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Arctic Cat-Yamaha: Speculation & Reading Between the Lines

2014 Yamaha snowmobile built by Arctic Cat

The rumors and whispers about Arctic Cat and Yamaha have proven to be true. Well, at least some of the rumors anyway.

Today Arctic Cat sent THIS one-page press release announcing an expanded agreement with Yamaha Motor Company, in which there are some telling details yet also some key pieces of info that are not (yet) given.

I want to break down what it appears we “know,” speculate a bit on what we can read between the lines and offer a few opinions on what all this means.

What we “know” is best illustrated by couple of statements in the release.

First statement:

“Arctic Cat Inc. announced today that it has entered into an engine supply agreement with Yamaha Motor Corporation… This agreement has now been expanded to include select 4-stroke engines from Yamaha.”

Although it doesn’t explicitly say “no 2-strokes from Yamaha,” it seems like this statement dispels the rumors of a Yamaha-built “clean” 2-stroke engine, at least for now.

Second statement:

“Arctic Cat also has expanded a co-branding agreement to build select Yamaha snowmobiles in Arctic Cat’s Thief River Falls, Minn., factory according to Yamaha’s specifications… and now will include full-size performance snowmobiles starting with model year 2014. These snowmobiles will be built to Yamaha specifications using Yamaha 4-stroke engines.”

This sounds to me like Arctic Cat will build some (keyword: “select”) full-sized performance sleds, rather than ALL Yamaha snowmobiles as some have speculated.

What Arctic Cat hasn’t yet made public is which Yamaha engine(s) it will source for its sleds beginning next year, although a quote from CEO Claude Jordan might provide a clue:

“Combine that with the new performance engine options from Yamaha…”

Yamaha 1049cc 3-cylinder 4-stroke snowmobile engine

Given that its “new performance engine options,” it could mean a combination of these variables:

1. The three-cylinder 1049cc triple used in the Nytro and Vector (shown at the left)

2. The four-cylinder 998cc whopper used in the Apex.

3. An all-new 4-stroke engine

4. A combo of the above.

Maybe Arctic Cat considers the 973cc carbureted triple used in the Venture and 499cc EFI twin used in the Phazer as “performance engines,” but I don’t.

UPDATE: Now that Yamaha has released their 2014 snowmobile information, we can see that they’re using the 3-cyl. 1049 engine with an Arctic Cat chassis. What this says about the Arctic Cat sleds with Yamaha engines remains to be seen.


More Speculation

As I read in-between the lines of what Arctic Cat executives say, it’s evermore clear that we’ll soon see Arctic Cat-manufactured engines produced in its St. Cloud facility. To wit from Arctic Cat’s Snow Division Vice President and General Manager Brad Darling: “The engine purchase agreement with Yamaha, combined with the engines that we plan to manufacture in house, will provide Arctic Cat’s customers with the most well-rounded engine choices when it comes to technology, reliability and horsepower.”

And then CEO Jordan: “… as well as our state-of-the-art engine manufacturing facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and we guarantee there will be exciting years ahead for Arctic Cat enthusiasts.”

Given that Arctic Cat has said it will purchase 4-stroke engines from Yamaha, I suspect that the engines to be produced in St. Cloud will be of the 2-stroke variety.


Inside Information

Is it strange and unsettling to hear that Yamaha and Cat have an expanded relationship? For sure, which I think is natural.

I would understand if Arctic Cat dealers feel uneasy about Arctic Cat producing Yamaha snowmobiles, as they’ve sold against this brand for decades.

I can also understand if this news will be tough for some Yamaha customers to digest.

As for Arctic Cat riders…When I think about the outstanding ride and handling of Arctic Cat snowmobiles mixing with the outstanding performance of Yamaha 4-stroke engines, I can’t help but expect great things going forward. Similarly, I believe that Arctic Cat’s relationship with Suzuki has been awesome and great for Arctic Cat riders.

Furthermore, based on what I’ve seen and experienced with Yamaha products over the years as well as other information, I’m confident that the relationship with Yamaha will provide more than just engines for Arctic Cat snowmobiles. I think it will bring with an attention to quality and detail that will raise the bar on all Arctic Cat snowmobiles. I believe Yamaha’s renowned quality, fit and finish will have a positive effect on Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

Not to mention strengthened domestic manufacturing!

