cents helps.
    Arcticinsider yes, I saw you too nice tent and wrap on sled.

  13. Wondering if the extra headlight on the right (as looking at the front) is going to be a driver controlled LED with a white/yellow/green LED to show “riders following”? Would eliminate the “hand signal” danger due to removing your hand from the bar.
    How about ProMax chassis?

    • I could elaborate on LED headlight, but I won’t in fairness to other media who haven’t gotten to experience the new platform. (Ill just say its cool) That said Dave, do you really feel its “dangerous” to signal how many sleds are behind you with your hand? Personally, I don’t think its dangerous. Ive been in plenty of groups hauling major donkey and all signaled with hands and never felt out of control or in danger. That’s my opinion though and I know this is an ongoing debate within the state associations. Quite a few riders I encounter have no clue what the hand signals mean either and wave back at you. Not sure if that’s because they are newbies, or hand signals are a regionally understood thing?

      • Kale, on the same note. Of the aftermarket lights that some people put on . A few years back. Seen some people from Iowa with the orange & green lights . We had no clue what those odd looking lights we’re for. Till I seen a post in HCS. A couple years later. Of some moron trying to push that as a State Law in Wisconsin ! That would be the first things getting ripped off my sled by trees and rolling the sled over in the back country !

  14. Kale, are you able to shed any more light on the timing of this release? The media is saying this new platform was intended for 2023 but got pushed back due to supply chain issues. There are rumors, however, that Cat potentially had this platform slated even earlier….perhaps for 2022 and the 60th anniversary (likely prior to being acquired by Textron)?

    I typically avoid first year units of anything like the plague, but ironically, knowing this unit has been delayed for possibly a couple years definitely gives me the confidence to buy the first year. Hay Days weekend can’t come soon enough! It’s amazing to feel some excitement and anticipation for Team Green again.

  15. I am glad I went. Some really one of a kind items.
    Its always better see this in person rather than in a book, magazine or online.

  16. New platform has been leaked. It’s on freedom sledder . Looks like a Doo with Cat decals. I sure hope Cat doesn’t get sued again.

  17. Kale,
    I love to reverse engineering or reverse design. I had to, (laughs), snapshot pictures from the video and I changed colors, hues, b/w, brightens but not darkness and sharper. I was able to see better a little bit.

    I had to draw rendering based on what I saw in my captures of the video. The cowl is quite short. And the sides were quite straight.. reminds me of early 1960s sleds.. or later 60s like the 1966 Panther was. And I was not comfortable with the idea of those lines on the hood by the headlight. Unattractive. Was this cowl a teaser? I mean not really going to be used but just to show the new headlight and windshield? I am sure that was the real reason. The windshield looked too much like the the current Cats has on.

    The headlight.. while it appeared nice but it looked bit odd on the right side because it appeared to be brighter only that part compared to the left side. Reason for this is what? It is pretty odd with that.

    Second of all, the front suspension appeared to be shorter and closer to the belly pan/cowl Is this narrower? I know you cannot say that. Darn it! Haha. Now lets get to the back half of the sled. I can suspension. I am not clear because of the blowing snow and not enough lights. I had to turn up to brightest I can. I see the suspension is different. Not seen on a Cat.. Not like this since the 1979 Arctic Cat TrailCat had. That 79 platform were found on other Cats in 1980s and even other brands for a while. Then there was 2010s Polaris Axis suspension. Theirs were quite odd and weird that no other brands copied. But this one I saw has shocks ABOVE the track. I said this is like the return of the 79 TrailCat! So, I thought, “Time out! the cowl and the suspension are teasers that it may not be quite the same and just a cover of the real look so we designers both independents and the competitors of yours would not try to steal and release faster. Is that true? I thought of this concept similar in 1990s that the spring shocks are above the tracks UNDER the tunnel. Speaking of it.. the flap attached seems to be stretched out further and this means shorter tunnel than the track ends out the furthest at the rear bogie wheel. I did come up with something closer to that in 1990s to be more of a hybrid of a motorcycle mud guard out. It is getting there.

    The bumper is not horizonal. It is a lift now in the rear. I said this sled is too much like a throw back to all eras.

    Now about the yellow brand.. is this sled also going to be made for the North of the Border company regular models other than just their children model that Arctic Cat has made for Yamaha and SkiDoo? Sorry I am being (haha) curious. Well, Arctic Cat just had their 60th as I just am starting to celebrate my 50 years of designing snowmobiles. (Am 57 now. First design was June 1973).

  18. Really looking forward to the new platform! Questions are: Will it look good? Will it perform as people want and expect? Will it satisfy everyone? The answer is yes and no. You can’t satisfy everyone. Some will be disappointed, and others will love it. All I know is that I’m excited to see what they have come up with. I have never been disappointed in what Cat has done with their sleds so I’m sure I’ll be one that loves it.

    With that said, I have seen some leaked photos of the new platform. I don’t know if they are real or not. If they are real, I see Ski-Doo in them. Remember that Arctic Cat is manufacturing the Ski-Doo MXZ 120 and 200. I truly believe Ski-Doo and Arctic Cat have some type of agreement and the new Cat platform has something to do with that. Probably came out from the previous lawsuits. I could be way off too. I’m just not a big fan of Ski-Doo and their looks. From the Cat video I like what I can see for now though. Really like the headlight and the colors. I have also submitted my names for the new platform too.


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