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ArcticInsider Exclusive: New Year’s Resolutions

The ArcticInsider program for new snowmobile vitality.

It’s a New Year, with new beginnings and new resolutions.

For ArcticInsiders and others who live life at full-tilt ridiculousness, there’s never been a better time to approach snowmobiling with a new sense of purpose.

And to achieve true Next Level purposeness, I STRONGLY suggest a solid pre-ride routine of stretching, yoga and calisthenics.

Just 45-60 minutes will help get your mind and body into a new kind of fitness.

It’s the new thing for 2019.

The ArcticInsider program for new snowmobile vitality.



  1. I used to get my pre-ride workout pulling (and pulling) the ropes on my vintage sleds…

    My ZR6000-RS ruined all that. Now I just ride in ease and comfort.

    -“John Deere Joe”

    PS: You guys look like your doing the “Impaired YMCA”…just saying.

  2. I heard through the Northwoods network that Roger Skime hit a culvert last week and is layed up. is going nuts staying at home doctors said. John will have to teach him his routine before riding again…

  3. No race reports. No new sled. No ride reports. Not many insider reports. No longer an “Insider” (aka employed) at Arctic Cat/Textron Off Road?

    I heard they were moving staff to TRF or Georgia. Typical corporate changes after an acquisition.

  4. I have 19 800rr exhaust shoots flames burnt belly pan cat has no fix ,either they are coming with new procross chassis for 20 or textron is done with sleds.If they quit sleds I don’t see them selling any sxs in Midwest.

  5. Ya something is going on at Cat. Rumors circling that layoffs are happening and no sled testing anywhere around factory. What the hell is Textron doing to our company. If Textron blows this, they will feel the wrath of us Cat guys. On top of that, John is posting…well not much really. John never wants to rock the boat, but John, it’s time you chime in.

  6. Just ordered some parts from my dealer and they showed up a day early. Factory is testing more out in the mountains these days as not much snow at the factory. The sky is not falling people

  7. Are you drunk Snowpro? Country Cat, the largest dealer in the US has 8 2019’s left in there inventory. My dealer in Western Central MN has 5 sleds left. The Alfa was a HUGE success! My God! April fools got to ya

  8. No, does (did) cat only support one dealer? I’m the last hold out in our riding group that rides cat. I know no one who bought or is talking about buying a new cat or Textron product and this is my life, what I revolve around. Sorry but I believe somethings brewing.

  9. Hay Guyz, I’m thinknig about selling my freestyle stuff n starting a lawn care business. My dad sez I need to get a “real job.”

  10. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. This site is one of my daily stops. I’m sure there is a lot of work involved keeping it running. Did cat have interest in Arctic insider? Was it run by employees of cat? Loved to see all the race results. Hope all is well

  11. A article about yoga on Arctic insider and you think I need to get a hold of myself? Lol. It’s supposed to snow this weekend maybe that will cure everything.

  12. Snopro…up your meds. We have have snow here for a month. Would you like me to send pictures of the USXC race in Park Rapids MN this weekend? There will be lots of AC sleds there, true story. Individuals have real lives, and all sorts of things going on, corporate realities are different. You are clueless as usual…shush.

  13. It’s good to hear there are areas cat is doing well. Let’s try to keep this light hearted. I’m sure this conversation would fit better warming up at the bar along the trail. At least there’s some activity around here

  14. Guys (and maybe gals???), there have been some changes in my life, which is affecting my ability (time) to post here. Not quite ready to write about it.

    Sorry it hasn’t been what it used to be here.

    But on the other hand…Snopro, I’ve been posting lighthearted, ridiculous stuff on this site since I launched it 2009, and I will continue to do so.


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