The next week and months will be very interesting.

What do you think?



  1. Well i think it culd be the beast thing ewer! do not think that cat and yam will be the same! se here in sweden we have ski-doo and Lynx the look almost the same have the same components and are complitly diffrent in how you feel them!

  2. Considering the market today, I like the move – the 120 thing really opened our eyes to this possibility.

    Both companies have great strengths — AC is small; can listen and move quickly; can try new ideas; has a history of performance expectations. Yamaha isn’t certainly as innovative but they take good ideas and make them work well; QC is the best; and they have great 4S engines and 2S DI tech. Both have good dealer networks. I can see how both have something to gain here. I would think AC dealers are the most nervous about this. AC quality has to improve. The typical annoying things like misaligned and bubbled decals; hoses and wires that are poorly routed won’t cut it with Yamaha.

  3. Again, Please say it ain’t so! Yamacat? I guess now I have to bleed YELLOW AND BLACK! What is the brain trust at cat thinking? If it helps to keep jobs at Cat, fine! if not, please rethink this folks at cat, please! The brand I hate the most, you guessed it,YAMAHA!

    On a good note, I love this site!

  4. Don’t think Cat is going to fair as good as Yami is in this deal.

    It’s craziness. I can’t put a happy face on this one yet, my green blood is boiling. I’m just tense all over with this news. Cat is trying to put a positive spin on this but let’s be honest about people. Cat could lose sales out of this deal cause they just gave #4 in market share the keys to more market share. Fawk

  5. What do I think?…I think you know more but just can’t say anything yet šŸ™‚

    There’s no new technology in a 4 yr old YAM motor in a 3 yr old CAT chassis. If cat comes out with some DI 2 stroke…even in the procross…then I’ll be happy. When we get the DI 2 stroke in the Procross 2.0, then the masses will be happy.

  6. Maybe cat can use the rear exit exhaust to keep the tunnels from icing up.
    I think the nytro motor would be a nice addition. Definitely doesn’t sound like a tractor. Hopefully there is a turbo version. I doubt the 4 cyl will make it to anything due to size.

  7. I think Yamaha is done. They completely ignored the biggest market segment (mountain sleds)
    There will be a 3-4 year phasing out in hopes to ease the Yamaha loyalist into buying a new Arctic Cat and not another brand.
    Yamaha will supply AC with engines and instead of going to India and China for parts AC will now start using Yamaha resources (Japanese companies) with better quality control (I’m talking bearings, chains, clutching)

  8. With Yamaha possibly handling the 4 strokes leads me to the question of what Greg Spaulding and crew have been up to since their last introduction of the best 2 stroker in the game–the 800HO. This is going to be good for everyone.

  9. I think these 2 companies are the best thing that has ever happened…. I’m from a small town in Alaska, where we ride all brand of snowmachines in the winter. The Fact that Yamaha has the best 4s motors and Arctic Cat has the best durable lightweight frame designs, it can’t get any better then this. I’ve got the best backyard in the world!!! As Far as Yamaha and Arctic Cat teaming up trading frames for better fuel economy in the cats!?!?!? I’m tickled and can’t wait to get my hands on the new Yamacat!!! All you other haters that don’t like this combination!?!?!? Get a Polaris…. They suck anyway….

  10. Maybe CAT will finally do what ive been preaching to the numbskulls @ a-chat over the years……They need to hire some R&D people away from Yammi to help with the engineering thats done in T.R.F………
    Mesage to my buddy “Captain” re: his post…..They will have a “SIDE EXHAUST” on the 3 cyl…..looooooool

    But lets be real here…..So what was the “PROBLEM” with SUZUKI……Other than the EFI programs that were designed by the CAT engineers…..

  11. I don’t think what Melrose said was out of line at all.

    However, I do believe cat was hindered by Suzuki’s in that they couldn’t bring things to market fast enough…so if they are gonna go with Yami then they better change that or what will be different. Let’s be realistic, it’s not like Yami is quick to change.

  12. Ohh my, this is more than a little disturbing to me. i’ve been a diehard cat man since i was a sperm!………….fooof, i want to hear what Jim R has to say about this one. Talk to me buddy.

