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Arctic Cat’s Happy Holidays Card

Happy Holidays from Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat has a nice Happy Holidays video for all of us.

CLICK HERE to see it.



  1. Received this in my email, pretty funny….. but John, you are ignoring the elephant in the room; how bout a write up/your opinion about BRP sending their version of xmas cheer to Arctic Cat?

  2. Yes got mine in my e-mail as well,I really don’t understand the motivation behind BRP’s lawsuit although I am no engineer it really appears to me the new chassis is based heavily on their race sled.That design goes back to 08.If you really look at what everyone is offering,they all seem to based on a similar triangle type set-up.It’s kinda like goliath goin after david.Hopefully Cat can weather this storm.

  3. From what I have read elsewhere the lawsuit or research going into the preparation of the lawsuit started long before the ProCross came about. It started with the 2007 Z1 Jaguar.


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