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Arctic Cat Wildcats in Moab’s Rally on the Rocks

Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

Arctic Cat was the title sponsor for the Rally on the Rocks (ROTR) UTV event in Moab, Utah, last week. If you’ve never been to Moab, and you love off-roading, I strongly urge you to visit this paradise that caters to anything with wheels!  Lifted Jeeps are the norm on the streets while UTVs, ATVs, dirt bikes and mountain bikes occupy an amazing array of dedicated trail systems.

As part of the event, the organized ROTR staff offered numerous daily guided UTV-friendly trail rides. These rides were dedicated for the beginner with rewards of incredible scenery and vistas, as well as the most challenging and demanding that tested driver and machine.

Moab is one of those places where the new Arctic Cat Wildcat will thrive and, though it’s still pretty new to the market, there many in Moab during the week, including a cadre that were decked out with custom parts. 


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

There are also several ways to transport your Wildcat to Moab. Arctic Cat opted for their freshly painted race transporter. (Truck driver Kenny Grunhaus sneaking inside.)


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

This guy used a UTV deck for his truck.


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

If you pull your Wildcat with four-door wagon, a picture of it is bound to end up on arcticinsider.


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

It’s a UTV event in the desert, so of course Arctic Cat brought a snowmobile.


Tom and Renae Rowland and their Arctic Cat Wildcat in Moab

Tom Rowland and his wife Renae own Thomas Sno Sports in Ogilvie, Minn., and came to Moab to see what off-roading was like in their Wildcat. My prediction: Thirty years from now Tom will own a collection of rare prototype Wildcats.


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

The coolest part about Moab is that this area is shared by many users in equal harmony. Half powered by engines, the other half by legs and lungs.  Here you can see a group of Wildcats passing a mountain biker. It’s not an oddity to motor up to a hiker or mountain biker and carry on a pleasant conversation.


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

Seated in the Wildcat is recently hired, VP and General Manager of the ATV Division, Tracy Crocker. Here he discusses the days ride with (L-R) Rob Lewis (Id/Nv/Ut Sales Rep), Dean Bulloch (D&P Performance/Trail Guide) and Tom Schmeling (National Sales Manager).


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

Here, a group of Arctic Cat customers takes a trail side break on their way to Fins N Things.


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

With temperatures reaching the high 90s, it would have been nice to take a cool dip in the Colorado River.


Rally on the Rocks and Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV

Arctic Cat held a customer appreciation BBQ in the display and raffled off some pretty sweet door prizes.


D&P Performance Arctic Cat Wildcat

There were many personalized Wildcats at ROTR. A few were displayed at the appreciation BBQ including this one owned by Rob Lewis, while a race-prepped D&P Performance Wildcat appears in the background.


UTV Inc. custom Arctic Cat Wildcat

One Wildcat that grabbed quite a few looks was this one built by UTV Inc. that was on display all weekend in the UTV Offroad Magazine booth.


K&T Turbo equipped Arctic Cat Wildcat

This K&T Performance Wildcat was outfitted with one of their turbo and clutch kits. It produces 100+hp and puts a monstrous smile on those who got a chance to ride it.



  1. I was a passenger in one of these Wildcats on a demo ride at a local dealership in mid January. The manager of the dealership was driving…….for only about 20 seconds, when he rolled it on flat ground!
    The weight of the machine came down on my right arm and shoulder as we went over. I was wearing the harness but there wasn’t enough room between the seat, the cage, and the frozen ground , also, no window net to keep my limbs in the vehicle.
    Poor Driving Skills + Show Boating Behind The Wheel = Bad Taste In My Mouth And A Very Painful Shoulder!!………..

  2. Mr.D Eve Sounds like the perfect reason for everyone to buy /own & operate their very own Wildcat. As for the bad taste………I like to keep my mouth shut and eyes open………….

  3. It is not good that an accident happened on any demo. I have been involved with over 1300 demo runs with no problems. I fell bad when this sort of thing happens. We do everything we can to avoid it.

    Moab was great and we did 150 demo rides at this event. No problems. The area was great and the many consumers that showed up with Wildcats was great. Can’t wait to get back there again next year. If you have a chance, go to next years event.

    See you there.

  4. Riding the Moab area was fantastic! Now I am eager to try some other destination rides on the Wildcat. Darrell: bummer about your first outing. Next time you and/or your dad are in central Minnesota look me up. We’ll talk old Arctic Cat snowmobiles and then we’ll go for another Wildcat ride. This ride will not cause any pain to the shoulder that you use for sanding/painting/polishing all of of your old Arctic Cats, I swear šŸ™‚


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