  13. I’m no YamaBog fan! However the Procross chassis mated with the trip Yamaha 4stroke is an awesome sounding combo. Suzuki engine or Yamaha?? So what there both Japanese and I get that Arctic Cat/Yamaha rivalry among the racers,trail riders even more so. But I bet that any Arcticchat reader,rider etc. would not give up a chance to shed some kevlar on this YamiCat,Cataha,ProHa,ArcticHa etc,etc,etc. I wonder if having the exhaust exit under the belly pan will rob it of any horsepower? This sled is just what the industry needed and especially Arctic Cat themselves. Man I would love to be on one of these Cataha’s right now or any time in the near future. Uneasy,natural and just plain old weird I think the shoe will fit,plus give cat some more R&D time,money and possibly a lot of technical knowledge that will benefit every snowmobile enthusiast out there. Including us Arctic Cat faithful.

  14. Win Win for Cat and TRF! More production producing more jobs and more engine choices along with home made motors. Jerry the sky did not fall today. It is bright and sunny out in Cat country! Bout Time Yamaha built a sled that is worth buying but not my colors and I do not and will never own a 4 stroke so cat has to keep my interest up in the St. Cloud to come motors.

  15. I think the turbo is gone which is to bad because that is just a great sled. But i think there may be a installed at the factory supercharged engine option to fill the void. The supercharged nytro ran neck and neck with the turbo procross at the shootout. But hey, who knows?

    Cc racing should be interesting, 2stroke vs 4stroke?

  16. Three videos posted on YouTube today of the new Yamahas with the three cylinder 1049cc triple in them. A 137″ and two 129″ track lengths. The exhaust exits on right side belly pan like current ProCross and ProClimb chassis. The exhaust note sounds different than the FX Nytro.

  17. My local arctic cat dealer took my deposit already for the 2014 viper in the photo. He says it’s 156 h.p. and will get 22 mpg. List price is $14865.00 early buy was $13250.00 I was told there will be a drawing to walk the first production unit down the line!

  18. LOL……Editing of my previous post just shows how fragile “CATAHOLICS” egos really are…Enjoy your Yammi-Power kittys……loooooool

  19. I heard about this in August, cant believe it took this long to become a topic on here. I believe the 1100 Suzuki/Cat twin is just as good as any Yamaha built engine, was hoping that cat owned the rights to that motor. If not anyone with a 1100 turbo is going to take a bath on depreciation. I for one loved the Suzuki’s.

  20. More engine options, great…. yamaha guys getting a chassis to go with their great motors, awesome…. the a-cat 2-stroke engine program that will be in our future, priceless!

    With that said, i wont be buying a new one anytime soon, price tags are just too damn sky high.


    I wish i had bought some acat stock yesterday.

  21. This is some huge news for all of us who have green blood in our viens. I can see that there are some very strong opinions on this issue. I am going to take a deep breath and take a wait and see attitude. I can see how both manufacturers will be in a win-win situation, Arctic with some new great engines, better fit and finish that Yamaha is famous for, Yamaha gets some great chassis to work with to get them back into the racing scene. Anxious to see how the meeting of the engineers and minds of Arctic and Yamaha work together to propel the sport into the future. It will be exciting to say the least. Thanks for your insights John,

  22. Cat has released that they will only be using the 1049 cc tripple. I think its a bad move for cat, they are already loosing market share because of the debacle the last 2 years have been.

    Yami gets a great modern chassis, cat gets a 10 year old heavy engine.

  23. Would you like your zrt 600 motor back in your new sled? No. So why would you trade out your 120 hp twin four stroke for a triple or even four cylinder four stroke. I think this is a way for Yamaha to be in the market with little investment.

  24. I’ll make judgement after I can ride one. Just hope it’s not like when Susuki and Kawasaki worked together and all you got was identical bikes with different graphic’s and color.

  25. Great comments and discussion here. I appreciate that.

    Melrose: I edited your comments because you name-called, which I don’t accept here. Your last post is borderline. Be done with that and either contribute without flaming or be done here. Got it?

