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FACT: Arctic Cat & Yamaha Expand Snowmobile Relationship

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Press Release-

Arctic Cat Announces Engine and Co-Brand Agreements with Yamaha Motor Corporation

Combines Arctic Cat’s snowmobile chassis and suspension with leading 4-stroke engines; Gives Arctic Cat customers broader range of snowmobile engine choices

Feb. 20, 2013– Arctic Cat announced today that it has entered into an engine supply agreement with Yamaha Motor Corporation, expanding Arctic Cat’s purchase of Yamaha snowmobile engines starting in the 2014 model year. Arctic Cat initially entered into an agreement to purchase Yamaha 123cc 4-stroke engines for its youth snowmobile in 2009. This agreement has now been expanded to include select 4-stroke engines from Yamaha.

Arctic Cat’s Snow Division Vice President and General Manager Brad Darling said, “The engine purchase agreement with Yamaha, combined with the engines that we plan to manufacture in house, will provide Arctic Cat’s customers with the most well-rounded engine choices when it comes to technology, reliability and horsepower.”

Arctic Cat’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Claude Jordan stated, “Our current Arctic Cat snowmobile chassis is renowned for its lightweight, bump control and precision handling. Combine that with the new performance engine options from Yamaha, as well as our state-of-the-art engine manufacturing facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and we guarantee there will be exciting years ahead for Arctic Cat enthusiasts.”

In addition to expanding the engine supply agreement with Yamaha, Arctic Cat also has expanded a co-branding agreement to build select Yamaha snowmobiles in Arctic Cat’s Thief River Falls, Minn., factory according to Yamaha’s specifications. This agreement began in 2012, with Arctic Cat building the Yamaha SRX 120 youth model snowmobile, and now will include full-size performance snowmobiles starting with model year 2014. These snowmobiles will be built to Yamaha specifications using Yamaha 4-stroke engines.

“We are pleased that our relationship with Yamaha continues to grow and with the opportunities ahead for both companies,” added Jordan. “Going forward, we believe this relationship will provide tremendous value to Arctic Cat, our customers, our dealers and our shareholders.”



  1. “Lightweight 4-stroke engines” in any instance of more than 2-cylinders is a complete farce.

    Cripes!! I felt almost as if I were signing “” vs yahoo while signing e-mail address :wall:

  2. A little early for April fools isn’t it?
    Not sure what to think of this. Ditching Suzuki for Yamaha? I think Yamaha has more to gain here.

  3. This is great news! Swap of info, DI technology… look big picture people. This is good good news!

    Bigger picture… Potential corporate out sourcing (ie Polaris) turned ‘in-sourcing’. Posative for TRF economy, MN economy, greater economy… cash for cat… a lot of good things beyond the snow.

  4. Given the shrinking size of the sport and the crazy costs associated with R&D to stay competitive, this kind of thinking makes a lot sense. Now, let’s see if they can execute this to truly be a win win.

  5. wow…heard the rumurs,i guess its true…a lot to digest…never been a Yamaha fan,gonna take some getting use to.i look forward to the DI 2 stroke days!!!

  6. Please, no name calling or trashing here. Easily 99.9% of the time you guys (and gals) have great, civilized discussion here. Let’s keep it that way.


  7. I think this is good news. It takes Cat 6-7 months to build their own sleds. So if they are building some for yamaha, this means more people get to work longer during the year. That is always good.

    I know Yamaha will have a positive influence on quality and fit and finish.

  8. Great move for both. Arctic Cat gets quality engines & increased production by picking up some of Yamaha’s build. I’m sure it’s costly for Yamaha to switch a production line over for the minimal amount of snowmobiles they produce so it’s probably cost-effective for them to pay Arctic Cat to do it instead. Arctic Cat becomes more profitable (a good thing) and maybe Yamaha’s prices will come down?? (another good thing). Time will tell but I see this as positive for both for sure.

  9. Yamaha 4 strokes + Arctic Cat Chassis = Unbeatable combination. I would take a Yamaha 4 cylinder 4 stroke over a Suzuki built 4 stroke any day. Having the Yamaha 4 stroke engines will enable Arcrtic Cat to focus its time and money on the DI 2 stroke program. Eventually, Arctic cat will probably make their own 4 strokes as well. This partnership is conveniant for both parties. Yamaha wants to race and what better chassis to race with other than Arctic Cat. I know we bleed green and its difficult to accept a transfusion of blue, but you will get over it pretty quick once you feel the smooth performance of the Yamaha 4 cylinder R1 4 stroke. Cant wait to see the 2014 line up.

  10. As a guy who runs a Mercury Racing outboard I have a lot of respect for the Yamaha marine engines. Yamaha builds the SHO four stroke that will run right with any Merc Optimax and their HPDI’s have been great mills as well. If either or both of these two technologies get adapted to sleds, we are in for a real treat!

  11. Seems like Yamaha has the most to gain here. Now they have our chassis technology. We didn’t want Suzuki cause it took too long to get new tech to market so we go with Yami? Basically we just made Yami the best sled on snow because we gave them our chassis.

    If Cat loses market share out of this deal, it will be a bad bad deal.

    And aren’t their more Yami dealers than Cat dealers? This would be to Yami’s advantage to sell more sleds.

    If I’m an exec at Cat I would feel very nervous about the future of this.

