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Canadian Connection: Hammer & LumberHead Summarize the ’14 Season

With the end of the 2014 snowmobile season comes a report on the Great White North from our intrepid Canadian sledheads, Hammer and LumberHead.

Between bouts of Moosehead, back bacon and maple syrup, the two Catnadians pieced together a nice tribute to some of their favorite people and machines.

By Hammer & LumberHead

Well Boys and Girls, it’s time once again for the Hammer and LumberHead show. Bringing you all the news and views from north of the 49th.

It’s tree tapin’ time up here in the Great White North.  That magical time of year when us saps finally get a chance to re-stock the fridge. 

Hammer and LumberHead's fridge is well-stocked

A true “Canadian” fridge.  Do you want a bottle or can?

Yes indeed the sap is running and so are we to our local Arctic Cat dealer to check out the sweet new sleds for the 2015 model year. 

With all this late season snow, LumberHead and I even had a chance to get a few pulls aboard the new El Tigre thanks to the kind folks at Cedar Spings Arctic Cat just west of Lindsay, Ontario. 

LumberHead was ready to trade in his wood splitter for one of these Fast little Felines.  We hope that everyone in Thief River Falls had a chance to hoist the “Sled Of The Year” trophies over their heads and skate a couple of laps. We were also tapping our sticks on the ice over the return of the classic El Tigre moniker. 


Arctic Cat El Tigre snowmobile, perhaps hemi-powered for 2016?

With all the classic handles making a comeback, we’ll be looking for a hemi-powered King Cat for 2016!


Possible new Arctic Cat snowmobile engine?

Could this be the new Arctic Cat mill out of St. Cloud?


Team Arctic oval racers Colt Dellandrea & Mike Hakey. Photo by Michel Brault

In racing news, LumberHead and I have been following the Oval Racing circuit of the EPT (Eastern Pro Tour) again this season. 

Congrats to Mike Hakey and Colt Dellandrea for their awesome seasons aboard the Cat. At season’s end, in a field full of SkiDoo’s, Mike and Colt finished 1-2 in Semi-Pro Champ and 2-5 in Pro Champ respectively in the overall points championship. I wonder if that Panther has reverse?


Jacques Villeneuve oval race, photo by Michel Brault.

The final race in the Trois Riviere (Three Rivers) Quebec marked not only the end of the season, but also the end of the career of the Flying French Canadian, Jacques Villeneuve.  The wily ol’ veteran finally decided to hang up his racing gloves. He has already been inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame and his accomplishments in Oval Racing are truly legendary. We will miss seeing the 96 pull “wheelies” down the front straight in his many victory celebrations! Thanks for the memories Jocko!


Jacques Villeneuve oval race, photo by Michel Brault.

Nobody could high side a Pro-Champer like Jocko!


With the warm weather now creeping into the forecast with more frequency, and the best winter in recent memory coming to an eventual end, our attention turns to what else… summer hockey. But before we call it a season, here’s a few digi’s of some of our snow miles.

Hammer & LumberHead eventually wake up to this snowmobile vision

What a beautiful thing to wake up to!


Hammer & LumberHead don't need coupling blocks on their snowmobiles

Who took out my coupler blocks?


LumberHead overshoots the snowmobile parking lot

LumberHead overshooting the parking lot. “Don’t tell me I parked in a handicap spot?”.  ”Did you hear a crack?”

Well that’s all for now folks. Better get back at’er. LumberHead is about to use bacon grease to put out the campfire.

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice and your thumb to the bar.  And remember; maintain your equipment because even an Eskimo doesn’t want to blow a seal. 


Hammer & the Mrs. enjoy a snowmobile sunset

Me and the Mrs as the sun sets on another season.

Goodnight everybody!




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