  26. heres the problem: Cat has a hard time getting there own chit done let alone someone elses. they never have parts for these procross sleds when you need them. maybe yamaha will teach them a little about keeping customers happy, and put a little emphasis into quality control.

  27. Having owned the FX Nytro(138 hp) and also having ridden the F1100, the XF1100 and XF800, the 1049cc Genesis motor in the Cat chassis will be a nice match. The 1049cc motor is an overachiever and is more hyper than any stock two stroke I’ve ridden from 500’s to 1000’s. The 1049cc the perfect fill in between the two current Cat fourstroke motors. It has instant throttle response, huge torque, and it absolutely rips!! I can’t wait to ride the Cat 1049cc. Maybe it will be an XE 1049 with a 137″ track…

  28. Well I’m not sure about this. We Cat guys got over the change from Kawasaki engines to Suzuki so if Arctic Cat is planing to use Yamaha 4-strokes and build their own 2-strokes, I’m fine with that. But “blending” chassis together, Cat may be the loser.

  29. trak560: One of the reasons AC owners are so loyal is the effort AC has made to keep them happy so I really doubt Yamaha has much to teach them in that arena. IMO Cat stumbled with the Procross and level of support to address the issues, but overall AC has done more to keep their customers happy than other OEMs.

  30. I will admit, Yamaha does make a good sled. I guess i always hoped, that Arctic Cat “the little snowmachine company that could” would come out with a brand new “Arctic Cat” motor that totally kicks a$$. With all the speculation and anticipation of a new DI 600, the last few years, its hard to not be a little disappointed. I will always be a Cat junkie no matter what direction they go, just wait a little longer and see what new and exciting things happen.

  31. John (or anyone else),
    Do you know the weight of Arctic Cats 1100 and this Yamaha engine?

    Yamaha has come out and said on their Facebook page that the Viper will weight less than a comparable Nytro

    Will the Yamaha motor be a weight increase or decrease to a comparable Arctic Cat sled with the 1100 engine?

  32. What’s new is old again. Cat built Sno-Jets with Yamaha and Kawasaki engines in the 1970’s for Sno-Jet/Kawasaki. I have a ’77 blue and white Astro 340 I am restoring. Its a cute little sled that is real light for its era. As for the new sleds, I’ll sit back and watch the fun.

  33. Nytro Motor + Nytro = 10 year old technology

    Nytro Motor + ProCross = New Technology.

    As easy as I can put this. If you are still bumping through the woods on pre-2012 (’13) Cat platforms I would note that in your comment. To judge the ProCross with ANY POWER PLANT before spending some time (100+ miles) takes a lot of value away from your comment. – Harsh… yes, but lets be real here. (Semi-Exception would be ’08 (500/600) – Current SnoPro Platform) This combo is a real game changer… Bold New Graphics. Bold New Motor! Woohoo!

    Great move for both. Very curious to see how the Race Program deals with this… or will this shift ‘Secret Agent Skime’ into a new gear?

  34. Glade I wasn’t the only one who thought ‘sno jet” when they saw this picture. I have ridden every sled out there thanks to my line of work and can say the Yamaha triples in any configuration are great motors. Can’t say the same for four cylinder, riders who ride WOT all the time have had issues.

  35. Wow! I think you really struck a nerve with this post there Johnny! But I mean, really?!?!?! Did nobody see this coming??? Really?! The writting was on the wall all along. Next you will be telling me that we all thought Freddy Mercury was straight? (BTW For all you country boys out there, Freddy Mercury was the lead singer from an 80’s rock band called “Queen”. I know… even the band name is a dead giveaway?!?!?!) Be strong ArcticInsider faithfull, be strong! We will get through this! Let the church say “Amen” brother!

  36. What you read above in those posts are exactly what Arctic Cat and even more so Yamaha were hoping for. They certainly rattled the cages and are going to profit because of it. Like I said before I’d like to see any Arcticchat reader to turn down a chance to ride any of these new ‘CatSnakes’ or Viper’s. And another thing,if this CatSnake or viper makes you mad enough to cuss and such you have more issues than a first year model hitting the snow. This whole deal is a win win. Thief River Falls gets an increase in production meaning less lay offs. Cat will gain some motor tech. even though at the moment they are only using the 1049cc triple,but like they said it may not go into a real Arctic Cat but I don’t see how it would not make it into the Cat line up. So in the end it all looks good on paper but the future will tell us how well the fit will be. Hats off to the merger and as soon as they are offering demo rides I will go,because this is the first time in many years that I’ve been excited about a new sled.