  12. A big day for Arctic Cat, Yammaha and snowmobiling history. I have looked at some pics on FB of the new Yammie mote in the Procross chassis… It doesn’t look like the Yamaha mote can be mounted as low as the Suzuki 4 stroker. CG maybe a little higher with the Yamaha mote/Procross. Just an observation. It’ll would be interesting to experience the ride quality the two different motes in the Procross have to offer….

  13. Well John, looks like I maybe having to pay up a bet from last spring when my polaris friend from Cody had told me about this rumor.

    Just wondering what the sno cross engine will be for the pro class for the up coming race season and what the sled colors / race wear will look like?

    Next month in Lake Geneva should have all kinds of talk on this subject with maybe some pretty cool proto type sleds ! I can’t wait !

  14. I’m honestly sick to my stomach. Yamaha hasn’t been on the map for years and now cat degrades them selves by partnering with them. Bad move cat. Ill be switching to ski doo next year.

  15. catman put it best (got a bad feeling about this) but anymore IDC as it appears Mr. Jordan only cares about the almighty dollar vs legacy, loyalty and tradition

    Blast away………..

  16. If you didn’t see this coming after the 120 thing you were sleeping. Give it a chance to play out… maybe just maybe the sum of of AC and Yamaha working together will exceed the parts and be good for everyone.

  17. Everyone just breathe deep…it is going to be OK. There is more to this deal than meets the eye. Today is Yamaha’s big day, the Arctic Cat unveil is later. The real story is what will be coming out of the St Cloud assemby plant….Thank goodness they have found a good partner for this limited collaboration. Glad we won’t be rockin a Kymco down the ditch! Automakers collaborate like this all the time. Business is business, and this obviously made sense to both corporations.

  18. For Arctic Cat to get a proven 4-stroke technology and will be coming out with a 600 in-house built two stroke (per a source) next year it will be a great year for them. They already have a proven chassis, that combined with a bulletproof motor architecture should be a win, win.
    For them to do the R&D on a new 4-stroke motor of that caliber would be quite expensive for a small company to absorb in a sales market like we have now. The days of 200,000+ sled sales a year are gone and I think the companies are to that reality. Change or go obsolete…

  19. This is great news. The viper looks really cool. And I can buy it from a Yamaha motorcycle marine atv dealer that has highly trained expert seasoned technicians and parts people vs some ma and pa dealer that sells lawn mowers and sleds only. Put a wrAp on it and call it a day.

  20. Careful Flintstone, at those big mega dealers you are just a number and the name of the game is push iron, damn the torpedos and full speed ahead. You should listen to Ma and Pa more often and save yourself some $$$ and grief. Lets see how this plays out with YAMACAT and go from there.

  21. I would like to see the new Moto GP engines in there. A 675 or an 1100 triple would rock in the cat chassie. How much lighter is the cat chassie than the nytro???

  22. Cat man for 30 years…Yamaha has shown their reluctance to please the mountain segment and Cat has gone sideways with their efforts…this has put me on an XM..

  23. Best thing to happen to both camps, Cat’s tiny defects and lousy clutching will finally get cleaned up and yammaha will finally have a chassis that can make use of the best built motor and clutching in the business, sold my 2012 cat because all the issues and kept my Doo, time to dump the Doo and grab a viiiiper!! Looking forward to this ride!!

  24. Wait until a part is scheduled to become extinct from HA-HA.

    GONNA’ be some butt-sore folks rethinking this whole thing.

    Just sayin’.

    20 yrs plus of parts sales backs this up.

  25. I think some of you guys should give this whole thing a chance. Ik some people with yam’s that have 15,000 miles on there sleds. Yamaha makes a good engine. Just give it a chance, its not that bad of a deal.

  26. I don’t see the downside. Cat gets to build more sleds and make more money and Yamaha writes a check and the money’s in the bank. I’ve driven a Nytro and believe they perform better than the 1100 non turbo. I think the bigger problem will be if Cat fails to produce a DI 600. I don’t need nor do I want to spend the money on an 800 or an 1100 turbo and I don’t think I’m alone.

  27. you all need to pull your heads out out of your asses and accept the changes that are coming i think its for the better. So deal with it. you bunch of pussys. look how strong cat is. If you know cat at all .

  28. ” If you know cat at all .”

    FYI, Many here do know Cat quite well.
    It’s just the change and uneasiness of being uncertain of what is going to be announced release day by Cat that has many restless and on edge.

  29. I hope cat also uses the yamy engine in the TZ1. The suzuki engine needs a valve job every 4000 miles to run at its best. Any rumors on this?

  30. Not completely a surprise, crossover is the largest market Yamaha had a Vector and Cat the XF. This deal helps both, Yamaha has time to re-develop a sled chassis, and avoid a litany of lawsuits for copy right infringement, and legal costs that would drag down profits, Cat has immediate access to a motor that would have taken them 6 years of development, and they can build and sell a fixed number of sleds to a large world wide customer $$$ that helps their R&D and bottom line, more total sled sales. Really a Cat guy looking for a sled he can turn into a 300HP turbo is going to be laughing, and a Yamaha guy will be able to get a sled that finally rides as good as the motor in it…

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  32. I have rode yamaha’s for 20years. Most of my buddies are riding cats. So, I have been able to ride several cat models. In 2003 I was one of the first to run a turbo rx1. Since then owned apexes and nytros, but the first thing i do is modify the skid to get me by.

    Everyone should twist the throttle of a yamaha four stroke before deciding to jump brands. I know a lot of riders bleed blue or green. But lets look at the big picture. American jobs, families being feed and growth to the upper Midwest. So we all need to but are pride aside and support what this merge is really doing.
    Give it a chance!

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