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Cat’s Pride Club Kit: What Do YOU Want?

Arctic Cat's Pride Club kit contents?

Cat’s Pride Club has provided members a sweet package of products and opportunities since its launch in 1979. From various contests, magazines, events and other perks, membership has indeed had its privileges.

A club-branded article of clothing has been one of the key membership benefits for many years. Sometimes it’s been a jacket (like the two pictured above), other years a sweatshirt. Plus there have been hats, mugs, drinking glasses, posters, t-shirts and more.

Well, the folks at Arctic Cat are looking for YOUR help to determine what the feature product should be for the 2015 Cat’s Pride Club membership kit.

Some ideas that I’ve heard already:

-Handlebar gauntlets/muffs

-Casual/driving gloves

-Fleece Jacket

-Flat brim hat

-10-plus-10-equals-20-in. handlebar riser

-Snowmobile/ATV storage cover (not a trailering cover)

-Performance-fabric sweatpants

-Hundreds of ArcticInsider decals


These are just some of the ideas for a membership kit that will include a dated pin and perhaps a hat, and that will cost roughly $50 U.S.

What would you like to see?

Just write your response in the comments below. (No response means that the kit will default to the 20-in. handlebar riser and hundreds of ArcticInsider decals.)

Thanks for the input!


Cat's Pride Club pins from the Ische collection

Various Cat’s Pride Club membership pins.


Vintage Arctic Cat fedora from the Ische Collection

Personally, I’d like to see a Cat’s Pride Club fedora along the lines of these vintage wonders.


Vintage Arctic Cat duffel bags from the Ische Collection

Or maybe some sweet leather duffel bags like these vintage items?



  1. I would like to see a nice casual coat, I believe they called a shop coat in the accessory catalog. something in the retro theme would be great! Also a stocking hat or bomber hat instead of a baseball cap. Thanks!

  2. We are spending 14 large on sleds and we spiff it with baseball caps and membership pins ? Cats Pride needs to mean something to be proud of .
    One option would be a Zero Restriction outerwear vest by GORE-TEX , you can wear it golfing,fishing and underneath you snowmobile jacket . Its all weather gear that does not restrict your range of motion . Black with Artic Cat logo would be COOOL !

  3. A registered Cat’s pride member number on a decal that could be put on your sled. Make the number’s owner’s name available to other pride members. I have seen some nice Cat’s around and have wondered who the owner was.

  4. I’d like another Cats Pride hoodie and I agree with Joel above, instead of a baseball style cap a trapper/bomber style hat. Or a gear bag would be useful. Perhaps a mat to put under our sleds like the dealers have? Thanks for the great website and all the great stories.

  5. My suggestion – either a sweatshirt (non hoodie – the hood doesn’t work well when snowmobiling) or the performance sweatpants. Plus, the arcticinsider decals.

  6. Love the fedoras! I guess an Arctic Cat Collector Edition Coleman Stove is out of the question? It’s okay to dream though!

  7. I agree with Hugh. But here are some other options: hoodies, sled decal kit, gear bag(s), membership card, pin, beer coolers, fleece jacket(s).

    Happy sleddin or should I say Happy ATV’ing

  8. I agree with Tom M, cat’s pride should mean something special. A high performance moisture wicking vest or something would be nice, but it would be cool to be able to earn your way into a “club” or group that get’s special benefits as well. Random ideas…1) Emails which highlight build dates of sleds so you could try to go to the plant to see specific builds, 2) invitations to events or group rides, 3) drawings for xx # of people to be invited to participate in new model year photo shoots or volunteer at snow shoot, 4) maybe additional discount on one or two accessories if you buy a new sled, 5) maybe even special trade-in pricing for sleds after you buy your second new one, 6) direct line to the business on suggestions for future models – voice of the customer, 7) participation in product testing and providing feedback (you would get to keep or purchase at a significant discount if you wanted) on anything from gloves/boots to ??.

  9. I like anything with the retro theme.

    You can have several packages. A pin, a hat. Shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Then mega packages with higher end merchandise for those who want it.

    Remember, cat always had something for everyone. Budget sleds like the lynx and higher ones like the vip fit a wide variety of clients.

    Anyway you cut it, we should use arctic wear and not under armor or whatever. After all, we cat’s pride and want to show it and support it.

  10. A DVD insider tour of Arctic Cat – including the race shop — and some footage of our personal sled being built — oh, and with a personalized and numbered case.

  11. I would really like to see a nice track jacket like they have in the photo on the left. I have been a Cats Pride member a couple year, but stopped due to the fact that I wasn’t getting any cool thing or even a Hat that fit my head. I would like to see a 3XL track jacket I can wear around Sept-Nov and March-May……Also would like to see some good decals. I am thinking each kit should have 5-6 items in it. Maybe even a Magnet. I want people to know I have a deep pride for Arctic Cat. Cat should come out with a jacket like every other company does when you order a sled. Did last year and all I got was a handshake.

  12. Bring back the magazine (wrtten by John Sandberg of course).

    P.S. A sweatshirt would be okay too. I have enough jackets and caps.

  13. How about a fleese vest or a gear bag . The itched glasses were very nice maybe wine glasses now. A arctic cat balacava also would be nice. I would like to get a chance to watch my new , snow checked, sled being built also.

  14. A bomber Hat would be great especially after last winter. The jackets that they had last year and the year before are great looking and comfortable.

  15. I ordered a pair of mid-weight pants from the 2014 Arctic Catalog for about $50, and they are very nice. The 2015 Catalog is not carrying them anymore, so pants with a Cat’s Pride emblem would be unique.