  37. By most of the talk here, I guess we are all us cat guys are supposed to just jump on the bandwagon and celebrate without any sense of caution. Let’s have a little faith in our own judgement, Cat don’t do everything right all the time.

  38. Brand loyalist are, and will be the ultimate looser. I ride Yamaha and have for the last 20 years. Arctic cat took snowmobiles, to what i believe to be, a completely new level of engineering in 2012. I have ridden the new Cat chassis with a turbo 4 stroke engine and that sled handles remarkable. Remarkable is an understatement. Yamaha seriously spanked the industry with its amazing dominating 4 stroke engine platform. Then Arctic Cat spanked the industry with a chassis that leaves the rest of the sledding world to do serious catch up. Years to compete. With that cat chassis and my tried and trued Yamaha 4 stroke 1049 cc nytro motor in it. I as a consumer win huge. All you yamacats and catahama haters, can bark and cry all you want. That keeps the numbers down and my chance to own one even better. So the haters can chirp while i ride the best riding sled in the world. Thank you Yamaha and Arctic Cat for thinking outside of the box. I am off to my dealer.

  39. I think the question I would like answered is what kind of motors will Cat have in the future. Does Cat own the tooling and the rights to build the current 1100 cc motor? If they do, will they continue building the 1100 cc motor in the future? Will we see a turbo in a Yamaha motor? Will the 600 cc direct injection 2 stroke ever make it to production?

    The exhaust layout on the Yamaha looks like it could be a potential problem the way it is so close to the gas tank. Perhaps the Yamaha engineers have this figured out.

    The Yamaha motor also appears to be mounted in the sled at least 2 inches higher than the current Cat motors.

    Fit and finish could only improve with help from Yamaha.

    Time will tell if this is a smart move.

    And no the stock price has not gone up because of this news.

  40. The rumor thru local dealers was that Cat has been in financial trouble for a while that has been getting worse. Even tho sleds were improving and well liked they had made some serious investing errors that were catching up to them. This may be what saves them.

  41. Like investing errors such as a CEO writing the self a $5M “bonus” when the money (wasted) would have helped somewhereong the line I’m sure.

  42. Yes that dont help either but Cat had many bad bad investment errors that were catching up to them. A strategy like this is much better than bankruptcy. They have good products now but no cash flow.

  43. As with any new sled it will be year two of this chassis and engine combination before we can give it a grade. All the tuning and adjustment bugs take a full season to come to light and be addressed. It will be the beginning of 2015 before we can make educated statements about this. I’m hoping this deal works out for both companies so that enthusiastic future development is realized. I have heard nothing bad about this Yamaha engine. Having riden about 700 miles aboard a Suzuki 1100 non turbo equipped Cat the only improvement needed would be throttle response and better engine sound. That being said I love the current Cats. I’m cautiously optimistic for the future. Lets keep an open mind Cat Fans!

  44. Yahaha has been sitting on the side line too long ,Artic Cat has to sure up drive train issues . If there is a reliable hi tech two stroke in the pipeline,I think its a home run.

  45. Oh Come on People! Cat is not in financial hardship. They paid off the buyout from Zuki with Cash on hand and now have 100 million in the bank with ZERO DEBT! Before you start making frivelous or how ever you spell it there Lebruk do some research instead of believing everything you read on the internet from brand x riders who are scared to death of what Cat sleds do to there brand. I mean Wow!

  46. Come on Cat, this is WRONG! Those of us who love your product, and have stuck by you for years, Might be looking else where after hearing this news! Please think about what you are doing! You are an AMERICAN COMPANY, please keep it that way.Don’t do this!

  47. To begin, I’m a Yamaha guy, so take your grain of salt if you will.

    For some reason or another, the co-operation of AC and Suzuki came to an end. Whether it was due to Cat or due to Suzuki or both, dunno.

