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Brad Darling: New Arctic Cat VP of Snowmobiling

Brad Darling, newly-named VP/GM of Arctic Cat Snowmobile division

Brad Darling Named Vice President/General Manager of Arctic Cat Snowmobile Division

November 16, 2010 – Brad Darling has accepted a promotion to Vice President/General Manager of Arctic Cat Snowmobile Division effective 1/1/2011.

In this role, Brad will be responsible for leading and growing Arctic Cat’s snowmobile business, building and executing a global strategy, and identifying and developing new and differentiated products and services that deliver on Arctic Cat’s financial and strategic objectives.

Brad brings many years of related experience to this position. He spent 10 years in the Lawn & Garden industry before joining Arctic Cat in May 2000 as a District Sales Manager.

In October 2004, he was promoted to National Sales Manager (Canada). Brad was successful in rebuilding Arctic Cat’s Canadian dealer network raising Arctic Cat to a strong #2 position in Snowmobiles, and more than doubled the company’s ATV market share.

In May 2008, he was named North American Sales Director where he focused on strengthening the Sales Team and dealer network while growing Arctic Cat’s market share for both Snowmobiles and ATVs during challenging economic times.

Brad grew up in Canada in the Power sports business, working with and around Snowmobiles his entire life. He worked in a family dealership for more than 18 years starting at the age of 7.  Brad even began racing at the age of 6 on an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat.  



  1. congratulations and good luck in your new venture!
    sounds like the right man for the job.
    I like where he started racing! that is a great life experiance.

  2. Hello, my name is Wyatt Lovgren. I have been trying to get a hold of the Arctc Cat Corp. to see if they would like to make a video game. I am a big fan of Arctic Cat snowmobiles, atvs, and side by sides. I am only asking if Arctic Cat would make a snowmobiling game. There is a snowmobiling game that has been made called ski doo challenge but I will not get it because I do not like ski doo and I have seen the quality of the game and it isn’t very good. I am not asking for anything free from Arctic Cat, just that they would consider making a game. There are many people besides myself that would like forthis to happen. There are times when people can’t go out and ride because there isn’t enough snow or they just want to but it’s sued and they can’t go out. So why not be able to play a game when you can’t go out and ride. I have thought about this for quite some time. How the game could look and the events that could take place, and alot of other details including a name. I am asking for Arctic Cat to do this for the fans and riders of Arctic Cat products. Along with many other people I have talked to they also think it would be nice to have a snowmobiling game. Please think about this and send an email back to me about what you think and I could tell you some of the details that I have been thinking about for the game.
    From: Wyatt Lovgren,


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