  16. How about mirrors that fit on the standard height windshield for the 2013-2014
    Procross F800 LXR. They only fit the tall windshield

  17. I would like to see the Cats Pride magazine return also. I was a member for a long time and quit when the magazine went away. Some nice quality items would sure justify the price of membership. A lot of items that were included in the past were poor quality.

  18. 1/4 zip fleece pullover. It’s been about 10 years since you’ve done that one and I could sure use a new one. Maybe make a choice of a couple different items with a price difference for better items.

  19. 2012 was my last year for being a member of Cat’s Pride since 1992,when I bought my first new Arctic Cat!, 91 El Tigre EXT 530!, still own it among other Cat’s that I have. I’ve always worn my Cat clothing to go out and to work! The last few years, the kit to me has been boring! No exciting, bright colours on the caps, jackets,etc., no Cat’s Pride magazine, no DVD, no decals, key chains, welcome mats, etc…! 2013 I bought a white cap with the new pro-cross sled on it, 2014 bought an EL TIGRE CAP!, instead of Cat’s Pride. I hope you get the picture! I have a 2 sons that I ride with and now I have a 17 month old grandson, that I hope this winter will go for his first ride! I hope you can improve THE KIT! THANK – YOU!

  20. I realize the impact of cost and logistics in offering multiple clothing options especially when a year is associated with each garment/hat.

    Ideas already vetted in previous comments that strike a chord:

    1) Offer multiple products of Cat’s Pride gear for a 3 year period then cycle it out with a new selection. Offer items like a sled dust cover, bomber hats, different style lightweight coats – full zip & 1/4 zip, AC thermal cold gear, balaclava. stocking hats….etc. Members can then select items that they may need more of for additional sleds or family members. Also, children are the future sledders….yet there is no Pride product for us as parents/grandparents to select to get them hooked on Cat.

    2) Love the idea of a unique Cat’s Pride ID number sticker for sleds – to drive discussion and camaraderie on the trail/mountains.

    3) Enticed with the idea of test gear selection at a reduced/no cost provided detailed updates on test gear is received in a timely and complete fashion. Must purchase at full price then discount granted based on feedback.

    4) How about an app for smart phones for AC Pride members highlighting sponsoring restaurants, gas stations, hotels with associated discounts, repair shops, dealers & parts availability…..etc along the trail systems. I’m sure establishments would be interested in paying a nominal fee $20 to be listed as a sponsor.

    5) AC sponsored summer events at State Fairs and/or attend state snowmobile conventions with pre-production sleds to provide more access to AC personnel/dealer reps & associated dealers. Auction off the sled and donate profit to state association. Looking for a reason to get together and provide customer feedback ultimately building AC loyalty.

    Just an opinion or five, but I am a hardcore sled head who is passionate about AC and the rich history and loyalty driven by your Pride mentality.

  21. I got my first ride on an arctic cat in March of 1969 and my life has never been the same since. Arctic cat and snowmobiling have been a true passion for me since that amazing day with my uncles in rural Pelican Rapids Mn. As 45 year lover of Arctic Cat and an owner of over 100 Arctic Cats , I would love the anything like the retro bag, anything with the late 60’s early 70’s arctic cat patches. I am not living in the past, but I truly appreciate my roots in the early days of Arctic Cat.

  22. I am only interested in the club membership when a jacket with a front zipper is offered. Other things can be included like a coffee mug ect… but it must have a jacket with a zipper or i will just pass it up.

  23. The hats and jackets have always been great items. How about concidering a nice embroidered polo shirt or team shirt?

    Thank You
    Michael Flinn

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  25. i’ve been a cat owner since 1990 loved the arctic cat pride cups hats keychains glasses and dvd don’t see any of that stuff anymore

  26. I am searching for Cat’s Pride Pins. What have you got and how much?

    looking for….pre 1990 as well as 1994, 1996, 2004, 2011, 2012, 2013

    Maybe we can make a deal….Send me a note at

  27. Handlebar risers or handlebar gauntlets dont help everyone. A zip up jacket is always good most people could use a jacket for day to day use. By the way pull over jackets are useless try taking one off in a resturant, i ended up throwing my pull over jacket away.

  28. I would like to see the magazine return , a day pack sack that you throw in a cap , extra socks and a small lunch , a nice Cats pride alarm clock , baseball cap and pin must stay . We do not need anymore jackets , I already have 7 and I have not bought any for the last 3 years . A Cats pride wall calender , a pride sticker with date for your sled .

  29. Where can I go to join Cat’s Pride Membership? I skipped the last year or two as I didn’t need another jacket but would like to join again this year. I cannot find anywhere to join.

  30. A nice high quality heavy sweatshirt, I don’t remember the year I got my other one but it is wore out. I got tired of all the jackets. A sweatshirt & nice bomber hat

  31. Where can I purchase the fleece or jacket that were part of the 2005 and 2006 Cats Pride kits. My husband is a member every year and loves the products. However, those 2 years were his all time favorites and he has worn them both out beyond repair. I would love to purchase another of each if at all possible. thank you.

  32. The only reason I purchased two 2019 mountain sleds (King Cat and M8000) was to receive a Cats Pride Kit like I have received for 35 years since I became an exclusive Arctic Cat Snowmobiler, ATV, and Tigershark Jet Ski rider. Please make our day and we will fly your colors PROUDLY! I’m trying to impress my son who will be a future loyal customer with a little appreciated-love shown from Arctic Cat. Is this site so old that that our request will never be considered?

  33. a few ideas… sweatshirt (No hood), decals for sled, truck and trailer .. casual jacket ..shot glass, pint and old fashion drink glassware, …fleece half bandana neck warmer.


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