    In any case, it was obvious that there would no longer be Suzuki engines on Cats, starting from MY2015. That left AC with 3 choices:

    1) Build their own 4-stroke engine
    2) Buy someone else’s 4S engine
    3) Quit selling 4-strokes altogether.

    Cat has little to no history as an engine manufacturer for snowmobiles. They are in the process of setting up a new engine factory and designing their very own 2-stroke engine(s). It’s not something that is done by a snap of the fingers. Designing and building a brand new, competetive 4-stroke engine is even more difficult and expensive, especially since there is the obvious need to invest in the new 2-strokes. That pretty much leaves option 1 out.

    It is also obvious that there is a demand for 4-stroke sleds, like it or not. IMO it would have been a bad business decision to quit on 4-strokes altogether, considering also EPA requirements. In essence, AC needed a 4-stroke engine in their lineup.

    Now, since we are at option 2, there aren’t many manufacturers that make 4-stroke snowmobile engines. AC might have gone to Fuji or they might have gone for Rotax. I wonder would any of you be happy if instead of the bulletproof Nytro engine there would be a 1200 Doo engine in the PC chassis. What more, AC would have had to pay hard cash for every engine.

    As obvious as Cat’s need to acquire a new engine was, it was similar with Yamaha regarding a new chassis to stay in competition. So, what we essentially have is Cat manufacturing and assemblying Yamaha a sled and receiving engines in return. Since I’m not an accountant for either, I don’t know how much if at all there is money involved. It is obvious that financially it is cheaper for AC to pay for the engines in the form of sleds and for Yamaha it is also a financially sound business model as they don’t have to put money into chassis R&D and can offer something new for their customers.

    For those unhappy, I ask, what would have been the other options for Cat and would they have been financially better than this? IMO this is the smartest thing both manufacturers can do. Besides obvious cost savings, perhaps Cat learn something from Yamaha’s quality and Yamaha can learn something from Cat’s adaptability and quick reactions to market demands.

  48. John Doe,

    A clear and concise post – this is exactly what has transpired, like it or not.

    There may be some bumps in the road on this deal – some people will find fault with these bumps – there are positives and negatives – overall, this should turn out to be a winning strategy for Arctic, Yamaha, the snowmobile industry in general, and the snowmobiling public.

    Let it work out.

    My $.02 worth.


  49. I think its really cool ! It looks to be a shocker to the hard edged brand loyalists but in time opinions will change for sure and may strengthen brand loyalty too ?!

    I am a big race fan and can imagine the impact this will have on racing, maybe Yamaha will have a wicked Snocross team next year ? How cool would that be ?!

  50. Ryan, your exactly right!! This website is the best! I wish my dealer had as much enthusiasm as I feel for Arctic Cat products! I bleed green also and have mixed feelings about this deal, I personally know corporate people on the Yamaha side and know they are good people with similar values that I love so much about ACAT!! This is comforting to me! As far as engines go ACAT will not be caught with their pants down, they are fierce competitors and willing to take risks! Financially there are few companies that are as stable as ACAT is right now, no long term or short term debt!! The best part…ST. Cloud MN posses ACAT’s state-of-the-art engine manufacturing plant that has been making ATV engines since 2007 with room to spare for additional lines! ACAT is not a stranger to engine production, they made some of their own engines as Arctic Enterprises! Also, correct me if I’m wrong, Arctic Cat designed all of there legendary 2 stroke engines and efi systems, they used Suzuki for some technology but mostly as a manufacturer for the engines ACAT designed! Suzuki builds these engines to ACAT’s specifications and blue prints! Arctic Cat started making their own engines for their ATVs when Suzuki refused to make them a 1000cc! Look what that did for the ATV industry!! I cant wait to see what Arctic Cat has up its sleeve…its sure to be Awesome!! The Future looks great for us guys, and to all the Yamaha riders…look what you’ve been missing!! One small step for Arctic Cat, One giant leap for snowmobiling kind!!!

  51. This is great news that Yamaha and cat are getting together. Cat desperately needs help in the reliability department and who better to help them then Yamaha!!

    As a not so proud owner of a broke down 2012 turbo cat who has experienced the complete and total lack of qc at Ac these past 2 years I feel that Yamaha coming to town is the best thing that has happened to cat in a long long time.

  52. I think Cat seen the writing on the wall with Suzuki and had things lined up with Yamaha for a while. Suzuki car company has filed bankruptcy in the US recently and said they will no longer import cars into the country. Also They had skipped production a few years back on there atv’s trying to save themselves. Not to mention there short team up with kawasaki a few years back that did them no good.

  53. Taylor, please show is where Cat made their own engines as part of Arctic Enterprises.

    Long time Cat delete and a few racers and I spoke at length last night about this and could not pin down at any time their “own” engines were used in their sleds (or mini-bikes they once made).

  54. I think what sells sleds more than anything is their appearance, and Arctic Cat has always looked good. To me, there hasn’t been a better looking sled than the ’86 Pantera.

    That was until 2012.
    Any wrap, any color. The Procross chassis is THE baddest, meanest, most beautiful sled ever made.

    Cat got some engines, but Yamaha got Cat. I think there is much more to this merger than just snowmobiles, or else Cat just gave it all away.

    Just my opinion, but I think Cat may be using Yamaha to enter other markets as well, say to build street bikes or boats…stuff Yamaha is already very good at.

    I just beg, please do not ever end the Arctic Cat name, or I will end my days as a snowmobiler.

  55. One last thing while I have the balls to talk on forums like this:

    Thank you Janssen, Coltom, Thompson, Dimmerman, Pake, Hibbert(s), Morgan, Ramstad, Sandberg and of course Edgar…and of course everyone else that deserves to be mentioned here.

    I was raised on your sleds and am now 40 years old. My four year old daughter, just two weeks ago, took her first ride on a sled…the 2009 F1000 I have sitting in my garage. I hope the tradition is passed on to her children one day down the road (she can date when she’s 35 šŸ™‚

    And most of all with the highest respect and admiration, thank you Roger Skime. Every time I watch Sandberg’s DVD, i feel my eyes swell when you talk about Arctic’s struggle in 1982.

    Was this post too dramatic? Good, because that’s what Arctic Cat means to me. It’s good memories, good fun and Like Sandberg said, It’s about the people. So whatever Cat does-whether it’s sleds, boats, roadsters or anything else-I will continue to buy and support the brand because they are a part of my life. I huge part of my life.

    I hope the partnership with Yamaha leads to even bigger and better products that bear the Arctic Cat name.

    Best of luck to the people in Thief River Falls and thanks for having such a fascinating website John.
    Take care.

  56. I talked to my dealer today that sells both AC and Yamaha about the alliance . FYI, he just did warranty work on my 800RR/Secondary Clutch . He said AC pushes technology on the market place without Beta testing . Whlile Yamaha designs for long term product life ,but is slow to react to market changes … . OK , Sounds like a good match ?

  57. Cat is foolish to use junk secondaries currently on 2012- rides (cept sno-pros with TEAMS)

    Knew those were gonna be a headache from the start. Worse design than diamond drives , LOL

    Ski-doos latest secondary and ALL the team secondary conversion kits should have been enough testimony to that.

  58. Wow!!
    This is awesome!!!!
    Yamaha has the most reliable engines on the market and rip! But some of you cat guys do’t want them????…lol Up until seeing the new 2013 cats for the 1st time over last summer I have never considered buying one…being a yamaha guy.. But then I actually wanted a cat? because of there looks.. But then theres reliability!!! I’v seen so many people with new AC wheelers and sleds that had multiple severe problems time after time.. its sad,the reliability issues were actually catching up with polaris..a company that thinks it up on friday night and has it in the showroom monday..

    This will be a great deal for both!!

    Go… ARCTIC HA !!!!

  59. This has been in the works for years people! Your first clue should have been when one of the top Cat aftermarket shops “D&D” added blue to their line up………..This deal be a win win for both, Yama gets better chassis’s and helps with the lawsuite brought on by Ski-Poo (Yama has much deeper pockets than Cat) And Cat gets engines now as well as engine tech that they will use in house in up comming years.


  60. It’s a good business move considering the current build levels of snowmobiles, and lets not forget Cat built Kawi’s and Suzuki’s in the past, and business is much more global now than it was in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

    Now lets hope that cool running clutching, and reliable drivetrain components that Yamaha is known for makes it to the F chassis.

  61. Definite coup for Yamaha… took the best 4 stroke engine on the market and stuck it into the best chassis (bar none). I really hope AC gets something in return (other than the assembly line).

    I also hope they remember those of us who are still having issues with the clutches on the 12’s and 13’s. It’s quite obvious to me why yamaha is using their own clutches. Definitely something wrong with the secondarys on the current Procross sleds.

  62. What’s with everyone,do you have to whine just be be *****es.not one brand is best,they all have strengths and weaknesses.JUst enjoy the steps forward.someone will like it,if you don’t,then don’t buy it.DO some of you buy sleds with guns held to your heads?????THeres no reason to cry about it so much

  63. It is just an other step forward in time as well as another engine that Cat has used. I could not help to get off track but how many engine manufactures has cat used over the years?
    These come to mind: Hirth, JLO, Kawasaki, Arctic, Sachs, B&S, Kohler, Wankel, Spirit, Suzuki, Yamaha ???
    The best news is the Arctic 600DI Can’t wait to see what that engine will do in modified race form… close to 170?

  64. I believe this outcome with Cat and Yamaha will benefit both companies in the long run! With Cat’s chassis and motor expertise and Yamaha’s same experience, they will be both winners! A 3 cylinder 4S that has achieved over 48,000 miles and in a cat chassis, with no motor issues, what are the naysayers thinking, look out Polaris and Ski-doo! I am 56 years old and have been riding since 1968, I like speed, ride, handling, smart engineering and and quality. Do you see my point! I think this will be a great partnership, PERIOD! Lets just hope it keeps snowing! HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!

  65. Good move. As long as they developed a factory 4-stroke turbo. Then I will switch from my R S rage. I’m the only one who never gets towed .

  66. AC has been fading for many years, they had to do something. The partnership with Yamaha is the best thing they could have done. Yamaha is going head to head with Ski-Doo on performance. Suzuki engines were horrible, their pulling out was the best thing that could happen. AC has been losing dealerships at a fast pace the past 6 years due to poor sales. To me, it’s either a Yamaha 4 stroke or a Ski-Doo rotax or e-tec

  67. Kyle: Did you know that Yamaha is and has been for years in 4th place in sales on sleds and in North America, Cat is in 2nd place? Suzuki is horrible? Wow! You are lost soul. The HO 800 is the best running 800 out there and the Turbo less the belt issues is untouchable. e-Tec’s eat bearings for lunch on a regular basis but you keep smoking what ever you are smoking if it makes you believe in what you just typed.

  68. This is bull! So let me get this straight Arctic cat gets an 8 year old slow motor that is hard to copy or duplicate & the key board maker gets the best chassis with those tall revolutionary spindles that they could easily reverse engineer & continue to produce after the partnership is over. There are tons of reliable engine makers out there. Thereā€™s only one Procross chassis! Arctic Cat should have went to ultra reliable Honda & theyā€™d have the best of both worlds!

  69. I’ve heard from AC insiders that Yamaha is the majority owner of AC Ind. Silent partner at present, that’s why you are seeing this coop due to the new ownership. More financial strength, more R & D better quality products. The thing I don’t get is why even coop at this pt. AC has a much better brand recognition, just assimilate the best that Yamaha has to offer and quietly integrate loosing Yahmy’s name and move into the new higher quality product level! Do it!

  70. So disappointing! I really wanted to get back on a Yamaha sled. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I get on anything remotely associated with arctic scrap. All they did was put lipstick on a pig!

  71. as a proud Canadian AND a proud SKIDOO owner I am thrilled to hear the news. maybe now SKIDOO may actually have some competition from south of the border or from the land of rice. lol. I seriously doubt it though. SKIDOO #1 maybe get polaris in bed with the other 2 and build something they would be good at like lawntractors or golfcarts. no wait , I think they already do! swallow yer pride and buy #1 SKIDOO!!!

  72. Just took my zr 7000 limited for a 100 mile break in. Cat zr rider for 19 yrs.this sled rocks! Butter smooth excelleration,massive torque,mogulhungry and pick the best lady looks with nice wolf whistle for sound. Quit all your speculation! I’ m 66 with 56,000 miles on sleds under me and this sled is the new through- bred!

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